Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The First Feminist Was Lilith

The concept of Feminism isn't anything new. There have been periods of times when women sought after and obtained superiority over men. It's usually in the last phase of an empire before it collapses.

Think Sparta, Greece and Rome.

As soon as they begin to be your equals, they will have become your superiors. - Cato

I was reading the book Strange Intruders. In it was a chapter about Night Hags, Psychic Vampires, Lilith and Succubus. I've read about these things before but never noticed how much like Feminists these things are.

Lilith, The First Feminist

Hebrew tradition states the Lilith was Adam's first wife. Lilith was outraged by the idea of submitting to her husband and demanded she be treated as his equal. When the matter came before the judges she spoke the unspeakable name of Jehovah and vanished.

Lilith was exiled and became a Succubus who vowed to do great harm to man and infants.

Hmm... sounds like a Feminist to me.

Even if it's just a myth, it's a myth from Sumerian and Babylonian mythology. In other words these observations were made a very long time ago. Which is why I say to understand the nature of females, men have to go back to what happened in the beginning.

The more things change the more they stay the same but what is a Succubus and how does it relate to Feminism?

Dark Attacks

The focus of the Succubus is to drain the energy and life force of its victim. It is purported that this entity can be summoned through the use of black magic but just as often it can be drawn to its victim due to an opening or vulnerability within the person.

Pussy begging perhaps?


Men said that when engaging with a succubus, the act itself was painful and akin to penetrating a cavern of ice. The more engaged the man was with the Succubus the greater the amount of his energy that was drained. Men with particularly strong constitutions have always been especially prized by these energy-sucking creatures.

Ha, so how would the PUAs (Snake Charmers) Game this thing?

The Succubus controls how much energy she takes and how quickly she takes it from her victim. While rapid loss of life force would often lead to death, the Succubus often had another goal, pregnancy.

Classical studies on the Succubus claim that the demonic creatures could actually become pregnant by their male victims. The resulting hybrid child would be especially powerful as it was part human and part demon.

Hmm... that would explain why Feminist are so ugly.

In the demonic realms, such beings were highly regarded because of the ability to carry the energy of earth and hell at the same time, as well as having easy access to the earth realm. Such beings had no restriction on their travel between the realms and could create more darkness on earth, the ultimate goal of the demonic forces.

And I would add the ultimate goal of the demonic feminist forces too.

Even if you are never around these demonic feminists have you ever notice the difference between guys who have been married for many years and those that haven't? Just take a look around any supermarket at the men pushing the carts and who they are following around taking orders from.

They all have that same run down beaten dog look like the life is slowly being sucked out of them.

I would conclude that it is the very female nature to suck the life out of men. Feminism is the female nature on crack or without any restraints on that nature. The restraints Cato was warning Roman men to not remove.

But since what we have now is history repeating itself. The West is collapsing just like Rome did. The only thing left to do is stay away from these angry demons and let the PUAs have all of them they want.

Then kick back and enjoy the decline.

MGTOW... fiddling while Rome burns.


Take The Red Pill said...

"Even if it's just a myth, it's a myth from Sumerian and Babylonian mythology."

As Heinrich Schliemann proved with his discovery of the city of Troy, the stories that many people consider as only myths can have a core of Truth.
The present generations of men are rediscovering some Great Truths (that the ancients knew) concerning females and their Real Inner Nature. It remains to be seen whether the civilizations that follow this one will remember those Great Truths.

Long Duc Dong said...

Aristotle said that women could never be happy. This is because he claimed that women lacked reason, and reason was a component of happiness. Consequently, women are always miserable.

Should Have Taken The Red Pill said...

The calamity occurs when the creature ordained to comfort and encourage him becomes his worst enemy and nightmare, one he cannot escape, for she lives in his house, breaks his heart, consumes his living, confounds his soul, corrupts his children, and still expects to snore in his bed at night. Oh, to be single again, but it is too late.

Rafe said...

Actually, don't put feminists in the same boat as succubi. Yes, the stories are based on fact... (not the Lilith bullshit, that's from the Zohar) However (just as today) stories are often warped and become a weapon of crowd control.

There are many who have a relationship with a succubus spirit and they are anything but evil. In fact, they don't understand feminism at all: The strongest rule, period. Gender makes no difference and doesn't even come into play as power is simply recognizable.

Succubi are as baffled at feminism as we are... the difference is that feminists drive men into waiting succubi arms.

They are far from demonic. Demonic indeed. Haha, crowd control at it's finest.