Friday, January 9, 2015

MGTOW Would Have Saved His Life

Another "See I Told You So".

It's not just the bad behavior of females that men have to be wary of. It's also their White Knight enablers who will kill them for the sake of female approval. Those are the guys MGTOW have to go their own way or go ghost from for the most.

False rape accusation led to killing

A false accusation of rape allegedly caused a man to beat his cousin to death in a hotel room Wednesday morning, according to State Troopers.

Beat to death by his own cousin. What ever happened to Bro's before Hoe's? If this dude was MGTOW he wouldn't have been in this situation to begin with.

Abraham S. Stine, 39, was charged Thursday with one count of second-degree murder for beating Wesley Lord, 37, to death. His girlfriend, Dominique Natalie Vasquez, 31, also was charged with one count of second-degree murder for her actions during the incident.

He wouldn't have been smoking crack either, he would have better things to do with his life.

According to charging documents, Vasquez had been smoking methamphetamine and drinking alcohol with Lord and two other men — one of whom is her third-party custodian — earlier in the evening. Vasquez and Lord started having consensual sex after one of the men went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Never mix booze and broads, that is right out of the Leykis 101 Rules.

The other man was present in the room while the sex was taking place and told troopers that at no time did Vasquez tell Lord to stop.

And guess who just happens to show up right in the middle of all this?

Vasquez and Lord stopped having sex when the man got out of the shower, at which time Stine showed up outside the hotel window. Vasquez, who was not wearing pants, told the two men to tell Stine that Lord had raped her. Both men complied, according to statements they made to troopers.

"Let's you and him fight".

Stine, who is a large man, crawled through the window and attacked Lord. According to one of the witnesses, Lord was a small man and did not fight back. The witness told troopers Stine punched Lord in the face for five to 10 minutes and would not stop when the witness told him he should. The witness said that at some point during the attack Vasquez covered Lord's mouth with her hand and appeared to be choking him.

White Knights will stop at nothing to gain female approval even if it means killing their own cousin.

Stine asked Vasquez for a rag after the attack was over and tried to wipe the blood from the floor, according to the witness. Both men told troopers they left after the incident and took a cab to the Super 8 Motel.

Stine called troopers at 4:58 a.m. and told them Lord had raped his girlfriend, Vasquez, while she was passed out in the room. Stine told troopers Vasquez left the hotel in the company of her third-party custodian after the attack and that Lord was passed out in the room.

Wow... you see how it is. This dumb ass thinks he is such a hero that he even calls up the State Troopers to let them know he just murdered his own cousin. These guys are a lost cause.

Troopers arrived and Stine led them to the hotel room. Troopers found Lord lying face down and naked on the floor. They began to handcuff him (The White Knighting continues) and noticed his hands were stiff and he was not breathing, according to charging documents. Medics were called and Lord was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lord showed obvious signs of injury to his head and appeared to have sustained blunt force trauma. There was a large pool of blood under his head, according to troopers.

The room was littered with empty soda and alcohol bottles and a bloody rag was found next to Lord's head.

Slowly, the light bulb begins to shine in more rational minds.

Vasquez admitted to placing her hand over Lord's mouth and told troopers she lied to Stine because she was afraid of what he would do if he found out she had cheated on him, according to charging documents.

Vasquez was charged with second-degree murder for trying to silence Lord during the beating and for "inciting Stine to beat (Lord) with the false allegation of rape," according to charging documents.

I counted not just one but at least five White Knights in this story and it took that guys death to make at least a couple of them realize that chick was lying all along. This is why there will never be an organized Men's Movement. Too many men still believe what women say is automatically true without questioning them and are all to ready to throw other men under the bus before any truth is sorted out.

This is also why men need to keep going their own way or go ghost because this is what the problem is. All some Jezebel has to do is point the finger and in the right set of circumstance it can get men killed by other men. White Knights seem to think all the justification they need to kill another man is the say so of some female.

The PUA's (Pussy Beggars) will never talk about this side of their Game but I will. Because I have been fingered enough times to know this is how it goes down in the real world. No amount of Magic Game is going to get a man out of a situation where a false accusation can be made to stick, until it's too late to sort out.

Then no amount of Game whatsoever will bring him back from the dead.

MGTOW... The Life You Save Could Be Your Own.


ARYAN said...

hm - white knights - way too many of those around for sure - conditioned from cradle to grave to whole heartedly support and protect the Feminine Imperative... used to be a noble and rewarding position for a man but lately it's a social contract that has been turned on it's head and it's not going to right itself until a majority of white knights recover and go their own way. This article represents an opportunity for the white knights involved and any other men paying attention, to realize their error in siding with a self serving, narcissistic, manipulative and psychopathic woman ~ the reality of the modern day female.

moe said...

Typical white knight wannabe tough guy captain save em' type that will be quick to bash another guys head in if there is even a hint of disrespect towards a female or if the girl just wants to start a fight she will send her moronic meat head after him even if said disrespect is not true, these guys tend to be the overly tradcon delusional types.

earl said...

'Beat to death by his own cousin. What ever happened to Bro's before Hoe's?'

Well the guy did have sex with his cousin's gf and she didn't even seem to care another guy was in the room. Granted the meth head Jezebel probably was a slut to begin with...but how thirsty is a guy who succumbs to that and how desperate is a guy that commits to that?

That's the thing between thirsty guys looking for any warm hole to stick in and white knights killing for any warm hole that notices see they are basically the same guy.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is I found my way to the Manosphere after an acquaintance of mine called me a white knight.

Long Duc Dong said...

These white knights are afraid of rejection from females, and have likely been experiencing sexual rejection their whole life. The threat of more rejection is terrifying to them. They seek female approval and validation by trying their best to make women happy, regardless of the all a round costs. They want to please mama like a child they still are.

Anonymous said...

let me sum up. women must be given no quarter. i dont mean with violence. that would prove only to those feminists of a particular sour nature that "the patriarchy"!! no quarter will be given hence forth to all viewpoints blogs suggestions attitudes infidelity and all particulars that make up the vile wretched excuse of a philosohpy (that really isn't" called nazi- uh feminism. sharpen your mental weaponry my brothers, the horde of gold digging whores are at hand!

Anonymous said...

The guys fueling the system are the White Knights. Maybe they'll change their mangina ways but most men can't take the bitterness of the red pill. Even when the truth hits them in the face.

boellemis said...

Knowledge is powerful. Here is what makes a man.

MCB said...

You need to read it a couple more times so it can penetrate the layers.