Monday, February 3, 2014

My Second Favorite Week Of The Year Ending On Valentines Day

I know this is early but I'm already hearing the commercials and seeing the displays of romance type movies in the stores. Funny how all the rest of the year it's wall to wall man hating / shaming but then all of a sudden everything goes quiet and there is this cease fire in the war. So since the other side has already launched their propaganda campaign promoting Vagina Worship Day I might as well respond in kind.

We have already discussed my favorite MGTOW week of the year. It's the week I remove all of my male utility and disposability from chix, society and the state. I don't do gifts which blows up female egos. Social engagements which gives females a platform to boost their egos. Work during that time which translates into extra taxation which all goes back into programs that provide for females who are not my responsibility. In other words by doing nothing I'm not feeding the beast.

I know, It's because I'm a loser but boy is losing fun ever since I discovered it was always right there within my power to do so.

Now comes my second favorite week of the year. I always forget what date it is actually on but I'm going to start giving credit to the first Beta Provider who reminds me. This year the award goes to Sean Hannity. He has a commercial out urging or warning fellow Beta Providers like himself of the best way to evade female anger.

Give them flowers.

I'd say kick them to the curb the moment they give you any lip and stop putting out but I'm MGTOW so I don't think they are going to listen to me. This is where the rest of you guys come in. From MGTOWs to MRAs to Game Boyz to full blown professional Pussy Beggars $elling their religion to sexually frustrated Beta Orbiters.

All you guys can capitalize on the upcoming event.

You see nothing the Beta Providers are going to do on Vagina Worship Day will ever be enough. If they give them flowers it should have been more flowers. If they give them diamonds it should have been kryptonite. If they flew them to Paris it should have been to Rome. It will never be enough. As a result the Hamster's will rationalize that they deserve better, they will herd up and head out to clubs or anywhere for that matter all looking for one thing.

Revenge sex.

I couldn't find the video where I learned this from a combination of my own experience and validated by Tom Leykis discussing what you as a man can do on Valentines Day but here is another one that can help you out next week and for the rest of the year for that matter.

Trigger Alert: this advice is hardcore so if you are a recovering Nice Guy, Blue Piller, White Knight, Captain Save-A-Ho or the Red Pill has recently been shoved up your ass by court order it may be too much for you too soon.

Ha, good advice.

This guy helped wake me up so if you want to learn more you can find him all over You Tube.

He also has a set of rules men should keep in mind when ever dealing with females and I think every year at this time we will post them as a reminder for all the newbies coming into the Manosphere.

Again I couldn't find them on his web site but Anti Misandry was kind enough to compile them for us.  

Leykis 101 Rules

1. Spend no more than 40 dollars on a date.
* You worked hard for it and you should keep it. Spending more won't get you laid anyway. Optimally you should set up an after dinner date for cocktails.

2. Never date single mothers.
* You already know her stance on abortion, she won’t have one. Don’t risk paying vaginamoney. Plus her kids will always be #1 in her life and you will always be in the back burner. Why would you want to be in second place to some spoiled brat. They already made a mistake once, twice or more. Note: Child support if for 18 years boys!

3. 3 dates and no poon....? are outta there.
* If you haven't got laid by the 3rd date you are traveling down the "friends" road and she is just sponging off you. (Leykis' 3 date rule is for guys who ONLY want sex - they don't WANT a relationship. If you're looking for a relationship, then that rule doesn't apply).

4. Leave if a chick if she answers her cell phone during a date.
* Most likely she has set up the bogus emergency call to get out of the date early because she's not going to bang or, she just talked to the bad boy that will bang her after you just bought the meal. If she answers the phone and you get that vibe, excuse yourself to the restroom and leave her there.

5. No coffee dates, no lunch dates.
* These are non-humping dates. You want alcohol involved.

6. There should be as little time as possible from drinking to banging. Don't detour to Denny's for breakfast or anything like that. She'll sober up and she won't want to bang.

7. Thursday-Saturday is off-limits for a girl unless its definite poon. This time is spent hanging out with your friends and having a good time.

8. Never answer your phone during the weekend.
* You want women to believe you are too busy out doing stuff.

9. Do not have a serious relationship until you have realized your personal dreams.
* Women are dream killers and will suck the life out of what you always wanted to do.

10. (For beginners) To get it done, Leykis says start with chunky chicks who are experienced or older women.
* Older women will love a young guy hitting on them and will show them the ropes. Remember: To play in the game, you have to warm up in the bullpen. This method gives you lots of room for player mistakes.

11. Never bang any chick from work.
* Unless you want to be fired. Yea, lots of people have met at work and it worked out for them but, there are also lots of sexual harassment suits happening and you don't want to be one of them.

12. YOU ARE PROUD TO BE AN ASSHOLE...wear it like a badge.
* Tons of women seem to respect guys that act like jerks. If it's not true why are they always running after "Bad Boys"?

* You don't want the crap she brought home and you don't want to pay child support for 18 years right? NOTE: When your done get rid of the condom good....some chicks are just crazy enough to remove the contents.

14. From Tom himself: The best chicks are the ones who aren't totally Americanized. Those girls are pretty much faithful, are hot, good in bed, and will treat you well.

15. Try the best you can to make sure you don't bring a chick back to your place to bang.
* You don't want a girl who knows where you lived after you dumped her and gone to the next girl.

16. Your income will reflect the quality of poon you get. Strive high, don't settle, stay hungry. Girls upgrade all the time, and guys should be able to also.

17. Do not leave voicemails.
*Your number will show up on her caller ID and that will be enough to get her interest in many cases.

18. Show any way possible that you don't need her. Make her feel like she matters, but she is easily replaceable.

18. NEVER call a bitch twice in the same week.
* This was in the movie Swingers, and Tom's played it before.

19. Don't discuss that you are a Leykis listener and follow his rules.
* Many women think Tom is a pig and won't bang just because.

20. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's eve and Day, Valentine's Day, her birthday or yours, these are days that are off limits. You do not make plans with chicks you are dating on these days.

Thanksgiving is D-Day for chix. If they can take the beach in the form of taking up your time and energy on that day. It's a good chance they will keep you running until they win the relationship war on V-Day when you sign your surrender with flowers.

21. If you have a dinner date, eat a hearty meal before taking her out.
* Tell the waiter that you'll just have a salad. Tell your date your eating healthy. What girl is going to eat more than you?

22. Never do what you don’t want to do.
*You make the money, you decide on what you want to do and where you want to do it.

23. Don’t ask a woman what she wants. Women never know what they want.
* You're driving this ship.

24. No Spooning, No cuddling, No staying over. Get in and get out!

25. Don’t speak to women you work with unless it is work related. Don’t tell them they look nice, don’t comment on anything except on what work needs to be done. Your conversation should be limited to Good morning and goodnight with exception of the occasional good afternoon. Saying anything more may and most likely will lead up to a lawsuit.

26 Men don’t dance!
* The only exception is if you are Gay or Latino.

27. Never compliment a woman. Never.
* It raises her self esteem, blows up their egos and she will look down on you. It will actually decrease your chances of getting pussy.

Of mention: Hold off on marriage as long as possible. There is no benefit for a man getting married. * Proof- your husbandly responsibilities include but not limited to the following
1. pay for rent or mortgage(full or portion of the house will be hers in case of divorce)
2. pay for her credit card bills
3. pay for her medical bills
4. pay for her dental bills
5. pay for the gas she puts in her car
6. pay for her car
7. pay for her car repairs
8. pay for childbirth
9. pay for child's clothes.
10. pay for her groceries
11. pay for her shoes
12. pay for her clothes
13. pay for furniture
14. pay phone bill, gas bill, electric bill, water bill
14. pay for her traffic citations
15. pay for gifts she buys for her own family
17. pay for her school loans
18. pay for girlie things like new carpet, designer minibilinds, wall paper, new paint, plants, decorations etc......

A woman's wifely responsibilities on the other hand require an almost infinitely less expenditure of blood and sweat- suck and fuck the husband and be nice. A man's ordeal doesn't end there, the load only gets greater. Once a husband makes more money and fulfills all of the above and thinks he can relax a bit the wife will add more load on which the husband must deliver. Examples are: moving into a larger more expensive house, buying another expensive car, having more children, shopping more frequently, picking up expensive habits (eating out, expensive vacations, visits to the salon, cosmetic surgery etc). In other words most husbands will be chained to the office until death.

It doesn't end there. Women today are vastly different from their 1950's counterparts. Most wives of 50 yrs ago expected little from a husband- just have a decent job and fuck me and most stayed in the marriage for better or worse. Today's female is a totally different breed of cat. Look at divorce rates. Now if the husband and/or wife decides to divorce the husband will PAY. After divorce court all the husband will own are his shriveled balls and a ton of bills and bad credit while the wife will enjoy the house, cars, children, and a pound of the husbands flesh and blood every month(alimony child support payments). Now the husband will never get laid. What woman will fuck a broken down loser with a lifetime of alimony payments. Remember, none of you guys are special and divorce can and will happen to any of us.

Man look at all that stuff guys would do for pussy. You ladies really screwed up when you smashed that Patriarchy. Oh well, less stuff I have to do, thanks.

Happy approaching and you will be all alone* Valentines Day.


* Real men enjoy and thrive in solitude where as women dread it. This is why women are forever clamoring men should not be alone on certain holidays. What they are doing is projecting their own fears on men.


MarkyMark said...


Your link to the previous post is broken, and it needs to be fixed. I found it by scrolling down, but the link takes you to an empty page. Fix it, and others will see the must-read post you wrote prior to Xmas time...


Anonymous said...

Rofl, I be staying home on VD-Day.

Rex said...

There you go, all better now, thanks dude.

Myles said...

Haa great list of advice thanks for the forward. Especially like eat a big meal before a dinner date (even though dinner dates are bullshit). It's the little things that count.

Outcast Superstar said...

A more simplified version would be if it Flies, Floats, or Fucks, You are better off renting it.

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