Monday, June 22, 2015

The Shaming Of MGTOW Continues

Oh dread, MGTOW are being describes as losers.... again.

Why “Men Going Their Own Way” Is No Way For Men To Go

I like ROK, I really do. He is one of my favorite Pussy Beggars and I even link him here but some of you are having a serious WTF moment as to what this article is really all about. Why is this guy suddenly bagging on MGTOW?

The answer is very simple, just follow the money.

Matt Forney is the editor of ROK's sister site Reaxxion and a Chicago-based author, journalist and entrepreneur. He blogs at and is also on Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube. He is the author of Confessions of an Online Hustler and many other books, available here. Matt's work has also been featured at Taki's Magazine, Alternative Right, and other sites.

You see he has books and web sites to sell so he needs you guys out their begging pussy and extoling the virtues of pussy begging to young men. His site is also full of ads so he needs the clicks too. Not to mention the donations he is panhandling for.

Now look at this page and others like it and you will not see any of that bullshit.

Why is that?

Because MGTOW and Going Ghost is free. Men don't need to buy something or join any groups to do it, they just do it. As proof that we have done it is that we don't need financial support from other men to continue going our own way.

I have never encouraged young men to go their own way either. It simply isn't practical for most young men to go their own way when they are hard wired to chasing pussy. At some point though they will do a cost benefit analysis and realize that the shit isn't worth chasing.

Then the idea of MGTOW come into play.

Why is that?

Because not all of us old guys want to live out our lives as another Hugh Hefner selling girly magz to young men to pay for our mansions. Man, you want to talk about not growing up just take a look at that guy. When was the last time any of you even looked at a Playboy Magazine anyway?

Oh wait! Let me guess. I'm just jealous right?

Ok, whatever.

Gone Ghosting... Sorry for the interruption... back to my regularly scheduled MGTOW lifestyle.


Jesus Gandhi said...

Spot on.

The MGTOW movement is attacked for two reasons:

1) no money in it
2) it's the answer

Everyone kind of stumbles onto MGTOW sooner or later. Blackpoisonsoul did a great post on it. So did Hawaiian Libertarian.

But it's like the blinders - the blue pill mindset - just creeps up on a man. Natural selection made it so.

Once they 'get it', get that MGTOW does work, it's not totally anti-woman, PLUS you add in the typical capitalist drivers, then men cringe at some level and pull back. How to get money from suckers then? What, you mean the answer is to respect men who do or do not date and fuck women? Either way men are respected? Noooooooo!

That's too easy! Let's trash 'em! says Matt Forney, Roosh, and their ilk, those who commoditize women and sex and devote their lives to chasing pussy. Well, no wonder, MGTOW strikes at the heart of it all.

I've read 'manosphere' stuff for years and frankly a lot of it is shit. Roosh recently posts about women don't hit the wall until they are in their mid-40s practically speaking. No, really!? What planet except his fantasy world was he in? I've noticed women having an easy time anywhere in the West while reading Roosh's entertaining fantasies about the Wall FIVE years ago. And these guys claim to have some sharp eye on reality??! HA!

If he's wrong about something so basic then what else is he wrong about?

Same with Roissy. And more.

MGTOW is it. If that movement wins then the game is up. There will be a lot of fighting it from men's instincts, from society, from the monetizing gamers. But in the end it's the answer. Nothing will change that. As or how MGTOW is regarded is exactly the degree to which the battle is won. Right now the cheap sex merchants are on the defensive and that means exactly what everyone should know - the power is MGTOW.

Long Duc Dong said...

MGTOW is an idea that can't be killed.

Anonymous said...

Roosh got destroyed on Dr Oz's show it was hilarious. His blue pill mentally couldn't keep him warm and safe. Those manginas and feminazi dykes whipped him into submission. Some men i.e. the majority never learn until: rape allegations, divorce, exposing feminism hate, child custody, and being thrown into prison for manspreading.

Anonymous said...

Look up Protocol 16, it also fits into that manginas narrative. "In order to effect the destruction of all collective forces except ours we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism, the universities, by re-educating them in a new direction."

"We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order."

"Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism.... it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim. " (Protocol 2)

Earl Thomas said...

A man should have the right to choose what lifestyle he wants to live. We all have free will. If he wants to marry, he should marry. If he wants to be single, be single. If he wants to hedonist, he'll eventually find out what that lifestyle will do. If you notice most PUAs are in fact very fascist in their personality and style. They aren't that much different from the feminists they supposedly bag on. In fact most would tell you to sleep with them, as if sleeping with the enemy is supposedly taking them down.

After looking at many different paths in life, I can tell you the path that makes the most sense for living a good life is following Jesus and his teachings. That's my decision.

patriarchal landmine said...

one has to wonder what other purpose the pussy beggars believed they were serving by attacking the only escape from suicide a lot of boys and men could ever find in this society.

Anonymous said...

Return of kings banned me for calling them out on being white knight, simps. Nothing but a bunch of cowards.

djc said...

I agree that you should live your life your way. And I have decided to stay away from women. It's become much too dangerous legally to fraternize with them. And besides that, it's just too much damned work to keep them happy.

Cybro said...

It looks to me like ROK may be going the way of the Spearhead, the Wooly Mammoth and the Wooly Bumblebee. Oh well, I guess that's what always happens to those who attempt to shame the largest part of the Manosphere for not chasing Sabre Tooth Pussy when we would rather be doing something far more sensible with our time and energy. Hey that reminds me, to the guy who came here and said that I would never write for The Spearhead. You were right dude, I never did, I never wanted to and it never lasted either, ha.

Take The Red Pill said...

Let them spew their insults and shaming language until they're blue in the face; it doesn't change a thing. I'm STILL going to Go My Own Way.

Sue Botchie said...

MGTOW? Plenty of successful women are saying "Go ahead!" And the women are going their own way, to better jobs, higher pay. Yeah, in this time of lay-offs. So go ahead boys, live out your aged-out adolescence, the likes of you are not missed.

Bastion said...

Im afraid its you that will not b missed. We men will always have value... your value will diminish until you are usless for anything but cleaning up. You are all just a waste if flesh

Unknown said...

Well to keep gender equality quotas up, employers need to be seen as equal opportunity providers. So Sue, my last two asshole employers felt the best way to thank me for sticking my neck out for them was to make my position redundant. Don't flatter yourself by falsely thinking you're superior due to plain luck, or employers following gender quotas. This irrational and corrupt system is collapsing. When it does, only useful skills that the majority of men have will be needed. So enjoy your false economy while it last because soon you'll be crashing down as your paper high horse collapses.

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Tubal-cain said...

I'm a 60 year-old man who used to read ROK, and I even wrote three articles for them. None of the articles were about the usual T&A PUA hype they love to push. One article was about the need for men to pursue trades, the article I wrote was about the welding trade. I received the typical ROK diatribe; I was a pussy, I was blue-pill, I was full of BS, I was a loser, etc., etc. I also wrote two an article on surviving unemployment, and a historical article on a rapid- fire Grenade Launcher my late father invented that was used by the US Navy on gunboats in Vietnam. I received liberal trolls saying vile things about my beloved late father. Here's my view of ROK and Roosh V. 1.Douche bags. 2.Nothing but T&A and trim articles for libertines and frat boys. 3.ROK advocates men marrying up virgins (noble), yet they advocate fornicating with club sluts. Inconsistent! 4.Roosh is a narcissist and a sociopath, and has the personality of a dishrag, as is the lion's share of his writers and readers. You can write an article on the battle of Stalingrad, and ROK's forum will somehow tie game and fornicating with club sluts into the article. The endless pudding contests and name calling. Reminds me of study hall in junior high school in the early 70s. Men of faith, older men, married family men, and traditionalist men are marganalized and mocked by ROK. It's a lame punk site for millennial and frat boy dolts and dick swingers .

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