Sunday, October 19, 2014

MGTOW Becomes More Imperative As Men Get Older

I do not advocate MGTOW for younger guys, say those under 30, simply because men don't have as much to lose in life up until then. Sure they can still go to prison for 20 years on a false rape allegation but the odds are most men won't. What the young men should do is experience all the things that we talk about here for themselves so that when it does happen to them it will not be such a shock and they will already know to break things off before the relationship can get any worse.

The larger problem for men comes later in life when they are established in their work, have built up assets, maybe they do have some kids they want to maintain a relationship with and lastly it becomes more difficult to change jobs or careers as men get older.

This is where MGTOW becomes important because most females would secretly love to destroy all that and there is no telling which ones would not until it is too late. The damage would already be done and they do it for no other reason than because as their life goes from bad to worse a man's life can just keep getting better as we get older.

Better for those men who have gone their own way or men who have simply avoided any legal entanglements with women.

The thing is we need to keep reminding ourselves of this because this guy here is 51, a few years older than me and if it were not for the Manosphere constantly reminding me of why I go my own way I might let my guard down just enough for this to happen to me too.

Woman who got her ex-boyfriend fired from his job of 24 years and arrested three times faces jail - but only after cops found her notes detailing everything she did to him

An obsessive woman who made her ex-boyfriend's life a living hell after they broke up is facing a lengthy prison sentence for her campaign of terror against him.

Tawny Blazejowksi, 41, of St. Augustine, Florida launched a campaign of hate against her former lover Joe Good, 51, turning his life upside down because they had split up.

The petite blonde got him arrested three times and fired from his job at an insurance company, where he had worked for over 24 years.

According to Good, Blazejowksi became irate after she was forced to cancel a holiday that the couple had planned together.

Ha, I had a chick go completely ballistic on me for this same reason. Oh how they dread being alone on holidays, especially Christmas. It's like driving a stake in the heart of a vampire when you dump them right before Christmas and New Years.

The screaming and thrashing is like something out of a horror movie.

I'm only divulging this Top Secret information to validate this guys story. You see how pissed off and utterly insane this chick went as a result. So use this knowing what can happen when you do.

Then less than an hour later, Good said he received a text message notifying him that his email password had been changed.

The sun set, the coffin lid blew open, red eyes glowing in the darkness then evil shot forth like a bat out of hell.

He claims that Blazejowski had hacked his personal email account and sent pornographic photos of Good to his employer.

This led to his arrest on October 19, 2012, but his vengeful ex-girlfriend had much more in store for him.

She went to the sheriff’s office with a bloody face and accused Good of domestic violence.

He told 20/20: ‘I ended up going to jail that night, because here’s the thing: The girl says a guy hit her. Most people think, ‘Wow, the guy hit her.’ They don’t think the girl’s lying.’

Any man who has been stalked knows the problem here. Society does not accept the fact that women stalk men. If you tell people that some chick is stalking you they just don't believe it. That is most of the reason they get away with the destructive behavior. It takes an overwhelming amount of evidence for anyone to believe who the real criminal is even then they get the pussy pass most of the time.

Next, Blazejowski called the Florida Abuse Hotline, accusing Good and his teenage son of operating a child pornography ring.

‘It was total harassment,’ he said. ‘I did everything I could to stay away from her. She was one step ahead of me the whole time.’

Blazejowski then turned on his friends and colleagues.

Jenny Robor, Good’s former colleague at the insurance company, told ‘20/20: ‘She did a Crimestoppers tip to me, accusing me of allegations against my kids.'

'The things that are on there I can’t even repeat. They’re so horrible.’

Blazejowski anonymously told Crimestoppers that Robor would deliver her young children to Good’s sex ring, none of which was true.

Yet, during his ordeal, Good said that he struggled to get investigators and lawyers to believe him, until a lawyer Bryan Shorstein stepped in to help him.

Shorstein said he first made sure that Good was actually innocent, then went to the sheriff’s office to convince detectives of the same thing.

Over seven months, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Detectives George Harrigan and Shannon Andrews carried out an investigation into the claims.

Andrews told ‘20/20: ‘It was hard to keep up with it, she was stalking faster than we could investigate.’

Soon, Good’s new girlfriend, Mariela Murphy, reported an anonymous letter threatening her then-17-year-old daughter.

‘It said, ‘This is what Erin will look like the next time Mariela sees her if she sees or even talks to Joe Good one more time,’ and attached was a picture of … a girl’s mutilated body,’ she said.

Detective Harrigan said: ‘She [Blazejowski] was the stalker at one point, but when this happened, she became the stalked.'

Another mission of the Manosphere is to wake up these White Knights. If they truly do want to save their civilization they need to begin with the understanding that the testimony of a woman is not the Word of God they treat it as. Even the Muslims know that the witness of one man is worth more than that of two women.

They later found that anonymous reports which had been sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Cybercrimes came from Blazejowski’s computer.

They used a search warrant to search her home and discovered more than seven full notebooks detailing the dates and times of everything she had done.

She was later arrested and charged with making threats to maim and murder.

She pleaded no contest to the eight felony counts against her, but her lawyers argued that she has obsessive compulsive disorder and is bipolar, which contributed to her crimes.

Judge Michael Traynor, from St. Johns County Criminal Court acknowledged her disorders, but said her clearly thought-out acts could not be ignored.

Unbelievable, for once a judge who isn't a White Knight, knows she is crazy which is all the more reason to lock her up.

He sentenced her to nine years in prison, two years of house arrest and 19 years probation.

And threw the Pussy Pass into the shredder.

She is now in jail.

WTG Dude!

Blazejowski said at her sentencing: ‘Not only did I hurt my own children, I hurt other children.'

‘I am pleading with you, your honor, to please grant me forgiveness. I ask my victims for forgiveness, and for mercy, and for you to please not take me away from my children who need me.’

Wow, ever narcissistic to the end.

Yeah your children need you so much that you blew them off in favor of devoting all your time to vindictively destroying a man's life for dumping your crazy ass. The only reason she didn't get away with it is because evil always overplays its hand or destroys itself at some point.

Which is exasclty what she did.

However, her victim, Good, still has a criminal record because of her actions.

He said: ‘[I] just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving, it’s all you can do.’

Actually there is a lot men can do.

They can go their own and remember not to look back.



patriarchal landmine said...

"letting my guard down" has not and never will be an option for me.

earl said...

"According to Good, Blazejowksi became irate after she was forced to cancel a holiday that the couple had planned together."

Tyrants always present themselves when something doesn't go their way. The more a woman has been burned or rode the carousel the more of a tyrant she becomes.

Anonymous said...

Never give a woman any power over your life. No access to your email accounts, bank accounts and keep them away from your coworkers. Never get married or cohabit with a woman.

It's just going to get worse on men from here. Feminists are pushing to have "yes means yes" pushed up to the criminal justice system. With this law, any sex can be redefined as rape. Soon, you'll go to prison unless you can confirm consent in all cases. If you're accused by one, others will come out of the woodwork solely to use you as a means to a civil lawsuit.

Domestic violence will be altered to include denial of monetary resources in cohabitation. Cohabitation will be redefined to include alimony and asset division.

Don't think the above will happen? With VAWA, all she has to do is claim she's afraid and you can go to jail. No one thought that could happen either.

The calls to provide women with year and a half long maternity leave are already being made. Where will the money come from? Out of your paycheck and you'll work longer hours for their absence as well. Laws and policies will be passed to provide ever increasing welfare payouts for single mothers. Again - you will pay.

One way or the other, single or married, women will find a way to transfer your wealth to themselves. In some countries, all of the above already apply. All "developed nations" are ramping up for the same. It's just a matter of time before it becomes the norm in the US.

The fact that women are, at a genetic level, manipulative, narcissistic sociopaths, becomes more and more clear as each day passes.

You will not know what true hell is until you mistake this advice for paranoia and mistakenly think these things can't happen to you.

Cybro said...

Absolutely right. Don't get married, don't shack up and don't knock them up. Not that men are any less evil it's just that when each is given the opportunity, men are the lesser of the two evils.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:26,
When the wealth transfer becomes as bad as you predict, men will go full out minimalist - an acre of land and a small cabin, or a small warehouse converted into a house/shop, van living,etc... - and once that purchase is made, they'll produce very little income, on purpose. No income, no tax. Fishing, working on hobbies, working for cash will become the new norm.

Anonymous said...

I watched my two sisters be taught how to control men from my mother, who destroyed my father with her manipulations and constant negging. I watched my two daughters be taught the same lessons by my wife, who learned well how to be the dominant in our marriage through vicious no-holds-barred arguing. My father-in-law never learned how to NOT have a wife ruining everything he did in life, because HIS mother was an abusive psycho.

Marriage is all about a woman taking everything a man has - his name, his money, his freedom, his property, and eventually his life.

It's not realistic to limit MGTOW to only those who "have something to lose" when every young man has everything to lose to goldiggers looking for a free meal ticket for life. Look at the marriage stats. Most men are still in their 20s with no two nickels to rub together when they say I do, not knowing they never will again.

I thus recommend that you rethink your premise. MGTOW is ESPECIALLY for young men under 30.

- son arecod

Anonymous said...

"I thus recommend that you rethink your premise. MGTOW is ESPECIALLY for young men under 30."

You know, there are some people in this world, that you never meet face to face, that you'd love to sit down with over a beer. This guy is one of "those people".

Anonymous said...

Misogyny - PART 1:

The men's rights movement represents true feminism. MGTOW represents the total and complete rejection (and future collapse) of female privilege. MGTOW are an evolution of MRAs.

MGTOW are the future of men. Across the globe, in all developed nations, men are opting out. Why? To understand why - you have to understand the power of projection. Ever have someone do something really bad and then blame the result of their bad behavior on you? If you have, then you understand projection.

Here's an example. This example can be applied to any number of things that women blame on men:

The Blame: Men are obsessed with porn. This is causing a breakdown in marriage. Men are sex obsessed pigs. Women are forced into prostitution. Women wear revealing clothes because the patriarchy makes them.

The Truth: Women take naked pictures of themselves and post them online because they're obsessed with themselves and want others to be obsessed with them as well. Women wear butt floss, high cut skirts and low cut blouses to lure in naive, ignorant men to pay for their drinks and meals. Women sell themselves sexually to gain monetarily. Women use their bodies to gain favoritism in employment and education and to avoid traditional male labor. Women always claim victimization because they know the naive, ignorant cowardly white knights will fall to their knees for a sniff.

Boys should be raised to "not be traditional men". Boys should be raised into men that understand the centuries of social programming, brainwashing and manipulation that has gone into making them disposable utilities. Boys should be raised to reject the white knight role and to reject gynocentrism.

Look at the BS movies that always put men in the position of sacrificing their lives for women. There are thousands of these movies. That's some deeply, psychologically damaging stuff both men and women are doing to boys. It's psychological abuse against boys and men. When a man doesn't act in a way that's self-sacrificing when a woman's life is at risk, how is that portrayed in the media? These are obvious examples of self imposed misandry by men and women upon men and boys.

The most important thing to teach boys is how gynocentric shaming and projection work. It's also very important to teach boys how men help women proliferate gynocentric shaming and projection.

Anonymous said...

Misogyny - PART 2:

Let them have it. Let women have all they want. Let them fight their own fires, their own wars and be humiliated and discarded with the same lack of empathy and compassion that men get. Let them build their own infrastructure and housing. Let women die by the tens upon tens of millions in wars for men's and men's children's lives. "Men's and men's children's lives". Let women die homeless post divorce. Let women be rejected from homeless shelters in favor of men. Let women be stripped from all wealth post divorce. Let men get privileged status in college and employment.

Cut off all donations to sperm banks. Women are starting to get the massage that they can get the best genes through sperm banks and have children later in life, without men. Men need to stop donating to these banks and these banks need to be blown into oblivion (by whom, I know not). That I have billions of sperms and that somehow makes women's fewer numbers of eggs more valuable than my sperms is a dangerous train of thought. You just watch how quickly that calculation can change. You just watch how quickly revolution can take place.

That women consider a sperm bank the equal of men is pure bigotry, sexism and represents the precursor to Hitler's vision of establishing a "pure race". It represents women's hatred of men. You know what's funny? Women are 10,000,000,000 times more misandric than men ever considered themselves misogynistic. Ever hear of a man wanting to establish an egg bank? Never, right? A man would never consider storing up women's eggs in a plan to eradicate women. Further proof than men are naive and ignorant white knights. Women actually think about how they can be impregnated without having a man involved. They think about this process in terms of sperm banks. Think men. Think. Sperm banks represent the feminazi ideal of future male disposabilty. Men won't be needed if trillions of their sperm are stored for future IVFs, right? Sperm banks represent the feminazi's goal for the end of men.

The end of men and the rise of the FemiNazi can be achieved through sperm banks. Take note, you naive, ignorant men.

Cybro said...

Young men are free to do as they please. It is just my recommendation that they go out and see these things for themselves. If they have already seen enough and are convinced MGTOW is for them then by all means go your own way.

The sooner the better but with most young men it doesn't work that way. If I tell them strait away that they need to avoid relationships or strictly limit them, you know how it is. I'm just a loser, I just don't have enough "Game", they know better, bla, bla, bla.

Anonymous said...

1: this guy knocked this woman up 6 times. They have 6 kids. He should quit whining and be a dad. So the bitch is crazy, so what, you knocked her up 6 times so it can`t be all bad. Doing that and then running away, well, that`s what a lowlife scumbag does, men do not do that. But this guy still complains, "bu-huu, i got 6 kids with this bitch I`ve known for years and now she wont leave me alone!". Are you ****** kidding me? Of course she wont leave you alone, you banged her up 6 times you dumb fuck. You made your bed, now lay in it. Jesus what a pile of bullshit.

2: what kind of man gets pushed around by a woman?? So a woman is stalking you, well, fix it then, put on your big boy pants and stop being such a coward. I can tell you right now, the woman who tried to pull this shit on me would regret it and it would stop quikly. Unless I had knocked her up 6 times of course, then I would bend over, take it and say thank you mam, may I have another? Becasue I would know that my life was fucked and there`s nothing I could do about it.

Joe Good, you`re a whining little bitch. I`ll make sure you have your Man-card revoced at the next annual Man-meeting.

Joe Richards said...

To anonymous.

These are six kids from previous marriages. Looks like none from the three years together.

Take The Red Pill said...

The most incredible thing about this guy is that he DIDN'T learn his lesson -- he dropped the obsessive psycho-bitch-from-Hell and got involved with ANOTHER one!
(Yeah, she's not showing her crazy side...YET. Just wait until she doesn't have things go HER way -- then watch 'Sybil' come out.)
Some guys just CAN'T learn!

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