Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MGTOW Defeats Jezebelism

If there is one Princess that can not rescued it's the Jezebel.

The Jezebel is far more dangerous to men than the most hardcore Feminist is. Although every Feminist aspires to be a Jezebel not all Feminists can be one. While they all possess the prerequisite hatred of men not all of them have the physical attractiveness necessary to disarm unsuspecting men of their better judgment.

This by the way is the only exception to the "AWALT" rule in which "NAWALT" does apply.

The goal of the Jezebel is the destruction of good men. She targets those men simply because they are good and naïve to her deception. Religious and political organizations are magnets for Jezebels.

Jezebels are in a permanent state of rebellion against themselves, against men and even their own children. They perceive themselves to be victims therefore rationalize that anything they do to anyone "had it coming him". In that way all the wrong they do to others is justified in their minds having placed themselves in the right.

Psychological justification is the essential component that enables the bad behavior.

With this attitude that they are always right comes an arrogance that does not allow for any criticisms of their actions. For those who have fallen under their control one must simply do as the Jezebel says without question and even worship them for the privilege getting bossed around. To do anything less will trigger a vindictiveness that will not rest until adequate punishment can be metered out.

This retaliation will be accomplished with passive aggressive hostility or malicious gossip intended to damage that person by discrediting them in some other way.

For those not under her control they must be either taken over or destroyed. Depending on if the target has something the Jezebel wants or is perceived as a threat.

The usual objects of desire the Jezebel is looking for are status and wealth. This is where they use sex as tool for control on men to get what they want. Once a man is stung he will be bled dry until he has nothing left to offer. Afterwards she will simply dismiss him as someone she is no longer "in love" with.

Anyone perceived as a threat or has rejected her sexual advances can expect the full force of the dark side to be thrown at them. There will be far more than malicious slander involved. It will be false accusations designed to get that person killed if possible through the use of proxy violence.

This is where the life of MGTOW is effective in defeating the Jezebel.

The MGTOW has nothing a Jezebel wants to begin with which puts him off her radar for the most part. He doesn't exhibit the usual indicators of wealth, power or status that she is hunting for. Expensive clothes, vehicles and homes are nothing more than shark bait to a MGTOW.

In addition MGTOW do not seek high Religious, Political, Institutional or Corporate positions which covers almost the rest. I say almost because there are circumstances when a MGTOW can find himself elevated closer to powerful positions by virtue of the fact that he is trusted over time not having any desire to take these position. If a Jezebel is nearby or materializes on the scene it will invoke her immediate wrath to divide and conquer.

She can't not allow someone like that around who may be able to see through the fog of her confusion.

In which case it will be up to the individual MGTOW to determine whether or not he has anything in his personal life which can be used against him. False accusations will fly and if there is even a hint that there may be some truth to it he is doomed. The powers that be will seek to protect their own positions at the expense of the accused.

At the same time if a MGTOW is bullet proof in his ways the attacks will be her own undoing. It will even be an opportunity for him to strengthen any areas of weakness that come under fire. Eventually others will become weary of her escalating troublemaking at that will be the end of her.

The Jezebel always overplays her hand.

The rest of the way MGTOW will have to avoid all contact when possible. Any communication which is less than worshipful or isn't in total agreement with them can result in an attack. Even unknowingly coming into a too close of proximity gives them an opportunity to point the finger instigating violence.

These evasive maneuvers would not be necessary if it wasn't for the White Knighting that is still very prevalent in the real world. Because of men's need for female approval they somehow believe assaulting other men to gain it is perfectly heroic. Those are just the kind of Blue Pill men the Jezebel seeks out to do her bidding.

A MGTOW maintaining his indifference, his emotional detachment from the provocation of being fingered while standing his ground as the moment passes is enough for the White Knight to realize there was no real threat involved. Our hero sulks away reflecting on what just happened while she is pissed that her ploy failed to achieve it's desired end... Let's you and him fight.

It's a win / win for MGTOW.

A Jezebel is defeated, a Blue Pill wannabe hero moves a little closer to the Red Pill and a MGTOW glows with the satisfaction of knowing he is winning the war without fighting the battles.

MGTOW... Wining Without Fighting.


Long Duc Dong said...

You can really smell how much the Jezebels hate men.

RmaxPUA said...

Brilliant post, mgtow is just as important as pua in leveraging a hypersexual male hating society, created by centuries of attacks on hetrosexuality by sick christian puritans

This post is also a great example of Sun Tsu

MGTOW, one of the most advanced strategies created by Sun Tsu

Win the battle before its begun

MGTOW is the ultimate form of Sun Tsu's winning the war before its won

When the enemy depends on your participation in order to exist

MGTOW are winning the war before its begun, by refusing to show up in the first place

Dates are nothing more then conditioning to get asset raped by women

earl said...

'This is where they use sex as tool for control on men to get what they want.'

Which is why I laugh when guys say the 'use damaged women for short term sex but not get into a relationship' advice. Sex is what they use as their weapon and guys are telling other guys to go to the slaughterhouse.

There's Jezebels and then there is men that enable them. Both are evil in their own way.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of an old friend who said she was a master manipulator that can know everything about you and get you to do what she wants. Also, very insecure and prideful. Never apologized when she did you wrong yet you had to apologize to her when you committed a wrong to her. I wondered why something was telling me to run away from that friendship. Now I know.

227 said...

I believe the Jezebel is in our government disguised as feminism, and they are changing the perception of men as perverts, psychos, and dead beats, and convincing women, even in the church that we don't need men. Almost all the programming on TV is anti family, and shows women as supermoms, doing everything themselves and women must believe it, because there are fatherless families everywhere now.

melvin said...

Spot on, fat, bossy, ugly chicks can't get away with acting the bitch.

Anonymous said...


Take The Red Pill said...

"...Expensive clothes, vehicles and homes are nothing more than shark bait to a MGTOW.
In addition MGTOW do not seek high Religious, Political, Institutional or Corporate positions which covers almost the rest..."

MGTOW -- Run silent, run deep.

Also, Advanced/Master MGTOWs usually 'Go Ghost' -- and Ghosts cannot be seen or found, especially when they DO NOT WANT to be found.

Anonymous said...

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These site exposes any and all feminazis and women who continue to follow it will never see heaven. Gold diggers, harlots, and chasers of bad boys i.e. just like Eve chased after the satan(original bad boy). Take care Rex and keep cranking out new articles. You make tons of great content.

Tamara said...

Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle, Josh Duggar. It's been a tough summer for the manosphere, hasn't it?