Wednesday, August 6, 2014

MGTOW Is A Life Of Detachment And Freedom

The two things that the Feminists / Collectivists hate most I might add. They hate the idea of men being detached from them and certainly can't tolerate their freedom. Which in of itself should tell men those are the two things they should be striving for in life.

Any man who would like to live a more peaceful life must first become detached from it's distractions. A distraction is anything that is a disordered affection and a disordered affection is something that is not life giving to them. Spend any amount of time in a long term relationship and no mater how good it is at times, you will begin to notice that over time not only is it a major distraction it is also not life giving to men.

In fact a LTR does more to suck the life right out of men than anything else. A man may not be aware of that if he is moving from one LTR to another thinking the next one will be better than the last. However, once he does give up that particular distraction it suddenly becomes noticeable to him.

This is a secret that society and the world doesn't want men to know.

Another major distraction for men in life is the pursuit of wealth and status. Nothing wrong with making a few bucks to pay the bills but when a man gives up the high paying and high status position, the stress that comes with it goes away too. Another life draining force gone.

It should be noted that wealth and status are very important to women. How many times have we heard them say they are looking for men who have ambition? They want and expect men to put themselves in an early grave so they can live the life of luxury.

Notice they won't settle for anything less either.

Other distractions can be current friends and family (especially female members) who are constantly keeping tabs on you. Always wanting to know about work and relationships. Pushing you, nagging you to fly higher, to earn more and above all obsessed with when you will be getting married.

Telling these people that you would rather learn a trade than go for a masters degree and that marriage is simply not in your best interests can reveal who is truly interested in your well being. Those who aren't will double down and push harder. When that doesn't work they may even become hostile until you come around to their will but one thing is for sure.

They will never see things your way.

Of course they will believe that what they are doing is right by correcting you for the errors of your ways but the look in the eyes from your married male relatives and friends that silently flash "run while you still can" will tell you everything you need to know. That it may be the time in your life to gather around for yourself some new companions who are more akin to your way of thinking and share your same level of freedoms.

A man that can successfully detach himself from the ideas that he must be in a LTR, that he must pursue wealth, that he must settle down and get married can find himself with an enormous amount of personal freedom. That can be a little scary for some men. I have even heard men say that if they had x amount of time to themselves they wouldn't know what to do with it.

Sadly, they say that because they are slaves to girlfriends, wives, friends, relatives, bosses or clients who are constantly telling them what to do. Free men don't have those thoughts or say those kinds of things. They say that if they didn't run out of the time and energy that they do have, they would do even more.

Their only limitation is the physical universe and their human condition.

Now the shame artists will shriek that the MGTOW life is a life of selfishness. I counter that the pursuit of happiness and self preservation is a duty men owe to their Creator for giving them an existence. It's a way of showing gratitude and as proof of reciprocation for such a rightful endeavor are rewarded with peace in their lives. As opposed to those who demand men give up their freedoms and offer all of their male utility in service to them never seem to find any peace.

In other words the proof is in the pudding, the ladies are terminally miserable while MGTOW are not.

For them it's never enough, that's why they never find peace and happiness. I won't speak as to where they can find it. That's a task for the NAWALTs to figure out.

If there ever was one.


Long Duc Dong said...

Feminists are Collectivists, Feminism is a Borg.

patriarchal landmine said...

there is nothing remaining of value to be attached to nowadays, except my own personal interests. I love my life and I can't imagine ever trying to escape from it.

meanwhile, I'm surrounded by miserably people, stuck in the script, failing and out of control. all the women in my family have thug spawn in tow, all the men are divorced or unhappily married, trying to chase that phantom of an american dream.

NG said...

Marriage is a sham for men and that's why most women are in it because they're the ones benefiting from it specially after the divorce happens. Renting a woman is the best, you have a wide selection at your convenience and it only takes 1 call. Buying a woman from her parents is the single most destructive thing a man can do to screw his own life.

djc said...

I am enjoying seven years of peace without a woman. Ain't got one, and don't want one. I am much happier alone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of this and I don't plan on marrying. Besides, women are way too shallow and expect far to much out of men.

Anonymous said...

My biggest issue is trust. I have a number of female friends but I don't trust any of them enough for LTR. She might be loving and generous now, but watch her switch (within a measly 5 years on average) when she's got all that power in her hands (divorce, DV, etc). Fuck that.