Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Unholy Feminine

Mark Passio has a two part presentation laying out how Feminism is a Satanic agenda. Not bad but I wouldn't sit through the whole thing unless this information is something new to you. Otherwise I listed my analysis of the high points after each video.

Here goes part one.

It's the Order Followers, what we call White Knights who are ultimately doing all the damage. Of course... I and other MGTOW have been saying that all along. It's the White Knights you have to watch out for, far more than actual Feminists because they are the ones who are enforcing the agenda.

Classical Feminism started out with some reasonable ideas. Neo-Feminism took those ideas and moved them into a Female Supremacists movement over men. The purpose of which was to initiate a gender war between men and women.

The purpose of the gender war is to get everyone fighting as much as possible so that society can be controlled with the least amount of resistance. Elimination of resistance to population control, to eugenics, to mind control. The goal is to get humans to eventually destroy themselves.

The reason why women are the primary target in this war is because men will generally conform to the preferences of women. Men conform if they want to be selected as mates. Society tells men they are nothing without female approval. Female approval is set impossibly high for most men because women are princess programed mind controlled to believe no man is good enough for them.

This would explain those thousand point bullet list of all the things women want in a perfect soul mate while we all know no guy like that actually exists.

Authentic vs. inauthentic personalities. One has no desire to control or be controlled while the other strives to control or be controlled.

This would explain the contention between MGTOW and PUA. MGTOW don't want or pride themselves on dominating women who want to be controlled where as PUA does. Conversely MGTOW will not allow themselves to be controlled or dominated by women the way TradCons and Blue Pills allow themselves to be.

The illusion of security in the form of money or the fear of not having it is the driving force behind hypergamy. Nothing else in a man matters to women except for the resources he can generate. No doubt about it brother.

Women see the State as a protective father figure. No surprise there either since so many men are labeled dead beat dads by a State who forces them out of the lives of their own children. As a result the participants in the political process is majorly women even while the process is completely controlled, there is no real choice and it doesn't matter who wins... ha.

Oh man... he goes off into some ancient alien stuff... all I can say is if the Annunaki still want them they can have them but it's my guess they blasted off the planet without them for a reason.

Ok let's take a look at part two.

Myth of male privilege. Nobody ever gave him anything just because he is a man, nor has it ever happened to me. Like him I get my share of hostility directed at me because I'm male.

Women have no loyalty to any country or nation, only who ever is in power at the time. He thinks it's due to social conditioning, I think it is what it is.

Women are using social media as a way of collecting male "friends". We call those Beta Orbiters. Don't be one of those guys, you have more important things to do.

Rape Culture is a psy-op invention and is not actually taking place. Absolutely but don't try telling Feminists that. Playing the victim is the only card in their deck.

The Sexodus is a movement of men who have recognized the unacceptable behavior of conditioned females and are no longer pursuing any type of relationship with them on any level. Gee... you think? He's mad at MGTOW for not doing anything about it though. Ok dude you try explaining all this to Feminists and see what happens.

Misandry is accelerating. He even notices it directed at him on a daily basis. Yes Mark, we know, that's why we went our own way and aren't looking back.

Man-Slamming... must be a new development because I've never had it happen to me but it has happened to him.

Political Correctness... men are being conditioned to censor themselves. I guess in a way that's true. Outside of this blog I keep my opinions to myself.

MGTOW... oh he no like. Sorry bro but it is their nature and once they are allowed to be equals they will want to be our masters. Heard that somewhere before and it's just history repeating itself only with social engineering/conditioning/manipulation/mind control added into the cycle this time around.

Yes we know MGTOW is not a solution to saving society. MGTOW are not trying to save a society that is hostile to them. They are surviving it by letting it die out on its own.

Human Nature... he fails to understand the fallen nature of mankind. Thinks that humans only have to be programed properly to function benevolently. Well, that's true to an extent but we still have to overcome our fallen natures. Humans can still be corrupted even after the best of conditions at the beginning.

Neo-Feminism is a Communist and Satanic agenda. It's the Satanic part that hasn't been visible but I think it's starting to become obvious. He calls it a Lilith energy, it's the same same as the Jezebel spirit, which is a spirit of rebellion against man and God.

His solution is the pursuit of truth, to start caring, to stop supporting a system that is violent and destructive. Hey, couldn't agree more.

Alright, not a bad presentation, a bit contradictory but I think he means well.


Long Duc Dong said...

He's purple pill holding on to NAWALT theory.

Larry Olsen said...

Haven't watched it, but reading here reminded me of an interesting post,

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