Thursday, April 9, 2015

Never Let Them Move In With You

Or as Tom Leykis would say, never give them the key to your front door or your vault. The trick is (for you PUAs) is to keep them anticipating they will get those things. Because once they do get in, they stop working to get in, then getting rid of them becomes a whole new set of problems.

Woman Charged With Goldfish Mass Murder

A Florida woman is facing a felony animal abuse charge for allegedly killing her boyfriend’s goldfish by pouring bleach into their tank, according to court records.

Angela Garcia, 32, was arrested Saturday after she allegedly trashed beau Norris Johnson’s Orlando-area residence following an argument.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the home by the man’s son. He told investigators that his father had gone to work following the argument with Garcia, but had told her to vacate the residence.

As detailed in a police report, Garcia (seen at right) destroyed a flat screen TV, other electronic devices, and furniture in the home, which reeked of bleach when her boyfriend’s son discovered the wreckage.

In addition to causing $1500 in property damage, Garcia also allegedly poured bleach into her boyfriend’s fish tank, killing five goldfish. Johnson’s son told deputies that Garcia was free on bond in another criminal case and that his father allowed her to live with them for a couple of days.

Deputies who subsequently apprehended Garcia near the crime scene reported that she was “visibly intoxicated” and “had the presence of bleach all over her clothing.”

Charged with felony counts of animal cruelty and criminal mischief, Garcia was booked into the county jail, from which she was released Monday after posting $1150 bond.

I guarantee you that guy's son is going to remember all this someday when some chick pushes to move in with him.

This comment was funny though, I didn't think about it from this angle.

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One Fat Oz Guy said...

Funny how the man's generosity being used against him doesn't really rate a mention, it's the lives of those little goldfish.
Hopefully she goes to jail for some time because courts don't care if you trash a man's house, but kill an innocent creature and you're evil.
Let that be a warning to everyone who thinks about helping homeless women.

RmaxGenActivePUA said...

Lmao, what idiot goes around calling a 32 year old woman, their girlfriend ...

In true Tom Leykis fashion, Most decent PUA's dont give out names, addresses & use throw away phones

Also hotels are better logistics then dragging them to your home

Bonus points if you used the chicks credit card, to pay for the hotel ...

Double bonus points, if you use her card, for room service, free pron & pay per view footie ...

Triple bonus points, if you ditch her, after maxing out her card on a 3 course meal, & expensive booze

Quadruple points, if she blames systemic oppression & oprah ...

PUA's = getting laid & paid, liberators of womens wallets & legs

PUA's = forcing women to ride the carousel, so betas dont get suckered into marrying them

RmaxGenActivePUA said...

No idea, why the layout of my comment looks funky ...

Cybro said...

Yes it was only the killing of the gold fish that made her a criminal. Had she killed the boy friend with bleach instead, it would have been a major "You Go Girl" moment for the FemBorg Collective. Then she would have been paraded around all the Oprah type shows hailed as a suffering martyr for all women.

Earl Thomas said...

Hopefully guys will learn why cohabitation is a bad trade off for them.