Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of MGTOW

If you ladies want to know what the sound of music is to the ears of MGTOW, it is this.

Anonymous said...

This is the stupidest, most bitter, thing I have ever read.

It is obvious why you (meaning me) can't get a woman. (as if they aren't all for sale) You are pathetic (thank you) and disgusting (ok if you say so) and I pity any woman who would lower herself to date you. (Lower would be moving in the opposite direction but ok by me since I don't date anyway)

I am in a relationship with a man (Beta) I love (use) , and guess what? (You're lying?) I work and support both of us, (uh hu) for the most part. (yeah, that's what I thought)

He doesn't need to have lots of money, (does he know that?) and he still has a woman, (that he can't get rid of) because he isn't a sexist pig like you! (Aaah, thanks again)

Oooh the sweet sound of hitting a nerve.

I'll tell you what, if I got more comments like that one I might blog ten times more than I do now. Nothing better than coming home to such female outrage and at the same time knowing I don't have to live with it either.

But don't do me any favors ladies, I was slowly slipping into MGTOW serenity.

That is, enjoying my life off the radar and as far off the societal grid as I can get. I have got far better things to do than contend with quarrelsome broads anymore even if it's only for fun. Because where I am it's more fun and you can't come nor would you want too even if you could.

Which is exactly why I'm here.

MGTOW... Not leaving these hills anytime soon, ha.


patriarchal landmine said...

Shawty dance while I diss you to the beat, fuck the words
You don't listen to 'em anyway, yeah struck a nerve sucker
Motherfucker might as well let my lips pucker
Like Elton John, cause I'm just a mean cock sucker

Anonymous said...

To a lot of women, MGTOW are terrorists and should be put away. Why? If you're not serving the gynocracy, then as far as the gynocracy is concerned, you have no worth.

If I were a women, I might just think the same way. Must be a disturbing thought for women to consider that they aren't really the end all/be all for a growing number of men. What would happen to them if a large percentage of men decided there's no point to commitment, marriage or family?

Feminists already tried to have the men's rights movement listed as a terrorist group through a petition at Why? What's more frightening to women than a MGHOW? Whose resources are they going to steal after that? What's more frightening to women than men that won't man up and serve the gynocracy?

Take The Red Pill said...

YAWWWWNNNNN! Some more shaming language -- "same old tune, different jukebox".

It's truly ironic that it seems the thing that women like this one fear most is not men who hate them, but we men who ignore or have become completely indifferent to them.
And the most amazing thing about us MGTOW is that women (like this one) refuse to acknowledge the fact that we MGTOW were not born this way -- women caused us to be this way.
Women like these seem to not make any connection whatsoever with the hateful and cruel treatment that they subject us males to as boys, teenagers, and young men, and then become even more hateful because we men then want nothing to do with them.

D.H. Lawrence said it best: "I am so tired of violent women lashing out and insisting on being loved, when there is no love in them."

Rex said...

Good quote, never heard that one before but the guy certainly knew what he was talking about.

Jack Zee said...

You know your right over the target when your catching the most flak.

Gris Bosque said...

I'm not indifferent towards women...
entertained by their silly antics...

looking forward to the collapse,
and observing what happens to feminism etc.

Anonymous said...

MGTOW actually DOES bring serenity and many guys are learning this