Sunday, October 26, 2014

MGTOW Investing In The Collapse

Judging by the last video it should be obvious to any reasonable man that this society is overdue for a collapse. Which is fine with me because there is nothing in it for me anyway. Their civilization is not mine and I want nothing to do with it, if I can help it.

I'm not just talking about Feminism here. Feminism is only the cultural canary in the coal mine. There are much worse things going on behind it. It's just that it is the last warning of what is about to come.

Think of how society was when the Roman women were throwing their babies into the garbage piles or ancient Israel offering their children to Baal and what followed as a result. That is where this society is at today.

So not only do I lose nothing from it collapsing, good riddance, I can actually make some money while it drives itself down.

So can you.

You can do it by shorting it or selling ahead of the fall. Without having to actually short sell or get into options trading it is just as easy to buy into certain ETFs that do all that for you already.

But first let's look at the big picture and there is no bigger picture of the financial market than the $SPX.


As you can see the SP500 has been having a nice run since 2009. Completely opposite of what is happening in reality but I'm not getting into that because no matter how rigged this game is, at some point the laws of nature, of physics, of gravity will come into play. When it does it just means the fall will be greater than what it would have been if the market wasn't corrupted by a financial oligarchy.

Who by the way are the ones financing the Feminist movement in order to move women from one kitchen to another, to theirs. They just don't call them kitchens they call them careers. Most women took the bait, bought the lie and drank the Kool Aid.

So what happens next economically is going to be their problem, not mine.

What I think is about to happen will look something like this at first.

Then as the real reality of the overall situation sets in it will look more like this.

Even that chart is a bit optimistic with a low of 1000. I put the $SPX at around 600 and being that this market and society is so evil I will probably cover my shorts right at 666 just to prove the point, ha.

Ok so how can you get in on this action?

Here is an example of one ETF that sells short.

Understand that I'm not selling this stuff. I'm just giving an example of something easy to work with in order to trade the market on the way down.

As you can see it is low because the market is high. It is going to do just the opposite of what the SP500 does. That's how this thing works.

That means all you have to do is buy low, sell high and enjoy the decline.

MGTOW... Fiddling while Rome burns.


Dave said...

Markets can stay irrational longer that you can stay solvent. Being right too soon isn't just socially unacceptable, it's financially ruinous.

If you bet on collapse:

-> The collapse might not happen in the time frame of your bet, so you lose.
-> Your counter-party might fail to pay up (like earthquake insurance after the Big One).
-> The collapse could fuck up the world so badly that your victory is meaningless.

Q: Astronomers announce that a giant solar flare might burn the Earth to a lifeless cinder sometime in the next ten years. How does this affect your investment strategy?

A: It doesn't. Either it happens and we all die, or everything continues as usual.

Investors assume that the Fed can keep stock prices rising forever, because if it can't, the whole system will flash into nonexistence.

Anonymous said...

Or, angry idiots decide to tax gains from shorting at 90% because they decide you are "hurting" the economy by your shorting.

Shorting is good, but the political risk must be weighed as well.

Think that "they would never do that"?


patriarchal landmine said...

society doesn't just not serve a benefit to me.

society has been opposed to my existence since the beginning. and why? just because I am a male and not 6' tall or a millionaire.

fuck em all and fucking no regrets.

Pillar Of Autumn said...

A lot of Inverse ETFs have the properties of a burning match.. There is a distinct lack of liquidity with these type of investment vehicles.
These are definitely market-timed investments and your timing had better be spot on to reap a windfall return.

Cybro said...

Think of MGTOW shorting the financial markets similar to that of the PUAs pumping and dumping the sexual markets. With the difference being that MGTOW skip the pumping and go strait to the dumping.

Ha, ha, ha, burn baby burn.

Don't worry about the timing either. If I miss the top and it goes back up I just short more. It is not a matter of if there will be a crash, just when.

And it doesn't matter if it crashes so bad there is nothing left on the other side. I already win by simply going my own way so society and civilization collapsing which it already is, is of no consequence to me.

djc said...

What happens when all money becomes completely worthless? Isn't it really valueless already? If they can just print it, then it truly is worthless. And this is all just a ponzi scheme that everyone goes along with.

Cybro said...

Yes ultimately it is worthless and it is a Ponzi scheme but until everyone else catches on you can use the fake digital money to acquire real assets and buy yourself some time to improve your skill sets that will actually be worth something when the system reboots. Time, skills and assets are the real money in the world. This is the reason why a society gone parasitical goes ape shit when productive men remove themselves from it in the form of going their own way.

Jones said...

You don't invest in a collapsing economy, you speculate within it.

Want to speculate on Princess Petrodollar? Be my guest.

I'd rather sell that crap short and go looking for better speculations or true investments ...

Anonymous said...

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Gris Bosque said...

yes, but survivalism makes a nice hobby, and the only wise use for money is to reduce one's dependence on the money system.
you can short society in other ways besides the fake stock markets. like by buying out of the American nightmare. buying stocks is buying in.

freedom and security are both closely related to mobility, and the best skill for survival is knowing how to work. prefferably at stuff thats fundamental...

trying to get rich on the way to collapse sounds fun, but like jumping out of a plane with no parachute; fun until the fun stops.

better to invest in your post technocult reality.