Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who Wants To Be an Alpha?

It's easy, it's fun and if you get really, really good at it, it can be a whole lot of fun.

Baby Mamas In Tag-Team Taser Assault Of Daddy

A South Carolina man was pummeled and tased yesterday afternoon by his “baby’s mama” and his “other baby’s mama,” who teamed up to ambush and assault the father of their children since he “has a new girlfriend,” cops report.

According to a Spartanburg Police Department report, Rodrick Tucker, 21, told officers that Tabitha Martin, 23, invited him to her apartment Tuesday. Tucker, who described Martin as his “baby’s mama,” added that when he arrived at the residence, Martin invited him into the bedroom.

Tucker told police that “once he was lying on the bed” in Martin’s apartment, Courtney Littlejohn--his “other baby’s mama”--entered the bedroom. Tucker, who was likely expecting an afternoon delight, quickly became the target of a tag-team attack.

The women, Tucker told police, yanked him off the bed and began “repeatedly punching him in the face and head.” After escaping the bedroom, Tucker said he was “again knocked to the floor.” He added that Littlejohn, 23, “sat on top of him, not allowing him to get up.”

Tucker said that “both females began to tase him several times with a stun-gun.” After again freeing himself from the pair’s clutches, Tucker said that he “picked up his baby, thinking the ladies would stop attacking him” while he was holding the small human shield.

That was a miscalculation on Tucker’s part.

The women, he said, “continued to swing at him until he finally gave the baby to Ms. Martin,” police reported. Tucker, who fled the home after handing over the baby, told cops that he believed Martin and Littlejohn “were mad at him because he has a new girlfriend.”

You're an Alpha Bro and you definitely got Game.

There you go boys. See how easy that is? That's how you show the ho's your stuff.

They love it and they'll love you back for it.


MGTOW... because I'm such a loser who doesn't have these problems.


En-sigma said...

let's see....hypergamy, solopsism, not keeping a strong frame, aaaaaand not ejecting at the proper time.

There you go!! All explained!!!

I will explain to my son that he needs to find a couple of million on the sidewalk.

patriarchal landmine said...

it's like playing russian roulette with an automatic.

Rex said...

Flag on the play, improper use of Game, 15 yard penalty, beat him, tazer him, make him buy more books and dvd's until he gets it right, 4th down.

MarkyMark said...

Funny comments/observations all... :)

Anonymous said...

This makes me so glad I wasn't popular with the ladies in my 20s LOL.

Rex said...

PUAs would say, you-just-don't-have-enough-Game.

Translation; buy all the Game crap they sell and if that doesn't work buy more.

MGTOW say, pay nothing and avoid the whole thing or spend the money on a trip to the Philippines or Thailand and what happens there stays there.

Take The Red Pill said...

"The only winning move is not to play" proven true yet again.
I also am glad that I was never 'good enough' for the females that I knew when I was young.
For I still have my freedom.

Rex said...

PUAs are like snake charmers who think if they just do this or just do that the snakes will be happy or like Pentecostals who believe if they just have enough faith in their religion (Game) they can handle snakes.

MGTOW understand snakes are nice to look at but we don't want to live with them and would rather not to play with them either.

Take The Red Pill said...

MGTOWs understand that although Not All Snakes Are Venomous, the only sure way to avoid being fatally bitten and poisoned is to assume that they all are; thus, MGTOWs avoid snakes and do not interact with them (let alone HANDLE them) in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Never understood this whole PUA game thing. It strikes me as a movement for pleasure seekers only. Only recently learned about MRA movement. I've been MGTOW my whole life- never even knew what it was or meant until a few years ago. I just happen to call it common sense to use your head and watch out and protect yourself from psychotic women.

That guy is not an alpha but a boy thinking with his dick. He thought to highly of himself- thought his prowess was going to protect him from any anger from jilted women.

He wasn't wise to the devious mind of women and especially of a woman/ or women scorned. Why in the world would he want to impregnate more than one woman?

Personally I can't imagine having kids today in such a toxic environment. I would only want to have kids in a loving nurturing environment that I grew up in.

And no i'm not blaming him for their bad behavior, but again men need to think with their brains today because nobody gives a flying flip about men so you better take care of yourself.

I live by the Golden Rule- do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If everyone lived that way then we would live in a much better world. Translation- treat everyone with respect and demand to be treated with respect back.