Monday, February 10, 2014

MGTOW Is Non-Cooperation

When I say doing nothing is doing something this is exactly what I'm talking about.

Yes, leave, get out of my life. Simple as that.

Game over, thanks for playing.

All you guys have to do is nothing. Stop participating in your own destruction through dating, shacking up, knocking up and signing marriage 2.0 contracts. Remove your male utility and disposability from the system. Do nothing and you take all the power away from them.

This is the very reason why Feminists, MRAs and PUAs crap their pants over MGTOW. Without us it all comes down. So take your shaming and go pound sand guys.

It aint going to put us back to sleep.  

And in other non-cooperation news...

Like I was saying last week about Valentines day, guess who just posted on the subject?

Professor Tom Leykis gives men 7 reasons to remain scarce on Valentine’s Day By Tom Leykis on February 10, 2014 in Leykis 101, Tom's Blog

1) Women use the arrival of Valentine’s Day as a way of testing your level of commitment which, if you are enjoying a casual relationship, is zero. If you’re already a friend with benefits, there are no benefits to pretending to be more than what the two of you are. The beauty part of this? It’s honest! You don’t really care about her and she won’t be fooled into believing that you do. She has no right to expect anything you never promised, much less delivered.

 2) By disappearing this week, you keep an air of distance and mystery which are keys to keeping things hot. Letting your girl think you are in demand or otherwise busy on Valentine’s Week will make her want you more, not less.

 3) Acceding to her demands can satisfy her (or simply keep her quiet) in the short term, but will lead to increased demands and expectations in the future that go beyond the carefree enjoyment you’re currently used to getting.

 4) Think she’ll be with someone else on Valentine’s Day instead of you? Why should you care? She’s your friend with benefits, not your girlfriend! You’ll be with someone else too…if you do it right.

 5) Women like your FWB will often resort to going out alone or with friends on Valentine’s Night. This is when what we call the ‘Human Grab Bag’ takes place. Everyone frees up their girls for one night, where they become someone else’s low-hanging fruit. Men who are laying low should go out and see all the available women who feel low because no one asked them out for Valentine’s Day. All men who do this get to be with someone else’s girl for the evening, when she’s at her lowest.

 6) After she’s been out and done something this desperate, she’ll be so incredibly happy just to see you again. You’ll tell her that you’ve been ‘so busy,’ and she’ll just hope you never find out about what she did on Valentine’s Night (which will be same thing that you did, only you won’t be feeling all guilty and low about it as she will). You continue to get what you got before, only now you get the upper hand because she’s feeling guilty.

 7) Once you’ve made it through Valentine’s season without making any commitments or giving any rings, now you are firmly driving the bus, with no fears or concerns that she’ll make any demands. Until next Valentine’s Day, by which time you will have kicked her to the curb…if you’re doing it right!

Oh yeah.



Long Duc Dong said...

I don't think I will ever date again. I know I will never want to get married because there is nothing in it for me. Marriage is completely off the table and I won't change my mind about it. I have to protect myself from financial ruin in case divorce happens.

Take The Red Pill said...

"...All you guys have to do is nothing. Stop participating in your own destruction through dating, shacking up, knocking up and signing marriage 2.0 contracts. Remove your male utility and disposability from the system...."

Exactly! This is what women wanted, anyway -- "women need men like fish need bicycles", remember?
So be a Happy Bicycle! Leave the fish behind you, flopping in their slime.
The LAST thing a modern man should want to do is shackle himself to the useless deadweight that spoiled Western women have become (usually through their own poor choices).
It's a big world out there, and there's so much much more for a man to see and experience.
The vast majority of Modern Women have shown themselves to be little more than potential disasters in the making -- and you don't want to be near 'Ground Zero' when they go off.

Anonymous said...

I will leave stu's comment here in regards to the future of MGTOW:

"Let me tell you what happens when men just adopt a MGTOW lifestyle, or avoid the potholes and just go on with life. Remember when things started to get really crappy for marriage, and men just started to say, well, ok, I wont get married, I’ll just live together? They change the law so that living together is legally the same as being married.

So, next, you don’t live with a woman, you just have a girlfriend. Then they change the law so that long term relationships qualify too. And on it goes, until you have ridiculous laws like Australia’s “Mistress Law”, where even a married man, with kids, who has an affair on the side, leaves his assets open to being accessed by the other woman. Ok, so nothing but the shortest flings and one night stands from now on. Do you think they are going to leave it there? We can all not have anything to do with women at all, and they will demand the state find a way to extract those resources from us, and give it to them. Sweden has had two tries at a man tax...they will pass it eventually.

It’s not just in personal relationships, anyway. False allegations, discrimination in schools, jobs, etc. You can’t rule out working with women, or being with them in a train, or lift, or bus, or pub, or in the line at Macca’s. Whatever safe house, or piece of ground you are standing on now that you think is yours, they will come for it. And if the only answer to that from you is that you will retreat to higher and higher ground, then you will have nowhere to run in the end. You have to fight back. There is nowhere safe. There is no line drawn that you can cross where they can’t come after you.

When enough men are doing whatever you are doing to deprive women and the state of your assets and income, that is the trigger for the next round of draconian laws to regain access to it. This is exactly why we are in this shit hole now, because men just looked after number one, and tried to solve only their particular problem at the time. They just keep coming, and men just keep giving up ground and running."

So the question is should the government try to come after us what should we do?

Anonymous said...

That was freaking hilarious stuff!