Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Female MRA's Are Still A Bad Idea

Some Anonymous commenter was kind enough to link a very tragic and all too familiar story about yet another dad overwhelmed by a corrupt family court system who took his life. If there is one thing that MGTOW, PUA and MRA have in common it would be that Marriage 2.0 is permanently off the table. It's off for the very reason yet another man took his life.

Men don't stand a snowballs chance in in hell in the Divorce / Family Court Industrial Complex.

But anyway we know all that and after I read the article over at AVfM I do what I normally do and see what others had to say about it. Well at one point someone had pointed out that the blame for the corruption in the system shouldn't be solely placed on the system itself. That maybe the corruption is being facilitated by one gender and these tragedies would not be taking place in the large numbers they are if the system didn't have their cooperation.

I happen to agree but not being an MRA I don't have a dog in this fight and not being a member of AVfM I'll say what I have to say here. My solution as MGTOW is to simply not participate in my own destruction in the first place. Don't give any woman a chance to use the system to clean me out.

Simple as that.

One person did not agree however and the rationalization hamster scurried to the defense.

Here come the lawyers to AVFM, yet again

And the hamsters too.

Darryl Jewett
  @ Paul Elam -
“I advise you to consider that the ex wife in this situation may not be a likable person, but the problem, as always, resides in a corrupt legal system.”
I disagree with your conclusion. Not the part about the ex wife not being likable (I’m sure she isn’t). But the part about a corrupt legal system. The problem is not a corrupt legal system. There are and always have been bad laws and bad governments, corrupt systems and people. More than 2,500 yrs ago, Plato wrote: “Responsible people don’t need laws to be responsible and irresponsible people will always find ways to violate laws.”
The problem is not the system, laws or government but the women (and it is more than predominantly the women as easily documented by comparing divorce records before and after the late sixties). No one forces women to use bad laws and government and corrupt systems to persecute and defraud innocent men and their children. It’s a choice. And they know the consequences.
 And like with all choices, its consequences rest solely on the individual. Not a government, system, laws, hormones, circumstances, stress or anything else. Excusing the irresponsible, criminal and evil behavior of women (and again it is mostly women) for their choices transfers responsibility to and enslaves their victims (real victims – men).
 Please stop excusing the irresponsible and criminal behavior of women on laws, government and systems. Put the blame where it belongs: women. If women cannot hold themselves responsible or accountable for their own behavior and the system and government denies their responsibility or accountability in exchange for votes, then how can women be allowed to vote.
 There are no rights without responsibilities. The representation of women by government has been a problem for all the four-thousand years of history. It has helped neither them nor anyone else. The only ones it has helped are psychopaths. No one has found a solution yet. And there likely isn’t one except repeal of the Nineteenth Amendment.
 All that being written, thank you for exercising courage and standing up to these bullies.

Here it comes... squeeeeeeeeeak... the herd will never be held accountable... not allowed here buddy!!!

◦ Suzy Enola 

Umm, isn’t it the the “government, system, laws,” that are doing the “excusing” of ” irresponsible and criminal behavior?”

◾ Darryl Jewett 

It’s the women who are doing the behavior. The government wouldn’t have to excuse it in exchange for votes and absolute power if the behavior didn’t exist in the first place. Again, no one forced the women to do what they do. Just because the government, system and laws excuse it doesn’t mean the women have to do it. If you don’t understand this fundamental principal then what are you doing in the MRM?

◾ Suzy Enola 

What I’m doing in the MHRM is a shit-ton of activism, every single day.

Nobody forces anyone to give in to the temptation to take full selfish advantage of institutionalized opportunities for corruption. It is not primarily a gender issue. If you don’t understand this fundamental principle, what are YOU doing in the MRM?

Right, nobody is forcing them so why are they doing it?

Yes it is a gender issue that's why they call it the "Men's" Rights Movement. Which I'm not in but I can make the distinction.

I'm not the only one that noticed this either.

◾ Chris Mackney 

Suzy, “it’s not a gender issue”. Oh really? THen why don’t we see tens of millions of MEN destroying women in divorce? Nope, it’s the other way around.
You women are sickening, you are not even capable of morality or integrity or honor. You are a subhuman, Suzy.

◾ Suzy Enola 

Grrr... that's it!!! ninja hamster fly's out of cage... squeak, squeak, squeak... chop, chop, chop...

You are a bigot. One of our primary goals here is to expose, fight and reject bigotry.
 Fuck off.

Lovely, didn't they have this same problem with a certain Woolly Bumble Bee?

◾ Chris Mackney 

I’m a bigot? You’re the one coming onto a site that talks about MEN WHO KILL THEMSELVES and rather than hold the WOMEN ACCOUNTABLE, you attack the men on here.
Suzy, how do you even live with yourself? You are an evil sociopathic monster, you are just as evil as his wife.

◾ Suzy Enola 

” coming onto a site” ?????
Wow, you really have no clue whatsoever what goes on around here, have you? For just a tiny hint, why don’t you scroll up to the top of the page and check the staff roster?
 Get your sorry ass off AVfM’s coattails.

Yeap, history repeating itself and she is making the point for the guy acting the way she is.

◾ Dean Esmay 

You need to calm down. Suzy is part of the staff here and has shown over and over again that she will fight for the rights of men and boys. I think perhaps her phrasing was a tad clumsy, as she recognizes that family court bias IS a gendered issue, but it’s not “women collectively” who are responsible, and women who recognize the problem and want to help need to be welcomed–which is what Suz has tireless years of doing. So cool your jets pal.

We'll let mister White Knight have the last word.

Look guys you are never going to even begin to resolve this problem which you say you activate for unless you acknowledge the root cause of the problem. The complete and utter inability of the female herd to accept any mature responsibility, as displayed by your Female MRA, as to who is predominately destroying the lives of men and children around them. This out of control divorce rate in the western world is fueled by the petty vindictive nature of females with no regard as to how it affects others. The court systems have figured this out, are cashing in on it and I almost don't blame them for doing so.

If I have heard these stories once I have heard them a million times. Most men are getting blind sided by divorce they don't want which they end up having to pay for with everything they got. Even their lives at times.

What is bringing all this on?

I know what. They get in their little circles and it becomes a contest to see who the most miserable is. Who is not haaaaapppeeeeeeeeeeeee. Who's husband, future ex-husband or ex is the biggest bag of trash that ever walked the face of the earth. This is said about perfectly good men trying their hearts out.

It's unbelievable, it's disgusting, it should be pointed out and not allowed to go unchallenged just because a hamster squeaks f off.

So what you got is a system and a gender that have no incentives to change. Even if you did manage to get some type of reformation bills put up they would never pass. That would be turning back the clock and all the rest of the cheap sloganeering would come out in force.

Forget about changing the system. The only thing any man can change is the world around him. Don't become a target for these predators. Don't be meat for the grinder.

Stay out of it.

This thing will collapse all by itself because when female despotism takes over it always does.

MGTOW... Really, really enjoying the decline.


patriarchal landmine said...

indeed, I can only place a tiny amount of blame on a system that believed all women's lies about rampant rape and domestic violence. at least they thought they were doing the right thing.

women know they are doing wrong, and giving the usual justifications.

earl said...

I'll address the biggest willingly giving their authority away to women in marriage.

If you are trying to make her happy by following everything she might as well expect a trip to divorce court. God gives men the authority in marriage..if you give that to women, she'll run to the serpent (the state, the world, etc.)

If you don't think you would be a good authority figure to your wife...then by all means GYOW. It's certainly a better lifestyle than willingly submitting to your wife and heading to divorce court.

Jeremy said...

The woman who can put herself into a man's shoes and truly understand what it means to walk the walk is the rarest of all birds. The only female MRA that comes close is GWW, and even her you have to leave the jury out on.

The writer Esther Vilar seems to get it, but then in some of her writing it appears the reason she wrote what she wrote was to try to intellectually convince males of her value. She was just being a "white knight" for males. You get the sense that she would participate in all of the behavior she describes if it suited her interests.

This is not a failing, it's just normal human ignorance. You can't know what you haven't experienced, and no woman has experienced what a man has. This is why men need male spaces, free from women entirely. Only in such spaces can there be no baseless defense of the indefensible, simply because women feel the herd is being attacked.

Anonymous said...

"institutionalized opportunities for corruption"

Ummm... If there are "institutionalized opportunities" then the system is corrupt by definition. Why are women to blame for taking advantage of those opportunities that have been put in place. They shouldn't exist. I take advantage of various laws which define certain things to be those that meet specific criteria, so while I am white and male, I have a number of businesses that look on paper to be owned by minorities - and they accomplish that by using those corrupt laws. I used them as the SYSTEM is corrupt and this is my way of fighting it, and benefitting at the same time. So blame the laws, and the corrupt government that instituted them in the first place.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:56

So you are saying that women shouldn't be held accountable for their actions then?

Why is it that when MEN do something wrong, everyone blames the man, not the system.

But a woman can do anything and no one will hold them accountable, and they'll try to excuse their actions in so many ways, "oh it was the system that did it!"

Screw that. Start holding women accountable for their actions. Treat them like adults, not like overgrown children. Maybe then they will stop acting like overgrown children.

Anonymous said...

"Ummm... If there are "institutionalized opportunities" then the system is corrupt by definition. Why are women to blame for taking advantage of those opportunities that have been put in place. They shouldn't exist. I take advantage of various laws which define certain things to be those that meet specific criteria, so while I am white and male, I have a number of businesses that look on paper to be owned by minorities - and they accomplish that by using those corrupt laws. I used them as the SYSTEM is corrupt and this is my way of fighting it, and benefitting at the same time. So blame the laws, and the corrupt government that instituted them in the first place."

How do you think laws got that way? Do you know how much divorce has changed in the years that women got the vote? Kinda suspicious that they changed during this time rather than earlier. hmmmmm. Any common elements gentlemen?

Barry said...

Female MRAs are Bossy.

Kristophr said...

Judgy Bitch does seem to get it:

Kristophr said...

Oh, and the problem with the legal system is bad judges. Period.

Even the Mandarin legal system, where the judge is the jury, defense attorney, and prosecutor, can be made to work well with a completely honest and intelligent judge.

With a bad judge, the best legal system in the world will fail.

Tim Murphy said...

I'd much sooner marry another man than a woman. My sexual orientation is heterosexual, but for general companionship, I much prefer to be around other men.

Why can't a heterosexual man like me marry another heterosexual man (or men), free of patriarchal and gynocentric shaming? Then I can have all of the legal benefits of marriage - regardless of sexual orientation. Why can't heterosexual women marry other heterosexual women, too? Why is all of this such a big deal anyway? We all know about the tragedy of male/female divorce rates. The whole stigma behind same sex marriage needs to go away. Lets instead have a society where you can marry whomever you choose, regardless of your sexual orientation - and its none of anyone else's damn business! The patriarchy and the gynocracy (patriarchy's twin sister) aren't going to like my suggestion one little bit. Why? It threatens the status quo (aka - their power). Let's shake up the status quo, shall we? Free thinking people are gonna love this one.

Heterosexual marriage between one man and one women has destroyed the concept of marriage. Heterosexual marriage is a total disaster. In the past 40+ years, in the US alone, tens upon tens of millions of lives have been destroyed through heterosexual marriage. Why can't I pick someone to marry that I feel I can live the rest of my life beside, regardless of whether or not we have sex?

I'm betting I can build a much better life married to another man or men than I could getting married to a woman. Why is whether or not you have sex with someone a determining factor in marriage anyways? Why is that anyone else's business to begin with?

I imagine a future in which men separate themselves from women completely and view a woman's worth strictly in terms of sex. We'll build our own communities and leave women to their own demise. If they want men to sacrifice themselves for women on the battlefield, they can pay us exorbitant fees (just like the alimony and child support women get). Women will also be able to just call men up if they want to have sex and procreate. For that, there will also be a charge. We can then have contracts that release men from all financial obligations (given that we have no reproductive rights), and from provision and protection without compensation. That's equality, right? Women talk about the cost they pay for maintaining a household and caring for children in dollar costs, right? Why can't men chargeback women in the same manner? That is, after all, equality, right?

Men have created everything. Why do we continue to act as slaves to feminism and the gynocracy? Is the poody that special anymore? Has not your poody been banged thousands of times by other men? It's just one vagina of many billions of vaginas, right? Many of the poody now carry incurable diseases and life sentences in terms of asset transfer, alimony , child support and 401K splits, right? Have men been brainwashed so badly that they cannot think for themselves any longer? They are just another set of vag and boobs, are they not?


Tim Murphy said...

Judgy Bitch does not "get it".

Judgy Bitch hopes to hold onto the aspects of the patriarchy that benefits her the most while (1) reaping the rewards that feminism provides without any obligation towards men, and (2) eschewing the aspects of the patriarchy that benefits her the least. Judgy Bitch is not your friend. She's there to confuse you and play on your patriarchal/gynocentric conditioning. Judgy Bitch is there to keep you off balance and to create a stage upon which you question your own worth. Think!

Judgy Bitch is simply another illusion, enchantment and false belief. Judgy Bitch wants to return to the day where men were happily sacrificing their lives for women. Judgy Bitch wants to end corporate slavery for women and return men to the days were corporate slavery only applied to men. How's this working out in Japan? Judgy Bitch longs for the days where men did all the shitty jobs, sacrificed all for their love of women and could still be easily destroyed by women. Judgy Bitch is the anti-feminist side of the feminist coin. Both sides of this coin will destroy men. Think!

What Judgy Bitch doesn't yet get is the tipping point has been breached. Men get it now. It is social programming/brainwashing that kept men in their disposable roles. The narcissism and sociopathy of feminism exposed these truths. There's no going back now.

The curtain has been raised. We will pay attention to the wealthy men/women behind the curtain and realize they're not working in our best interests (Wizard of Oz reference).

The gynocracy created the patriarchy for the express purpose of creating male disposabality.

The Disposable Male, by Spetsnaz

Watch - Listen - Learn - Connect the Dots

Tim Murphy said...

Here's how you break through the brainwashing, narcissism and sociopathy of Judgy Bitch. Judgy Bitch is perpetuating lies, but in a very crafty, cunning manner. Judgy Bitch is afraid of losing her power over men. She is playing you with the same societal programming you see in commercials in which a man gets down on one knee and then presents a women with half of his annual income (in the form of a diamond):

Imagine a world in which women sacrificed their lives for men. Imagine a world in which women lost the majority of lives through homelessness, military deaths, police force deaths, fire fighter deaths, etc.

Judgy Bitch is not your friend. She's using reverse psychology on you. She's playing you the same way feminists do. She's using you to get what she wants at the expense of men. Here's how:

Feminists, anti-feminists, white knights and manginas thrive off of male disposability (they refer to these men as betas). The difference between how they achieve their goals is in the tactics they use to shame good men. Good men can easily be destoyed through playing either side of the coin. You can bee the good cop feminist or the bad cop feminist:

Good Cop Feminist: A woman that openly castigates feminism, but covertly hopes to hold on the the aspects of the patriarchy that benefits them the most (alimony, no-fault divorce, child support, freedom from laborious tasks and wealth redistribution from men to women, special programs for women, affirmative action, etc, etc, etc). All the while, they eschew the aspects of the patriarchy that benefits them the least (having any responsibility for anything). We naively call these women NAWALTs. We also naively call them anti-feminists. A NAWALT instantaneously becomes an AWALT at the exact moment they decide to devalue and discard their husbands. These newly self-aware AWALTs will brag to their fellow anti-feminist friends over how much they were able to steal (with the help of naive white knights and the misandric courts) from their former, disposable, now indentured, male slaves.

Bad Cop Feminist: A good cop feminist (aka: anti-feminist) that doesn't hide her hatred for men and boys.

Tim Murphy said...

MGTOW Can Save a Man's Life, by Mayor of MGTOWN

The manipulation described in this video happens tens upon tens of thousands of times each and every day. Men aren't stupid. They're just that naive - which is where MGTOW comes into play.

Anonymous said...

JudgyBitch is indeed a crafty cunning little liar. She wants you all to MAN UP and go back to the patriarchy so that she can sit on her fat ass being a parasite off of a man.

She is openly attacking other men in her youtube video here:

Look at the comments section.

Rex said...

FeMRAs are like Girl Gamers. They aren't there for the game or to help whatever team they click to be on. They are there for the attention. To turn the game away from the game and about themselves. Good or bad. If they can't get guys to kiss their ass then they will be disruptive to piss them off. It doesn't matter.

As long as they get the attention.

Notice the moment someone disagreed with Elam, Suzy jumped in to stir up the pot. She is doing two things at once. Denying the herd can be held accountable for any wrong doing and being disruptive by flaming the board.

I'd say those goals where met when Mister White Knight rode in to the rescue when he should have booted her ass for being AWALT.

FeMRAs, you got to love it. They can call themselves whatever they want but in the end they are still AWALT.

globalman100 said...

Jeremy said...
"The woman who can put herself into a man's shoes and truly understand what it means to walk the walk is the rarest of all birds. The only female MRA that comes close is GWW, and even her you have to leave the jury out on."

jeremy, I have consistently denounced GWW for two years for being a major detrimental impact on mens rights.

Nharris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick said...

I agree with the above statement. After reading some of her blog pieces, and watching a few of her videos and doing a little background research, she really is a double agent who's fooled a lot of men who - as barbarossaa said - are one blowjob away from returning back to being a mangina doormat.

I've always stated the reason why MRAs such as AVFM fail is because they pander to women too much, politically. And they allow these femme fatales inside the manosphere to comment on issues which they have no experience in, because they're simply not a man.

These so-called female MRAs are nothing but hypergamous females using their natural instincts to align themselves with the "right side" when this system goes to hell.

Anonymous said...

"If you don't think you would be a good authority figure to your wife...then by all means GYOW. It's certainly a better lifestyle than willingly submitting to your wife and heading to divorce court."

This fucking joker, it kills me when some of you guys think you're the exception to the rule just because of your "dominance".

Lets split it this way chief; odds are, with your average Americunt, she's had AT LEAST 10 dicks before you.

Following Maxim #1; the price of the pussy is = or < the lowest price ever paid for it. That means while you've thrown a ring on it for access, some bro got it for a movie ticket or a beer or a damn ice cream cone when she was younger, hotter, tighter.

Who is the dominant of the two males in this transassction?

That aside, once in the marriage, any authority you have is illusory . She CHOOSES to let you lead, there is no necessity. It is a fun act to play for a while, part of the peer-peer status game to be "wife with powerful husband", so long as it keeps her wet.

The truth lies in the fact that her will AT ANY FUCKING TIME can supplant yours as the dominant if you aren't filling the role (and hole) prescribed for you.

Call the police, accuse of DV, fuck your life up and rep up.

Divorce rape, keep the house, kids, half of the bank and then give her a tax-free sum of your money, while YOU PAY TAXES AS IF YOU KEPT IT ALL.

Female Celt SLAVES in the era of Rome would plummet in value for not having as hymen, and you're trying to say essentially "MAN UP" and wife these sluts.

Guess what dude, you can run "marital game" and STILL GET SHIVVED just because its a natural tendency to seek variety and grow bored with what we have.

"If you don't think you'd make a good authority figure", what a delusional cunt, any authority IS A FABRICATION TO KEEP YOU HUSTLING TO PAY FOR HER SHIT. Douchenozzle.