Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Professional Daters

I have been with chicks that where better looking than this one. What she is talking about I can believe because I have seen the way other men acted around them. She said she gave up the dating but most of them will keep it going for as long as it lasts.

This chick doesn't seem all that entitled and I have been with worse but now you know where they get the attitude from.

Other men.

Some guys out there are really pathetic. I'm talking no shame or self respect of any kind. Almost literally on their hands and knees begging for pussy from girlfriends right in front of me as if I wasn't even there.

Anyway, I like what Marc Rudov had to say about the subject. There wouldn't be any gold diggers if there weren't any gold givers.

So I really don't blame them for taking advantage of the situation. The problem I do have is on the back end. As they age all the attention fades. That's' when they stamp their feet and demand men man up and marry them.

What they will be doing though is settling for a sucker. A Beta Provider they may not have dated when they were younger but has the money they are looking for when they are older. Only thing that they don't get is any man with the level of income they are looking for probably isn't going to let it go to a post wall (30 plus) post carousel professional dater.

It's like Marc says. The whole dating game is legal prostitution but he should mention that it's without any guarantee of happy endings for men. Just because you blow cash on them for dinner doesn't mean she is going to be attracted to you. The chick in the video even admitted she went out with guys she wasn't attracted to just for the fun and prizes she was getting out of it.

Again I don't blame them but this is where I agree with the PUA's. Use Game to keep your expenses down because they will take advantage of the situation. As well they should if men are going to let them.

Where I disagree with them is when men decide to ditch the game entirely by going their own way and the PUAs resort to shaming MGTOW for a perfectly logical decision given the steep liabilities women come with.

Sorry boys but that dog don't hunt and the shaming isn't going to suddenly get me buying your books or dvd's. That's the purpose behind the shaming. You are selling Game and attempting to shame your market away from MGTOW.

Over here though there are no donate buttons, items for sale or a bazillion ads all over the place. My only agenda here is the truth. My advice is free for the taking and here is a simple method to weed out the professional daters.

Ask her what time she is having dinner. Then ask her if she want's to meet up for a drink afterwards. If she does or doesn't it tells you everything you need to know. No time or money wasted.

Have fun with that.

MGTOW... where losing is winning.


Long Duc Dong said...

I don't see why guys bend over backwards, plunking down change at every turn to some bitch whose gonna ass rape them in family court later on down the line. Even if she has the morals of mother teresa, the vicious wrath of the misandric courts is pointed at a man's head like a gun where she's the one holding it. They all promise they'd never pull the trigger but they never advocate getting rid of the gun itself.

Anonymous said...

Another great post Rex. Also worth mentioning is to never buy a girl a drink at the bar. Especially if she asks you to.

HeligKo said...

The lesson is clear. Spending money doesn't get you love. This particular woman doesn't bother me much. She didn't appear to be running around sleeping with a large number of these guys. She might of been, but it wasn't indicated. I have had my moments where I wanted to go out to a swanky place, and chose to take the particular girl I just met with me. I figured I was footing the bill, but I wanted her as the accessory for the night. I have also had women do the same with me, and they paid for the night. The important thing is to go out there to have fun, and if dating is fun do it. If its not, then don't, and spend your recreation money doing something you like. If all you want is sex, then head to the bar a couple hours before closing, and no earlier, because that is the best time to grab an easy lay for the night.

@Hobbitholedweller: Even better, convince her to buy you a drink. I have only swapped numbers with a girl who bought the first drink, when at a bar.

Kristophr said...

If you want a prostitute, go where prostitution is lawful, and pay one.

For a cheap airfare and another $1k, you can easily fill a hotel room full of donuts and whores in Cebu City.

Literally. More women than you can possibly screw in one night. Enough to make a small hotel room look like the stateroom scene in "Duck Soup".

kfg said...

Just remember, three on a midget is bad luck.

dannyfrom504 said...


shoot me an email. i wanted to talk with you about something. i'd email you but don't see a link.


stay up

Anonymous said...

This is why, until I have blown a load in a woman, I will spend nothing on her. She has to have some "skin" in the game for me. And then, she might get a coffee - if she wants steak she's going to have to earn it.

Too many man out there willing to pay for nothing but her time. Ridiculous.

djc said...

I quit blaming women many years ago when I realized that simple fact. If a man is dumb enough to get taken, he deserves what he gets. You can't blame women for taking advantage of dumbasses. It's in their DNA to do just that. This is why I really don't hate women per say. It's the fault of men who are uneducated in the ways of the female mind. But then our culture doesn't support men being educated in the truth of things.

Take The Red Pill said...

The more that I discover about Modern Feminist Womyn and this society that they have created, the more thankful I am that I Went My Own Way years ago (before there was such a thing as MGTOW).
The only thing that I don't understand is why more men haven't become MGTOW also. I can only believe that their own "education" is in an ongoing state right now. They'll learn...if they're smart.

Rex said...

Actually more men are Going Their Own Way. I just put up a post on the subject. I had thought that MGTOW would always be a minority but other men can see how happy MGTOW are and the idea is catching on. Despite all the shaming and false accusations that MGTOW hate women it isn't working. Men can plainly see that it is women and society that is doing all the hating on men.