Friday, May 23, 2014

No One Hates Women More Than Feminist Do

How many times have I said this? Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'll just keep repeating it every time it comes up on the radar. The problem now is getting so bad that it's starting to bleed out onto the alternate media. It hasn't quiet made it out to the dinosaur media but who cares. The alternate media is the MSM now and the Man-O-Sphere is part of the new alternate media.

The Feminists don't just hate other women and their children they love hurting them too. That is the very definition of evil when people enjoy hurting others. It's not just me making these observations any longer either.

The Joy of Inflicting Misery

One of the CPS agents is married and has children. She claims that she was in the extreme minority as most of her fellow caseworkers were “overweight lesbians with no children”. Repeatedly, this agent observed a total lack of empathy from the CPS caseworkers for the mothers who would lose their children. Some of her fellow caseworkers would act with glee at the prospect of removing a child and it was often a cause of celebration at the nearby pub during happy hour, where the agents would toast each other for their “accomplishments”. The glee from these CPS agents did not come from the satisfaction of saving a child from neglect and abuse, it was more like the joy a hunter gets from killing the hunted. “The more fear and misery inflicted on the mother”, the more joyful the job of being a CPS worker became for these monsters that would steal other people’s children!”

Congratulations ladies, this is what happens when you smash the Patriarchy. The whole purpose of it was to keep you all separated from one another. Because we can see now what happens when those barriers are removed.

All female hell breaks lose on one another.

It's only now that some in the Matriarx are starting to notice something is wrong, very wrong. They don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in their mind, driving them mad.

I could tell them what it is but they will never believe me nor will they listen.

It has to become their idea that Feminism was created to bust up the Patriarchy in order to free women up so they can hurt one another. Then blame will be assigned to men of course for letting it happen. Why, if it weren't for those rascally men they never would have been tricked into leaving the Patriarchy in the first place.

Oh yes I can see it all now or some variation there of.

Then there will be the standard demands of man up and put all this back together but it wont happen exactly that way. It won't happen simply because the bicycle has realized it's better off without the fish. All those piranhas can eat each other and it won't make a bit of difference to the Patriarchy.

The Patriarchy is still intact, albeit on a smaller scale but it has never gone away completely. It never fails in history that society outside of the Patriarchy collapses. After that it expands all over again and the process repeats itself.

So no worries, some things have to run their course, just let it all flow around you and be happy.

MGTOW... Being a rock in the river of life.


Bob Wallace said...

"The Joy of Inflicting Misery"

A one-sentence description of a narcissist.

Anonymous said...

Patriarchy didn't keep women separated, it just limited their authority to mothers groups. Women could hate or envy each other all they liked, but the worst thing could do was not invite them to things.
Now they can literally take away each others children.

Take The Red Pill said...

This story makes me more grateful than ever to the girls who either treated me like dirt or ignored me when I was in my teens and twenties. When I hit my thirties I resolved to never marry nor father children -- best decision I ever made!
Seeing stories like this makes me laugh myself silly; years ago, I wondered how long it would take for these marxist/communist/socialist "liberated woemyn who don't need a man" to start turning on each other. I wonder now how long it will be for the woemyn who "aren't like that" to start hollering for men to "help them" fight the system that they helped create, and to clean up their mess. (Ain't gonna happen with this "male chauvinist pig".)
File this story under "schadenfreude".

Rex said...

I really don't understand why more men don't get this concept today but I can certainly understand why men in past antiquity would rather die in battle than go back to those screeching harpies in Sparta or Greece or Rome.