Thursday, November 12, 2015

Modern Educayshun and PC Femtards

This is hilarious, for those of us who are watching it from a safe distance that is.

Haaa... questions are offensive... you're male and I don't like you... feelings are more important than facts... there was even a White Knight groveling for approval in the back corner.

Oh man, if that doesn't sum up the current climate I don't know what does.

Now, take that video, which is supposed to be a joke and compare it to what is actually happening on Universities today.

Notice when push comes to shove the Fish needs a Bicycle to back it up, they always need the White Knights to do the dirty work for them.

And if you want to know what their idea of muscle is... Come and See.

Hmm... that Einsatzkommando unit looks very familiar.

Yeap... I thought so.



One Fat Oz Guy said...

I think we're seeing the death spirals of PC Universities as more and more young people are being either only going for the education (men who get in and out without dating) or not going at all due to poor job prospects and high costs.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Seriously, knowing what I know now I wouldn't even recommend young men study STEM unless they're connected as I'm seeing over the top favouritism towards women in jobs.
One woman I know was offered her choice at three multinational companies at a time when people are being made redundant.
I believe big companies are preparing for the day the government makes female quotas mandatory and they're trying to get ahead of it.
In the mean time, half the guys I studied with aren't even working in their field of study.
You should check out PCU Pit Party. A (relatively) modern Animal House like movie poking fun at all the crap PC stuff. Unlike real life, though, it has a good ending.

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