Saturday, March 15, 2014

From Plow Horse To MGTOW

I've read this story before but someone decide to make it into a video. It looks like it was made by some chick but it's still a good one. Even though many of you already know this tale, remember that there are always new guys coming into this so these things are worth repeating from time to time at, least for them.

The first horse that died can be described as the generation of men before me. I knew that the associated generation of women were different than my own because they never seemed to push things too far with their men. Oh sure they pushed but when my own father or grand father started getting pissed they knew when it was time to STFU and get back in the kitchen.

The second horse that had the spell broken, got angry and ran off to freedom can be described as my generation, I'm 40'ish. It started with my generation. They push but they don't know when to quit until men, like myself, realize they aint worth the trouble and they kick them to the curb or left them in the barn. The spell was broken for me at least 6 or 8 years ago.

I still haven't looked back.

I think the younger guys aren't even allowing the bridles to be put on them in the first place. They are seeing too many of us running wild and they naturally want some of that. It's going to take way more than shaming to get them back in the stables.

Well there you have it ladies.

By breaking the spell you have royally screwed up a good thing for yourselves. Sure you can say that the state is your husband now, that it's going to take care of you but in truth it doesn't give a rats ass about you. It's going to kick your ass to the curb as soon as its done consolidated its power. Those checks will stop coming the micro second it thinks it has.

Have fun with that.

MGTOW... Where losing is winning.


patriarchal landmine said...

the next generation will trample the women on sight and depending on if those women survive, will allow them to become their receptacles.

Rex said...

I doubt that. Men are enjoying their new found freedoms to waste time on that nonsense. Men will simply ignore them and go their own way.

Kristophr said...

Demographics are destiny.

If the western democracies continue to make marriage a bad deal for men, and encourage women to abort on a whim, they will wither away like the late Roman Empire or Greece.

When the Romans finally invaded Greece, small towns were deserted, and the larger cities had more statues than people. The Roman legions were completely unopposed by the Ptolemys.

Sparta had already fallen to their neighbors, as they could only muster 1000 spears for their last battle.

If you don't breed, your neighbors will push you aside, and take your stuff. Period. As long as the government and the culture makes marriage an unmitigated disaster, the writing is on the wall for the west.

Rex said...

Absolutely spot on dude. America will fall just like Sparta, Greece and Rome did. The invasion has already begun.

When I left (escaped) California I saw two groups of people.

The first group was hoards of Mexican women pushing baby strollers and dragging two or three other children behind them.

The other group was perfectly attractive and not the least bit poor white or western women walking one or two dogs.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which way this wind is blowing.

Enjoy the decline.

Anonymous said...

next generation checking in (>25).

most of the guys don't get what the score is. sure, they know pussy is easy these days, but they still think that when the dust settles there will be a princess awaiting them for the american fairytale.

don't be so sure of the trends, lonely men with no real challenges to survive in life will always view romance as a worthy endeavor

MarkyMark said...


That's a GREAT video! It's so true too. The princess could be likened to the feminists, who wanted to get all the glory men got for their efforts; when she got it, she realized what she'd lost-just like women are just STARTING to do now.

In a way, this is similar to my post on the Montavit Mineral Water commercial. We see what life is like married vs GYOW, and what a contrast it is.

Thanks for posting this! This is good stuff. It's a quick, brief history of women's recent treatment and attitudes towards men-that we're disposable tools to do their bidding. Good stuff, Rex...


Long Duc Dong said...

That video sums up MGTOW.

Tibereus Kirk said...

I paid vaginamony for a year, now I'm free in my late 30's. Not going back. NEVER. If there are any good women out there, they have given a bad name by the other 99% of 'em. Wallet seeking missiles of mass destruction.