Monday, December 29, 2014

MGTOW Don't Get Kicked Out Of Their Homes

It always amuses me how the married dudes can't bring themselves to admit they made a huge mistake by signing up for the Marriage 2.0 upgrade.

To think that could have been me once but not anymore. They will have to find some other sucker to buy them a house they can throw him out of. Maybe those ISIS dudes would be happy to sign up for that deal.

This morning I got into smaller discussion with my wife right felt that there was a lack of respect in the discussion. So I decided to Institute one of my beliefs with regards to you staying married and asserting yourself.

Let me warn you married guys right here. Once you leave they can call the cops and make up any story they want. The cops and the system will go with anything she says. At that point you lose everything. You better stay there and video what happens. Take the beating if she throws one then you got her. Then you have proof the bitch is crazy and she is the one lying. Then she gets arrested and is the one that goes away.

Let me also warn you soon to be married guys. Now that things have gotten this bad to where men are forced to video women's bad behavior in order to protect themselves you are better off staying unmarried. It amazes me how so many dudes think this is never going to happen to them, until it does.

When you aren't getting anywhere positive in discussion the best thing may be to take a walk, take a break, go to your second location,

Oh I took a break alright, a permanent one, by booting them out of my first location, problem solved with no further interruptions or relocations required.

in my case it was 430 and I had a bug out bag ready to go which is really just had a big hug was totally prepared to chill out in an urban setting.

Ask yourself if this is any way to live? Keeping a "bug out" bag ready to go for any moment when princess throws a temper tantrum.

Screw that.

For the most of the morning I stayed at a McDonalds right grab a cup of coffee then later went to a restaurant or listen to some good music and talking with some interesting people and after taking another hour long bike ride and ended up at a park shot this video and enjoy the Morning Sun and I warmed up. This 45 hour track must have made it in person because I received a call from my wife and she was very loving and apologetic and asked me to please come home but she might reward me in some way. This motivated me quite well as I was home in the next 10 minutes.


I don't think so, it's not worth all the trouble to me. While LTRs can be nice at times, the one day in a hundred when a storm isn't blowing, most of the time it isn't. Not to mention the legal liabilities they come with like getting kicked out of your home and thrown into jail on a trumped up false allegation.

Screw that... again.  

Happiness is peace of mind, a peaceful life and a peaceful home, not a piece of ass. None of those things will come with packing a squaw. It probably never did but nowadays it can be particularly hazardous for men to have them around.

With emotionally out of control women on the one side and a violently out of control police state on the other. This is no place I want to be in the middle of. There are plenty of other places men can find happiness that are not in squeezed in between lunatics and psychopaths.

I'll be going my own way thank you very much.


One Fat Oz Guy said...

Having a bug out bag ready for that? That's like having a set of sheets ready in case he needs to sleep on the couch.
He's an ultra beta-blue pill boy scout for sure!

Cybro said...

I've been watching G4T for years and I wish I had saved some of his older videos from him getting booted before this one which he promptly took down. He's a good guy in a bad situation trying to convince himself he can make it work like so many other men have tried to do before him. This is exactly the type of man the system feeds on.

Personally I think the guy is screwed. He lives in an area with the most notorious CPS in the country. I hate to say this but it's only a matter of time before they see these videos.

At that point he will become yet another poster child for MGTOW.

Take The Red Pill said...

I'm convinced that women nowadays don't want to be married as much as they want to be divorced.
I'd rather face death again than sign up for marriage nowadays.

"There are three kinds of men:
Those who learn by readin'.
The few who learn by observation.
The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves." -- Will Rogers

13915 said...

Do not get married in todays US society. You will get used up financially and ruined if your wife ever wants to busts your chops & you know how american woman are easy to anger.

Anonymous said...

G4T was the biggest clown and disinfo/ fake truther agent earlier on youtube. He was exposed for cheating on his wife with two girls from Bangbros. It's funny that he wants to latch on to anything to give him credibility. I don't trust this mangina agent.

Blogger said...

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