Monday, May 26, 2014

Don't Be A Raging Incel My Son

I just got one thing to say to all the young men who feel they are getting ignored by the girls their age.

The are doing you a favor, a huge favor.

I know that is difficult for you to understand right now but trust me you will be very grateful later on in life when the tables turn in your favor.

Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger wanted to ‘dominate the world’

Rodger often complained to friends about his trouble with women — a gripe he would later use as fuel for his madness. In a chilling farewell video posted on YouTube, the hate-filled virgin vowed revenge on all the beautiful sorority girls who never slept with him and the men they chose instead. “I hate all of you,” Rodger says in the video. “If I had it in my power, I would stop at nothing to reduce every single one of you to mountains of skulls and rivers of blood.”

Much of Rodger’s loneliness was of his own making, said Chan, who’d been his friend for more than two years. “Me and my friends tried to help him,” Chan told ABC News. “He doesn’t like to talk or hang out.”

The sullen loner was depressing to be around when he did join the guys, and his complaints were often the same. “He asked why the world is unfair to him. ‘I’m a good looking guy. Why do girls like ugly, fat guys?’” Chan told ABC News. “I told him appearance wasn’t everything.”

Rodger shot three women, killing two, outside the Alpha Phi sorority house. He then drove his BMW to a nearby deli and opened fire on the people inside, killing a 20-year-old man, authorities said. The carnage continued for several minutes as Rodger ran down a cyclist and carried on a running gun battle with deputies. He slammed his BMW into several parked cars and shot himself as deputies close in.

I know you guys look around and see the jocks and the gang bangers getting all the tail. They treat the girls like crap and they can't seem to scrape them off like crap enough. What you don't see is what these same guys will look like 10 or 20 years from now.

They actually look like crap.

It's the fruits of their labor, what comes around goes around, karma is a bitch. They become overweight, balding and older than their years. Most of them end up financially wiped out through divorce paying child support and vaginamony.

At the same time I understand MGTOW is not an attractive option for you either. I completely understand. It will only come into play later on in your life when you have more to lose than gain from getting involved with women. All the ones you see whoring around now will one day be post carousel, post wall, reformed slut single mothers looking for a sucker-nice guy to finance their retirement.

Don't be that guy.

What you need to do now is get out of the US for a while. Go to South America or Eastern Europe. Go scuba diving in the Philippines or golfing in Thailand. Travel around, have something to compare Western women too. You will be shocked by what you find.

You will notice that women in other countries will appreciate you for being a nice guy.

My warning there though is don't be too nice and bring them back to the US. Once they come here they become terminally infected with Feminism or Empowerment or whatever label they slap on the ass of a bad attitude. They can become ten times as bad as Western females who are poisoned from birth.

Don't do it.

When you get back to the US you will wonder why you ever wanted these same chicks you did before. You won't be able to take them seriously anymore. You will also feel sorry for the PUAs pretending to be the man they are not to get something you don't even want or would wish on another man.

The whole scene becomes laughable.

You may even spend the rest of your life trying to figure out why any man would attach his self worth to the female approval of Western women. While they are jumping through hoops showing off their Game like trained poodles you will be making money, enjoying your freedom and planning your next, eh hem shall we say golfing / diving / fishing trip.

Come guys, do yourself a favor, listen to what I'm telling you. This advice is free and I guarantee the results based on my own experience. You will be much, much more happy in life than the Alpha and Pseudo Alpha PUAs could ever pretend to be.

Trust me, you won't be sorry you did.

MGTOW... Dominate your own world.


michael savell said...

His problem was not that he hated women but that he wanted them too much.

patriarchal landmine said...

well the ladies sure as shit want him now.

Rex said...

Sure he wanted them but in the end he hated them but what I'm trying to tell the young guys is if they knew that they really don't want them in the first place they would hardly hate them in the second.

Take The Red Pill said...

Rex, it's great and noble for you to try to tell the younger guys what we older guys had to find out for ourselves (since NOBODY told us), but remember that some guys won't listen and GOTTA learn for themselves -- they gotta touch that hot stove and get burned! If they're smart, they'll learn then.
As Will Rogers said, "There are three kinds of men: the ones that learn by reading, the few who learn by observation, and the rest of them who have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."

rmaxGenactivePUA said...

Dont be a frustrated incel, by becoming a sexually frustrated MGTOW ... lol

Do you guys even realise this is a teenager, pumped so full of hormones, the only way for him to go MGTOW is to pump him full of Ritalin & ADD crap & massive injections of oestrogen

What boys like this need is a safe place to satisfy his sexual needs

A society where its actually safe for boys to have sex, without the threat of false rape & a lifetime of slavery paying child support

patriarchal landmine said...

in case anyone was wondering why PUA books aren't selling anymore.

thx for the heads up, rmax.

earl said...

PUAs and those that peddle game theory are frauds.

I often wonder if they actually talk to flesh and blood women or just hang out with women long enough to get their needs met.

Don't get me wrong...if sex is all they want then they probably have a good system on how to get it...but these guys are just as messed up socially about women as the incels.

Rex said...

Didn't I say MGTOW wasn't an attractive option for young men? Didn't I offer a solution? Have you ever traveled outside the US or is pussy begging Western women and shaming the rest of us who don't blindly worship the PUA religion all you will ever know?

By the way Landmine was right, they do sure as shit want him now, so we do understand what we are dealing with around here.

Anonymous said...

You are trying to make sense of the actions and motives of a crazy person. You cannot succeed.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic advice mate. I wish I had the money to be able to travel outside the UK, and get a REAL woman.

MarkyMark said...


WRT to getting out of the USA, do it! I don't care if one has to join the service, the Peace Corps, or do something else; however you do it, spend some time outside the USA, preferably in a non-English speaking nation. The differences between foreign women and those in the US has to be seen to be believed. It's like night & day; the difference is that huge.

Women outside the US actually-gasp-like men! They also know how to treat men like human beings. Finally, because most men outside the US are dicks to their women, these women appreciate someone who treats them with dignity and respect; American men are highly prized outside the US because of this.

As for bringing the foreign woman here, that may not be an issue. Many foreign women (I dare say most) are very family oriented. They also like their cultures and countries. IOW, they have no desire to come here.

That's true for my Peruvian GF. I'm going down to Lima to meet her family, and to see if I like living down there. Since my family is no longer around, I can understand this. The point is this: many FW do NOT want to come here; even if they'd spent time here (my Peruvian GF was here 10 years and went back a couple of years ago), they often go back home.

Those are my thoughts. Get out of the US, and meet women who like men; do it! Don't worry about bringing them here, either; many FW love their homes, families, and countries, and have no desire to leave. If anything, you might need to think about moving to her country. Given what's happening in the USA, leaving is an increasingly palatable option. Just my humble thoughts...


Anonymous said...

So. of course, not a single woman will have developed a career, maybe a very fine career...such as the 34 year old microbiologist I know...or the lawyers..or the surgeon who operated so very successfully on my best friend..then there's the dental hospital: every single person as far as I can see is female..this is a hospital, a teaching hospital..every professor seems to be female. I know female business owners, female journalists...
How come all this always is left out of your silly story? "women party, then once over 30 they are used up and want someone to pay for them..." seriously. There are some women like that.
But I know absolutely none. what I do know is girls having a very wild time. Lots and lots of partners. Lots of fun. Lots of travel. doing very exacting college work. Being over half the college population. Getting difficult internships. Building careers.
Then every single one, and I mean every one, once she was past the partying, not because she was 'used-up' since that is impossible...there is no sell-by date on the vagina..but simply due to being not a wild kid anymore..wild oats were sown, time to wed and settle down.
And they all chose, no, not those god-awful 'nice guys' they had always ignored. they continued ignoring them...anyway, those guys were making fools of themselves trying to get other 20-somethings, who were sowing THEIR wild oats, into relationships (and the girls say, I have my own age 'nice guys' to ignore or exploit. why should I ever want your old arse?"..., they chose the man they had finally fallen in love with. And he was simply all kinds of guy: from a very quiet man who said, he had never thought such a brilliant woman would look at him to the motorcycle guy who had become an organic farmer, and the really wild guy who now has a graphic design business, to a senior editor, to a really screwed-up guy...but love is love...
Anyway. Not one is ever thought of as 'post carousel' or 'hit the wall' or any of your stupid silly story. What these men want is women close to their own age with whom they have something in common...that is, young enough to have kids, but old enough to have all the wanderlust out of their system, and with sexual experience to match his own to make for a satisfying relationship...with money saved up, a solid career...or a wish to be a mother, depends, but has to have a life, and a mind.
Plenty of such men. They are not looking for twenty-year-old girls. They'd be laughed at if they did.

Anonymous said...

I just want to give you a little FYI.
One, women do not get 'used-up'. The vagina is capable of pushing out a nine-pound human being, and with some exercise, going back to normal..for some women it just snaps back. Therefore, all the cocks in the world wouldnt stretch it out.
Its so hilarious the way you guys think a woman having lots of sex will get 'saggy'. Well, it would be hilarious if you werent so pitiful. If you werent having your youth pass you by...entirely your own fault, for being deliberately ignorant.
What makes a vagina tight? Strong muscles. What makes muscles strong" Exercise. What exercises vaginal muscles? Sex, or Kegels. Got to do your Kegels if you arent having lots of sex! Because without lots of sex, the muscles weaken. That, my worthless and unfuckable friends, is how a vagina gets saggy.
Consider: if sex could loosen it, why would any man marry? Surely if it were true, after a few years, the vagina of his wife would be 'as sleeve of wizard'. Or is it having different shaped dicks you think does this?
Another thing. Lots of orgasmic sex floods oxygen to the cells. It keeps the face glowing. so, so far from looking 'used-up', the party girl at 30 now has a fine tight well-trained vagina that can respond orgasmically (it takes practice, you know), a glowing complexion due to said orgasms, a confident fulfilled walk, and a memory full of happy happy that glorious shagging.
So, oh dear. She doesnt get to attract aging nice guys who gained no sexual experience and dont even know how to kiss. And she doesnt get to attract the kind of men who want to talk and have female adoration, even as said female yawns inside.
If a woman looks damaged then its because either a) she has actually got hurt, or b) she has got frustrated because she has very stupidly tried to hold onto a free-spirited guy (what you so jealously call a bad-boy...and which dont look like shit later.They look better)..foolish, but then agin, nice guys are always trying to change the girl they want and make her stop having fun.
or most likely c) she's uneducated and doesnt know about nutrition and skin care. Late nights, alcohol, to be rehydrated. No smoking, sun or sugar. the smart girl, with her education, career, worked out flexible yoga body, purse full of her own money...she knows how to save her looks. Botox stops the lines, relaxes the held expression. Peels smooth away imperfections. Serums feed the skin. Water and fruit and steamed veggies, lycopene, melatonin, flaxseed....add it all up.
You will never have a woman like this. and those 'bad-boys? Well, they are ready to settle down too. No use to go after that 25 year old. She's sowing her own wild oats. And she is undeveloped. No, the smart woman of 33 is ideal. Still fully fertile,with everything in place.
Just think. You can say all your silly stories. And then you can look in the paper and see all those women who ignored you rising 29, 30, 31...and worse, 35, 36 37...they are getting married! They didnt get punished for their wicked ways! Just check the paper, guys.

Anonymous said...

Also, some more..just to rub this in. The story goes that beautiful women ignore you in your twenties and then want you in their thirties...but then you ha-ha! ignore them! and go off with girls of 25.
Utter bollocks as you will find out. The logic of the story, idiots..the girls in their twenties are the NEW PARTY GIRLS. And they are ignoring their own 'nice guys'. They may go out with a couple older men to exploit because their own boyfriends are broke. But actually, older, to them seems to mean 28. Not 40.
So they arent likely to be interested in the old nice guys, no matter how much said guys are ignoring women their own age. This is the guy that gets called a creep.
And bad boys as you call them age well, not badly. They enjoyed their youth fully. so they dont have a kind of stale pale soft sort of look. They wear their lines well. In fact, they often are sexy forever. I know a motorcycle guy who is now 55 and you'd never know it. Rock climbs all the time, has a great tan.
Spending your youth listening to silly stories instead of caring about people for real (not pretending to like a girl only because she's hot) keeps you sexy. Go out and meet women and treat all of them as people. Make friends. Girls fat and thin, big and small. Ignore nasty people, even if hot.Have self-respect enough not to chase a woman for that reason. In fact, dont chase. Just be interested in everyone...and here's an exercise...stop using the word 'women' say people instead.

Mix said...

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Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Hello I think its fault of the society that its getting from bad to worse. Especially that woman are considered as semi Gods and everything that happens to them is the fault of man and than you see this woman doing porn for money. And serious man are bullied by woman because they are good mannered man and then getting on the internet and see ugly man f.c.i.g this young girls and you see this girls half naked in the streets acting as snobs.

Blogger said...

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Anonymous said...

I get laid at least 4-5 times week.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys mainly lack social skills, not looks. Only top-shelf Stacey care about .looks.