Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Feminist Advocates Killing Off Men For Peace And Prosperity

Who would have guessed it would come to this?

Some kind of new campaign directed at the MRAs. Actually all of us but a few were named specifically.

WTG guys, I'm jealous, ha.

Not sure if this chick is for real or just an actor.

Did I hear that right?

A proposed global initiative for population reduction and which will in a few decades lead to a world wide male population of roughly 1 to 10 percent for the purpose of peace and prosperity around the world. The only long term logical solution. Her plan is one of pacification and submission and many of these short term solutions are already underway in the western world.

So they are confident in their ambitions.

Well sweetheart.

I am confident of your insanity and you have just admitted to everything a lot of us pesky men have been saying about Feminism. That its goal is not about equality but the enslavement and destruction of men... of masculinity.

Good luck with that plan babe.

MGTOW... The misandry bubble just busted.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a real clam bake. I say Femtheism goes law today! That way in 18 years... I mean Ew... What a psycho. She's not even hot anyway MGTOW FOREVER!

Just Saying said...

Now if a man advocated that all women over, say 40 years old, and 40 lbs over their ideal weight were to be "removed" - there would be all sorts of screaming for blood, but a woman can call for killing off men and that's perfectly fine. Of course, those women who are too old and fat to fuck have uses too - just not for breeding or fun. So I like things as they are - bang the young ones, and leave the old ones to teach the young ones to ensure there are more willing young women to climb into my bed. Works for me...

James said...

There are bad ideologies out there that fail but are internally consistent. Feminism is one that fails both the reality metric and its own metric.

So in her diatribe for getting rid of men:

1) She assumes men cause violence. So does she think 90% of men are just going to let all the women kill them? If men really are the violent murderers who pollute society, I hardly think they would take it well to 90% of them being exterminated.

2) She advocates worse violence towards men then men have ever committed collectively. The irony is lost on her, among sanity, logical thinking, and a human soul.

If an ideology is bad but internally consistent, we can at least say they are ignorant, oblivious to reality, etc. But if an ideology is not even internally consistent, then the people within the ideology are trying to gain for themselves benefits from other people, all the while shifting goal posts.

We see this in "That's not feminism.

That's radical feminism.

I believe in first wave feminism.

The patriarchy keeps women down.

Hook-up culture keeps women down."

They don't care about the goalposts and will move it whenever it suits their whim. Because the goalposts don't matter, feminism was never meant to be a rational ideology, it was just meant to confuse and trick those listening to it long enough for the women to extract benefits.

Anonymous said...

This girl is crazy, there is no logic to this, and only hatred.

patriarchal landmine said...

what caliber would you suggest we stock up on?

7.62 seems a bit too big for feminists, but it's still common enough to find cheap.

9mm? 5.56? .45? pros and cons?

Cybro said...

Oh now I wouldn't worry about all that. Feminists aren't near as dangerous as they are crazy. Just kick their cages every now and again for a good laugh.

djc said...

This sort of thing doesn't even make me angry anymore. As a matter of fact, it makes me happy. I get to live the rest of my life without a psychopath like her in it.