Thursday, July 16, 2015

Never Talk To A Feminist... Ever

That is a given here in the Manosphere because we have probably all tried at some point when the Blue Pill blinders were first slipping off and we began to look at the world in a different way. It becomes obvious very quickly that Feminists will not hear anything we have to say that even remotely indicates they may not be the victims they claim to be. Not only is trying to reason with them completely futile it is now moving into the area where it will come with legal liabilities.

This would also serve as a good example as to why we blog or comment as anonymously as possible. Even while we make no threats whatsoever, simply the accusation by them that we are is enough to cost us the expense of a defense lawyer at a minimum. Of course, in the meantime they can make real threats and even physically assault men publically with impunity.

Hey, it is what it is.

Since basically all women are Feminists now particularly the younger, not so attractive ones, we have learned to steer clear of them in our personal lives. Any man with any ounce of masculinity left in him seems to pose as a threat to these professional victims. No amount of precautions can be too much when everything we say and do will be used against us to shore up their victim status.

I've had a few close calls myself but fortunately up until now the accusations were so asinine and exaggerated that they were rightfully dismissed without consequences. Playing dumb, disengaging and Going Ghost is still the option that works best for me. Others will say to Game these broads but my spidey sense tells me that tactic will only further entangle me with them which is exactly what they want and I don't.

So plan accordingly, it's getting hairy out there, it's been long said that the Feminists will double down before the fall and it looks to me like that is just what is happening.

Until then... Gone Ghosting


Brother Earl said...

And the situation is worsening. Law is coming that will outlaw almost every negative thought a man has against women. Of course that doesn’t apply when the women psychologically and economically abuse men. That is as a right for a woman. Women have rights, men have duties. That’s how the world works today.

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