Saturday, July 5, 2014

Feminism Is A Spiritual Disease That Will And Is Running It's Course

I have said this before. Some things need to run their course and Feminism is one of them. I have also said that there are some things men can't fix or come up with a cure for. Feminism is also one of those things.

Feminism like Liberalism is not just a mental disorder. It is a spiritual disease that attacks all women. Those women who are already rotten but do a good job of hiding it contract Feminism where exposed. It's like a dog getting rabbis. They lose their sanity, go mad and do not recover.

Once all that is rotten falls and dies off only then will this Feminist plague die with them. Those women who did not fall will have built up a resistance to the disease. In turn these women will be able to pass on their immunity through their DNA to future generations of females.

As you can see here what I have been saying is already starting to happen.

#NotAllWomen are radical feminists

“As a young female, I am sick and tired of being defined by the pills I take.”

So said conservative pundit Katie Pavlich recently to a room full of like-minded female college students and young professionals in Washington, D.C.

NeW connects and supports female college conservatives, and provides them with an outlet to express and promote their views, which stand against overwhelming liberal campus counterparts.

Last month it helped with a new online Conservative University to combat radical feminist ideas touted at campuses. And next semester, its chapters plan to join forces with other like-minded groups on campuses to host events, bring in speakers, and spread their messages.

And that message is radical feminism does not represent all women.

To be more accurate, not all women contract the Feminism.

Now before anyone asks the question. How does what I'm saying not contradict with the MGTOW belief that All Women Are Like That? I will explain. Some of you will understand because we have been over this issue many times before but I will spell it out again to any new MGTOW.

The problem with NAWALT has been that the number of females that are actually NAWALT have been so infinitesimally small that to men the reality is in fact that AWALT. Men can't tell in advance which women will ultimately fall to Feminism until it happens and then it's too late.

So MGTOW operate on the principle that AWALT or at least AWALT until proven innocent. Even then we don't care that one or two out of two million are NAWALT because we have moved on with our lives. We aren't looking for that needle in mountain of hay anymore.

But the good news for those young men who do still care is that this current situation, this Feminist plague that has been ongoing since the 1960's isn't going to last forever. The bad apples are dying off and again as you can see they are slowly starting to be replaced.

Now this first replacement generation isn't going to be that great but don't worry it will get better. It will get better as nature finishes off the last of the infected ones. I have been to countries where the women have been untouched by Feminism and let me tell you, it's nice.

Eventually that replacement rate will speed up and the quality will get better but suffice for now that I have lived long enough to at least see the beginning of the end of Feminism.


Long Duc Dong said...

The best University for girls is their mothers kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed a change in the past 10 years or so. It's no longer anathema to admit you're not a feminist, and these anti-feminist men and women are beginning to reach out to each other and form loose networks. In my own social circle, I've seen anti-feminist ideas spread like wildfire because people already intuitively know much of it (like how divorce laws strongly favor women). All it takes is a little spark lit by someone making the connection between societal ills and feminism for them to awaken to the truth. Give it a few more years and feminism will be facing an even larger, stronger, and more well-organized backlash. If you read the feminist blogs and websites, they are already genuinely concerned about this. They see it coming, but do not seem to realize this is something much larger than they can ever hope to fight off.

Anonymous said...

I am with you, however, I believe feminism will seriously harm our nation long before people realize how it nearly destroyed us. For example, I am in the U.S. Army, I see how we are becoming a feminized army, and our enemies/potential enemies see that as well. We are no longer feared or looked up to with a moral character and honorable strength. We are seen as a feminized army of homosexuals! I am not joking on this one folks. That is why I am getting out of the Army now!! Very soon, the only people you will have in our military will be homosexuals and lesbians, or beta men. We will not be able to protect our country or deploy its power with an army of that. I hate to say this but great soldiers are leaving the army because of this and, unless alien invaders are breaching the shores of the United States, great young men of all ethnicities will not volunteer for the army, much less any other branch of the armed forces.

Very Respectfully,
A soldier who cares

Anonymous said...

And who will be our great soldiers in the future? We expel a boy for chewing a poptart into the shape of a gun, but expect him to register for selective service? We expect him to be ready to fight and kill and use his masculinity to defend his home and country?

Rex said...

Even Sparta ran out of soldiers in the end.

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