Sunday, March 2, 2014

MGTOW and PUAs Should Be Grateful For Feminism

I don't know where guys get this idea I have some problem with feminism except for the fact that they are baby killers but I guess I haven't explained this enough times so I will keep repeating myself as the subject comes up.

Nobody around here is whining about feminism. On the contrary I have stated many times that not only am I not angry at feminists I am grateful that feminism has ironically freed me. Freed me from the societal pressure to man up and marry those sluts.

It used to be back in the day that a man would get turned down for jobs if he wasn't married. Why is that? Because companies knew they could screw over a married man with kids. They could screw him over because he wasn't as likely to say take this job and shove it. He was tied down and couldn't walk as easy as an unmarried man could.

Now days the opposite is true. Companies don't like married guys. They come with too much baggage and are likely to be useless as workers once princess files for divorce. Seen it with my own eyes. It's all the time they got to leave for court, got to go fight for their kids, got to go do this that and the other. Never around and when they are they can't focus on anything that needs to be done. On top of it all, you have to give them money so they can eat lunch.

Pitiful sight and the reason I try to warn those who will listen, never sign a marriage contract.

At the same time the PUAs should be grateful as well. If it wasn't for feminism opening Pandora's box unleashing female hypergamy chaos on society you guys would be out of business for the most part. By their female nature there would still be that desire to bang what they perceive to be the most powerful male around them but there would be no financial incentive to indulge themselves in that effort. Again thanks to feminism we have no fault divorce.

If she cheats, she wins. If he cheats, she wins.

The PUAs are out in force capitalizing on this new hypergamous market feminism has unlocked all acting like they are the most powerful or alpha male in the pack. I'll say this. One thing PUAs and females have in common. Where women think each and every single one of them is a special little snow flake completely different from every other special little snowflake the Alpha Bros have a similar mindset. Each and every one of them thinks they are the most Alpha. The most bullet proof out of every other bullet proof Alpha out there that thinks he is the more bullet proof Alpha and everyone else is a loser.

Oh man, I laugh and now that I think about it, you all deserve each other.

Ok, I agree that Game works and if it's fun for you it's ok with me but to me and to other MGTOW it just isn't worth the trouble any more. Mostly because we are not at that age running around trying to bang every pile of rocks we think has is a snake it. For other reasons we stay away from females because of the steep liabilities they come with that were not there 20 or 30 years ago. 

I know this from personal experience.

Not that I'm some MRA that got burned in a divorce. If you want to know who is angry and bitter in all this it's those guys. No I dodged that bullet. I'm not just some ranting Incel either that was forced into celibacy by rolling the scale over 300 pounds. Something I'm not even close to because my job is like going to the gym. I'm on my feet 13 plus hours a day so sitting behind a computer is my time to relax. I'm not packing on the weight I assure you. All I eat is organic veggies, grass fed or free range meat and wild fish. Everything else is poison. Once you make the switch you will understand what I'm saying.

Anyway, I'm simply a happy go lucky, very lucky dude that did a little bit of his own cost-benefit-analysis of the sexual market place. I'm selling it short by choosing the MGTOW life to preserve my own physical and financial freedoms. Not because I'm lazy and can't get something I want if I wanted it.

You can shame me all day long about it but it's only going to amuse me at best.

It reminds me of the way traders would shame short sellers for selling short in a down market. All they would do was laugh at the long positions as they lost their ass. As if there was something honorable about taking on more of a losing position in some noble effort to prop up a diving market. The sexual market place is a down market for men. If you are long on marriage there is a better than average chance you will lose your whole position and then some.

Could be sooner or it could be later but it's only a matter of time.

Yes kids that's from the 70's. How do you PUAs think you got here? Dick Masterson looks a lot like Bob Welch doesn't he? Lol, heck one or two of you PUAs may even be one of mine for all I know. Yes son your mother was a cheating whore and women aren't any different now than they were then.

It's only the sexual market trading rules that have changed.

MGTOW... where losing is winning.

MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way
PUA = Pick Up Artist
MRA = Men's Rights Advocate
Incel = Involuntary Celibate.


Ken said...

As a married father (by design!) I can vouch for the fact that employers should prefer unmarried men, at least of a certain type. Rather than refreshing me, my weekends drain me. I can't tell you how many times my wife has demanded I take the day off, go to work late, or end work early for the lamest of reasons, or decided to start arguing with me after I'm already getting to bed way too late. As far as that last one, my father advised me to tell the wife we'll discuss whatever it is when my day off arrives. If I needed to relocate for work, work extra hours or extra days, go on a business trip, networking with mixed company (meaning females involved) over lunch or a happy hour... how supportive do you think my wife would be of that? Not very. Oh, and I KNOW I am costing WAY more in health insurance than I would if I was unmarried.

MarkyMark said...

I feel for you, Ken. Your story makes me GLAD to be single...

Rex said...

Yeah me too. Dodged that bullet. Only because the chick I was with that I was actually making an honest effort for things to work out priced herself way, way out of the sexual market place. I even told her that the weeks before I left. You think it did any good? Uh uh, that chick still thought she was worth what she was back in her early 20's. After that one I saw the same patterns emerging and left a lot sooner than I previously would have. Now it's full blown MGTOW. Yee Haaa!

Anonymous said...

I was enraged and bitter after my divorce, which is normal, but I never became an MRA. I simultaneously found info on MGTOW and MRA after my divorce and quickly decided that the MRAs were wasting their time. If anything, our society will become more and more gynocentric as time passes (like Sweden). The white knights and gynocentrists will see to that for sure.

Swallowing the red pill was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. It took longer than I expected to undo all of the patriarchal and gynocentric brainwashing I'd undergone for so many years. It was worth it however. As each day passes, my life is filled with more and more peace. MGTOW opened my eyes to a world I'd not yet considered but am glad to have found.

I'm not grateful for feminism because feminism is about female superiority and misandry. I am however grateful for the unintended consequence of feminism, which is MGTOW.

I recently found this vid. It's from a guy that found MGTOW after divorce. I think your readers will like it.

djc said...

I was enraged too, until I said to myself...."Wait a minute, this is a good thing. I'm a free man now." After that it was much easier. And today, I have no intention of showing any interest, let alone date, any woman. I just don't need one any longer.

Rex said...

Of course feminism is about female superiority and misandry. It is because of this arrogant attitude pumped into the heads of all women in general that the women I was in relationships rationalized they were better than me while in fact it was their SMV that was dropping like a rock.

That was another point I laid out to Princess Me. She was the one with more baggage than a freight train while I was the one who was traveling light and fast. I was the catch not her and I didn't really need her.

Again, did it do any good?

Nope, that black hole of self obsessed narcissism which no reason or logic could escape from just looked at me like I was an alien who lost his UFO and couldn't find his ass with both hands.

Princess Me = The reformed slut I was actually trying have a successful relationship at the end of my Blue Pill days and the last time I ever made the effort until I went totally MGTOW.

SMV = Sexual Market Value.

Anonymous said...

Great story on child support in Texas. 100K + men paying child support for kids that aren't theirs. 11 billion owed in back child support alone.

Men - It's the biggest, longest running scam in history. It's the biggest, longest running transfer of wealth in history. Women marry guys they couldn't give a crap less about by the hundreds of thousands every year. Why? So that they can trap some naive, gynocentrically brainwashed guy to pay for "their" kids. I've actually had women admit this to me.

Be grateful every day if you're one of the fortunate ones that didn't fall into the marriage trap.

Anonymous said...

You are literally the dumbest fuck around my god. You want to get hang ups over the fact women exist in the world. They probably divorce your sorry mra asses because you don't treat them like real people who have emotions and thoughts, you'd rather just have unsatisfying sex for 5 minutes and ignore every word she says. No wonder women leave y'all, seriously.

RIchard Cranium said...

Interesting that it's turned around. There was a point in time that companies preferred to have married men on the payroll because they knew they HAD to show up and work extra overtime because they had pay for a mortgage, kid's college fund, cupcake's new car etc. They were in essence wage slaves and the companies knew they had them by the balls.

The young unmarried guys were seen as flighty and not serious, much more likely to call in because they were out too late the night before or took long weekends to Vegas.

Of course now that HR chicks treat hiring like a dating game and only hiring the hot guys that make them feel good and not the creepy older guys (who are actually the qualified ones) the dynamics have shifted. Interesting debate.

Anonymous said...

"Of course now that HR chicks treat hiring like a dating game and only hiring the hot guys that make them feel good and not the creepy older guys"

Totally true! I interview candidates for my engineering team, and our HR women regularly want to dump the most qualified candidates because "he's creepy." If it's a good looking guy or a female candidate, then it's another story. HR is perfectly willing to overlook poor grades, poor writing skills, poor technical skills, etc. if the candidate is good looking or female. Luckily, I have veto power over that, since I am responsible for evaluating their technical skills.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys even realize what subhumans women truly are? I've spoken to 100s of women and I have logically explained to them WHY women are inferior to men, using great amounts of evidence and logic, and not even A SINGLE ONE OF THEM accepted the truth. This is simply amazing and it literally proves the point- women, 100 fucking percent of them, are INCAPABLE of accepting the fact that they are subhumans and are vastly inferior to men.

The sooner we can replace human women with female sex robots and artificial wombs, the sooner mankind will be able to evolve and progress. But until we cast off this parasite class, WOMEN, MANkind will never evolve beyond it's base animal instincts..

Anonymous said...

“Do you guys even realize what subhumans women truly are? “

Oh yeah. I do. Women have always been parasites. Back in the day, wealthy men and women created the patriarchy to establish a gynocentric social order to oppress men. What did they do that? Because it benefitted wealthy men and women and kept the male pods in the matrix heating the economy. Men not of higher social class took all of the dirty, shitty, deadly jobs cause, as far as upper class men and all women were concerned, lower class men were disposable. Die on the job or in war and you could bet your bottom dollar that whore was out sucking some other guys dick in no time flat. When working outside the home became easier and more glamorous, women demanded ease of suffering from their so, so very tough lives as housewives. Stupid cunts.

Which brings me to why so many women have kids out of wedlock. The parasites do it because in many cases, they can suck more $$$ wise from the mostly male tax paying class than they can from their thug baby daddies. Then, thug baby daddy either moves in with the parasite to share their ill-gotten taxpayer money, and/or baby daddy knocks up the next ignorant parasite. Women only represent 20% of breadwinners in married households. They represent the vast majority of welfare, health care and entitlement sucking parasites.

“The sooner we can replace human women with female sex robots and artificial wombs, the sooner mankind will be able to evolve and progress. But until we cast off this parasite class, WOMEN, MANkind will never evolve beyond it's base animal instincts..”

Why do you think the parasites clamber about the lack of women in the top most income categories and higher management, all the while ignoring the fact that most men don’t live there? Women, being the parasites that they are, want equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. Skanks want shit handed to them, even if it means a few hundred thousand disposable men have to perish for them to get it.

Fucking parasites will destroy any man stupid enough to stick their dicks in that bacteria generating, herpes ridden clap trap.

Rex said...

Come on guys, stop acting like raging Incels. They are what they are. Accept it and move on. You can pack a squaw or not. I advise not because of the legal environment but geeez stop beating your heads against a wall because they aren't what you want them to be. No amount of reason and logic is going to alter reality and that's that.

Anonymous said...

"No amount of reason and logic is going to alter reality and that's that."

Agreed; however, if I can save just one poor schlep that happens upon sites like these from making the horrendous mistake of marrying one of those slags, that's a good thing.

Feminism fights for freedom from the evil patriarchy that was created through gynocentrism and naive white knights. How ironic is that? Even though it has been men that have taken on the vast majority of suffering in the world (all throughout history), women are the entitled, narcissistic victim class. Where have I seen this before?, for anyone out there that hasn't heard about that site, explains this in detail. If you want to truly understand the lies of feminism, go there and learn. But be forewarned - you will never look at women in the same way again.

My post is not intended for women. It's intended for men that understand logic and reason that may visit this site.

Tens upon tens of millions of men's lives have been destroyed through marriage in the past 40+ years. Women know very, very well that marrying some naive fool is the equivalent of winning the lottery. Hundreds of thousands of men learn this the hard way each and every year. It's critically important for men that know the truth to spread that truth so that others might learn.