Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Worshipping The Devil Would Be Like Worshipping Feminism

Just in case there is any confusion about where I stand on the subject let me make this perfectly clear.

I understand some say that the Manosphere should be a religious free sphere. I don't believe that because feminism, the war on men, temporal and spiritual warfare are absolutely one in the same. My years of study have lead me to that conclusion.

Anyone who disagrees is welcome to ignore or insult me however they see fit. No hard feelings will come from me rest assured. At any rate if anyone wants the Manosphere to be a nonreligious sphere then they shouldn't come here advocating how wonderful Lucifer is.

It works both ways.

It has happened enough times now that I need to say something about it. I'm not in anyone's face about Jesus so no one should be getting on me about Lucifer. Fact is Christ was a whole lot tougher than He is given credit for and Satan is a whole lot weaker as a result. I'll leave at that for now but since it isn't working both ways I'm going to put my foot down on the subject. I'm not on the fence about this and neither should anyone else be otherwise they will fall on the wrong side. From now on I'm going to say exactly what I think about it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Lucifer and his followers were defeated a long time ago and because of Christ's victory at the cross their days are now numbered.

And that's that.

To believe anything else is a deception. Whoever they can deceive in order to get their claws on they will rip to pieces in an instant. In fact if God ever suspended His protection of humanity for even an instant the demons say that there would not be so much as a blade of grass left alive on Earth.

Do not underestimate their hatred of humanity.

That was just one story.

There are plenty of testimony over the centuries for anyone willing to do the research. It's not my business convince anyone from putting themselves on the losing end. My duty is to answer questions if asked. To address errors as they occur and it has occurred here so at a minimum I say to worship the devil would be like worshipping feminism. Satan's war on humanity, on men and women both is manifesting itself through feminism.

That in of itself should be enough to dissuade the Manosphere crowd from taking that path.

Like the devil, feminists want to trick men into thinking they are something that they are not. They want men to think they are angels of light. Sugar and spice and everything nice. Special little snowflakes pure as the wind driven snow. Benevolent creatures full of knowledge who only want to enlighten or "raise awareness" as they say. That they are strong and independent while somehow being victims of the patriarchy at the same time.

Well we here at the Monastery of MGTOW know otherwise. We have heard all these contradictions before. They come right out of the play book that comes right out of hell.

What we know is that feminists are allowing themselves to be used as agents of Satan and are entirely overcome with selfish pride in the process. They have become worse than the rebellious angels were when they were cast out of heaven. That was the whole reason they got booted. Excessive pride.

Men today can learn from the example that God set and apply it to their own lives.

Not to say that men are never evil it's just that men are capable of greater love than women. Females can swim in the ocean of love that men provide while only loving themselves or little mirror images of themselves in the form of their children. Think of that line from the Fleetwood Mac song Sarah. 

In the sea of love (men's love) where everyone (meaning women because to a woman everyone means women) would love to drown (they seem to have forgotten that but it's their love lost not mine).

Even then I have my doubts of them loving their children since so many of them would rather kill them and call it a right to do so but I will give half of them the benefit of the doubt.

This is how they are at all times and even under the best of conditions because it's their nature to be that way. I accept that but when feminism came along it had the effect of pouring gasoline on the fire. It's one fire that will eventually burn itself out though.

I also want to clear something else up.

To me MGTOW is not an idea derived out of the Satanic bible. It is not a way of life that is based purely on selfishness or gender selfishness the way feminism is. It's more based on the natural rights to self preservation and a better life that isn't what society has in mind for men. Men are not obligated to serve a society that has turned against them satanically in the form of feminism. The idea of living outside of the world or unworldly is a Christian concept. Jesus says to turn the other cheek when slapped but He doesn't say to stand there and keep getting slapped after the second time. He does say that who ever does not receive or listen to them, should leave and shake the dust of that place from their feet.

Now to me that is what MGTOW is all about.

Shaking the dust of feminism, arrogance, pride, professional victimology and most importantly the murder of millions of unborn from our feet and our lives. We are not going to stand there while the feminist and their man hating system slaps and spits on us over and over again. We are simply going to leave and let them destroy themselves if that is what they are determined to do.

I'm off to the wilderness until then. 
I'll tell you another reason why men should not be Devil worshippers is because most hard core feminists are and you can hear it for yourself.

Pro-Abortionists Shout "HAIL SATAN" at Abortion Battle in Texas.

There it is.

They have unmasked who they are. I don't buy it if someone counters that it was just a joke to antagonize Christians. They are saying it for a reason because that is who they are aligned with. Birds of a feather and it's something I want nothing to do with.

Abortion Clinics Are Full Of Satanists

So where is this guy at who the feminists are hailing?

Looking at the map it appears right down at the bottom. Accurately depicted with the six wings of one who was once a cherub I might add. Why anyone would want to be there is a mystery to me though.

MGTOW... from evil.


Long Duc Dong said...

Preach on brother Rex.

Anonymous said...

Quartermain said...


ray said...

Nice job here.

Absolutely correct about the "angelization" of the Western female. Advertising, television, and popular film are LOADED with females as angels, and with females as goddesses. It is satanic. Women and girls very much want to be angels (tho they are not) as this gives them moral and ethical carte-blanche to pursure selfishness, vengeance, and greed not only with impunity, but with the full backing of their governments, courts, etc.

In truth, western females aren't the angels they see themselves as -- instead, they are the (willing) dupes of satan and his (very real) fallen spirits, who are experts when it comes to telling females exactly what they want to hear.

Johnycomelately said...

MGTOW always reminds me of this verse.

"Come out of Babylon, my people, so that you do not participate in her sins and suffer from any of her plagues."

Anonymous said...

You wrote an entire article addressing my TROLL comment where I said "praise lUCIFER, the glorious light bringer", LOL!!! ZYou just got trolled, nigga.

Lucifer, Jesus, all of these faggots don't even exist.

ray said...

Johny -- i understand mgtow and have no problem with it, after all male separation from corrupt societies has a long and venerable history.

Abram fled Babylon, the Qumran communities deserted a rotten Israel... monks, hermits, secessionary brotherhoods, etc. So mgtow isnt new.

But I'm not going MY way. Shit what do I know? I'm going the way of the Lord of heaven who called his people away from Babylon, the ancient version or ours. He's worth fighting for.

Rex said...

Thank you for the insult. I knew that was coming. There were other comments before but it was that last comment that did it. So congratulations.

You may want to think twice about what you are saying. If God removes His protection from you. You will find out very quickly just how real these demons are.

Anonymous said...

God is a worthless piece of shit, an asshole, who has ruined my fucking life. I was completely surrendered to God at one point (even living as a fully celibate monk) and how did he repay me for my devotion? Now I am unemployed, miserable, no hopes for the future, and will probably end up on welfare and disability.

If I had become a Luciferian instead of becoming a worshipper of God? I'd probably be enjoying great material success right now, tons of hot women, lots of money, etc.

So fuck God. He destroyed my life.

Rex said...

This is typical. It's Satan that destroys people lives while deceiving them into believing it was God who let them down. I'm not going to get mixed up into these arguments though. I know better than that. They won't listen to me but maybe they will listen to an ex-Satanist tell it like it is.

"After I left Satanism I joined a religious cult and spent the next eighteen years denouncing the Catholic faith and proclaiming that the Blessed Mother was nothing more than a demon in disguise," she writes in a new book. "It wasn't until 2011 when Our Lady made herself known to me in a very personal way that I saw her love and compassion. Even for me, someone who had made it a point to ridicule her in the name of Christianity. She delivered me from my personal demons and the hope she gave back to me is to be shared with all who read this book."

Any one can insult me but I draw the line at God. No more back and forth after this. People can do their own research or they can wallow in their pity. It's their responsibility. Not mine.

Anonymous said...

Originally, prostitution was widely legal in the United States. Prostitution was made illegal in almost all states between 1910 and 1915 largely due to the influence of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union.

There you have it. It was CHRISTIAN WOMEN who got prostitution banned in the first place. Christianity is just as much the enemy of men as feminism is. Christianity breeds beta male manginas, Christian men are the biggest manginas on earth.

Take The Red Pill said...

GYOW just keeps looking better and better every day...

Chaoticia said...

I thought it was a compliment to be on your blog roll for awhile and was also fine when you took me off, but I kind of wondered why. Now I have a possible idea as my blog isn't only tailored to the men's movement, and has been dark and anti-Christian at times. I don't see religion or the devil as real, so for me, poetic darkness is something that is highly free to be explored and even integrated into my identity. My upbringing with Christianity sort of backfired and caused me to find something spiritual about what's forbidden and mysterious. But to each their own and have a good night.

Rex said...

If I remember correctly I think that is what happened. Something was said and I had to dissociate myself from it. However I didn't do what Satanists and Feminists do when they hear something they don't like. That is to curse God and men to all kinds of hell. I see many similarities and as I pointed out hardcore feminists are Satanists. The two go together.

There is a reason for that and I should probably do a post on this but I'll give out the short version.

There is believe based on information from Saints who understood what fully happened when man and woman were first created. Eve didn't just eat from the forbidden fruit. It was worse than that. The first born, Cain was the seed of the serpent not Adam. When Adam took the fruit it was because he failed to say no. Adam got cuckolded and later on the first born of Adam was Able who was killed by Cain. So mankind is now stuck in this fallen state where men can't say no and women want the devil (bad boys) instead of the good guys.

Things start to make a little more sense when looked at in that light.

Anonymous said...

1) Loved the post - Amen!
2) Man you do get some weird trolls on here from time to time Rex.

Rex said...

Yeah you can say that again. I like to troll myself on other subjects in other places but some of it that comes here is really over the top. That's why I have to go to comment moderation from time to time otherwise those comments would get this blog shut down which I believe is the true intention.

djc said...

Interesting. I'm not much of a religious guy myself, in the formal definition. I am a confirmed Episcopalian though. Whatever that means. But I guess my true belief is agnostic. Nobody can prove anything either way. I have a hard time believing in something I can not prove. Oh, there was the time or two when I prayed that my Dad wouldn't kick my ass for something I did, when I was sure that he would, but didn't But that could have been a coincidence. I just don't know. But I have never knocked anyone for their religious beliefs. The more spirituality you have, the better. No matter what religion it happens to be.

Rex said...

I totally understand how anyone would want to take the high road by saying this is all nonsense. I wouldn't want to believe it either but when things start happening, people need to understand that this is real and these things very, very much want to do as much evil to humans as they possibly can. No matter what side of the fence people are on they hate us all just like the feminists hate all men but little do they know that the team they are fighting for hates them infinitely more.

Anonymous said...

I had to respond to this older post and it's on point. Feminism is satanism, period. The majority of men are still brain washed in the manosphere. They pretend that government (satanists) will help or that once things hit the fan, it will be time to start over. But subsequent to their thinking; we are living in the end times. Everything the Bible has mentioned is coming to pass. Never be apologetic for your walk in Christ. Keep up the good work!