Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MGTOW Forums Goes Ghost

It happens from time to time in the Manosphere. Someone throws in the towel and goes completely ghost. There is only so much you can say about this stuff anyway. I have come close a few times myself but to me it's still fun because I am far from being angry.

Actually I have said many times that I am quite happy and contented with my life. I'm even thankful to women for their over the top expectations of men that put me off their radar. I'm even thankful to feminists for removing the societal pressure for me to man up and get married. At the same time I'm sorry you gals feel it is your right to kill your babies but that's between you and the Almighty.

I'm staying as far away from that as I can get.

This is also a good example of why I don't join any other sites or forums. I will definitely visit them, leave short comments and get material off them but I won't waste my time posting on them. I'll take whatever I have to say and do it here. Here I know I won't get my work deleted by some trigger happy mod who doesn't like what I have to say or thinks my agenda should be something else.

I suggest all you guys that liked posting at MGTOW Forums start up your own channels or blogs and keep on going. As for Nacho Vidal I can understand why he is bailing. Trying to run a forum while not giving your enemies any ammo because of angry commenters is a full time job. It happens here now and then and I have stopped trying to reason with these maniacs. I just lock things down for a while until they move on to rant someplace else.

They may have just gotten burned in a bad relationship or was forced to take the Red Pill by court order but I can't make them understand that they can't go sounding all crazy in the comments. Men don't get a pass the way women and feminists do. It's bad enough everything we say and do gets twisted around and used against us so don't make it any easy for them.

Others are saying Nacho banned people for not agreeing with him or secretly wanted to be a leader of a political movement but I don't know. I wasn't a member so I didn't follow things there very closely. I learned a long time ago to stay out of these groups. Men are very quick to throw each other under the bus and some of them are flat out narcissist who only want to run echo chambers.

You won't see any of that here. I like when people disagree and even insult me but please no crazy violent or crypto comments that MGTOW are raging homosexuals. I see it for the disguised shaming that it is and I never advocate attacking others nor am I gay. If I was I wouldn't have to constantly remind myself why I avoid relationships with females in the US.

Most of them are probably Manboobz trolls doing what they do.

Anyway, all this means is there will usually be three or more new sites that will pop up as a result of this one shutting down and on it goes.

Dear all,

For 3 years I've worked to build up MGTOW Forums into a force to be reckoned with, but alas it has failed. It has failed because of the very reasons which brought down the previous MGTOW board: inexperienced idiots who were angry at not being able to get laid - betas, zetas, red pills and the rest of the rubbish.
At MGTOW Forums, we spent years fighting such fools who were psychos, incels and who vocally supported other places, that I won't mention, over our own. Such people were against us yet we managed to beat them time and time again.

For some strange reason, many of our so called supporters found it just fine for our competitors to constantly attack us whilst they themselves used rhetoric such as "we're all in it together" and "we're all after the same thing" when clearly we were not. As someone who has always stood up against bullies, I thought my own energy to go head to head with such people would be appreciated. But instead I found myself surrounded by fools who were more concerned with likening our way of life to a fantasy sci-fi flick? The same fools then wondered why folk like Manboobz, who was more friendly to us than our enemies, constantly mocked them?
Well today is MGTOW Forum's 3rd birthday and quite frankly the vast majority of you deserve what's out there. For me, things have got to the point where I recognise there is no support for taking MGTOW Forums into the wider world. However, MGTOW seems to be a successful concept for incels and psychos so that is where I'm going to leave it.

I'd like to thank hasmat, toadman, cobalt, womanhater, fairi5fair, jake, thrasher, dsc, Waking Up, pcr, MrLahey, Labisah, Nim and all the other guys who have tried to tame the immature beast that is MGTOW.

As for those who donated, well I have to thank you for contributing towards the server and other costs. It was very much appreciated. I had recently upgraded the server because I had plans to take us further, what a waste of time and money.

When the curtain falls it is time to get off the stage and that is what I propose to do. I'll leave you all to wallow in the Red Pill and Alpha/Beta/Zeta fantasy garbage which was our downfall. If things are going to change then the habits of old have to be swept away. I steadfastly refuse to let MGTOW Forums become the graveyard that is MABTW, so better to put it out of it's misery now rather than watch it suffer a slow and painful death.

As of yesterday, our average daily traffic was in excess of 6,000 unique visits per day. So I was doing something right eh? Meh...very few of you were worth the effort.

Good luck and time for me to Go My Own Way

Adios and fuck off

Nacho Vidal

Later dude.



Anonymous said...

Gems require great heat and pressure to form. MGTOWForums was a crucible from which these gems of insight, analysis, and perspective could form. Without the useless ore substrate (idiots), without the crushing pressure (bannerhammer), without the smothering heat (volatile discussion), the valuable gems of commentary would not have grown.

Nacho allowed the abyss to stare back into him. Perhaps it could not have been helped, and he was always doomed to become the monsters he fought. It doesn't matter now.

Anonymous said...

From AdTheBad.
Well said Rex and good luck Nach. If your own way ever crosses mine there's a free pint or two. Thanks for the effort.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. After seeing the backlash after one of the best male posts in recent memory about recovering from being incel, they deserve this.

Anonymous said...

Actually it looks like MGTOWforums is back online. I guess someone took over from Nacho. Go there and see at the top, there is a new message, where the new moderator is basically saying "fuck you" to Nacho.

I wish they would open registrations again. It sucks because no new people can join or register.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to MGTOW, quitting is one of the ways you win. No one can attack what isn't there. And the matrix looks like it's gearing up for an attack these days on all its escaped men.

Anonymous said...

Wow, have you seen the latest? I think Nacho snapped.

Anonymous said...

I stopped posting there about 4 months ago. There seemed to be a sudden influx of 'mangina white knights' attacking any posts poking fun at typical women's foibles. If I want that stuff, I can just tune into the old traditional media - if it still exists!

BeijaFlor said...

The Phoenix has burnt himself up ... but the Phoenix-egg has hatched twins, in the ashes of MGTOW Forums.

MGTOW HQ was set up by several of the mods of MGTOW Forums. It's going gangbusters; I could almost be jealous.

A few less-experienced members set up GoingYourOwnWay, and I'm one of them ... we're kind-of positioning ourselves between MGTOW HQ and Happy Bachelors. I signed on as a moderator at GoingYourOwnWay, and it certainly is a "learning experience!"

Pity, though, about all the "abandoned baggage" ...

Lord Valtrex said...

Mr. Nacho sent this out...


Dear all,

A response to Paul Reverse malE's http://www.avoiceformen.com/sexual-politics/m-g-t-o-w/mgtow-forums-pulls-the-plug/

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

[Click to Edit | Delete] (26 minutes and 31 seconds)

Gloating Paul? Or sour grapes that the Forum hasn’t been pulled? I always suspected you to be a c*nt but this article has confirmed my suspicion. The plug on MGTOW Forums hasn’t been pulled? Check the site, it’s still there. However, I’m taking some time out to pursue one idiot and two of your bootlickers, once I’ve dealt with them then the site will probably reopen for business. Incidentally, those who donated via subscriptions were refunded their money, so please get your facts straight.

As for the beef between you and me, well you started it…that simple. Something tells me it was traffic and another thing tells me it was money but either way you’re one very sad individual whose lot in life is $84k per year and a missus who has to support you. My lot? I live in a home I own outright and I have no need to rely on the charity of a ‘partner’ [read women]. Also, my forum continues to get more traffic than this place EVEN though it is Read Only? Yeah…you keep paying those fiverr gigs for your Alexa Rankings. LOL

Finally, what gets me about you and your band of nonces is the fact none of you have ever experienced a family court environment, child support threats, alimony or anything like that? That’s good news because that means when you die your line dies too.


All the best

Nacho Vidal

Founder and Owner of MGTOW Forums

I choose to fight, those who are against MGTOW Forums are my enemies.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about Nacho...guess he could not stand the heat. Personally, I think that most of the forum masters are Alpha wannabes, those who endlessly agree with them are simpering Betas, and those who complain the loudest by posting about the horrors of feminism and modern society are Gamma outcasts. The true Alphas and true Sigmas are too busy getting laid to care about such issues. I agree the family court system needs fixing. The best way around this is not getting married in the first place! There, I solved it for all of you whiners...don't get fucking married! In terms of getting laid, everyone can do it: turn off the computer, go to the gym, work out 5 hours per week, stop eating fast food, grab your scrotum, and go talk to women. It's really that fucking simple!

Rex said...

I agree it is all very simple. Very, very simple. MGTOW have taken it to an even simpler level. We stopped chasing pussy altogether.

We don't attach our self worth to how much pussy we can beg. How many hoops we can jump through. If other guys want to do it that's fine but they are the ones who come into the Manosphere whining about how the system is screwing them over.

We warned them to stay away from it all but nooooo... they where alpha winners bro and we were the whiney losers.

Same goes for you mister alpha pussy beggar winner. Don't come crying here about how fucked up the system is when all that pussy you begged, scored you 18 plus years of child support or 20 plus years in prison on a false rape accusation or any of the hundreds of other ways you can become enslaved. You used your freedom to chase pussy. Thought in your arrogance like every other pussy beggar thinks that he is better than every one else and it would never catch up to you.

Well, we have heard it all before and we don't care anymore.

So good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

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2) i also hope that you redirect the members to the http://antimisandry.com/mgtow/
for use as forums. this will be a clear recommendedcmigration path for the gem people which you collected.

john patinson said...

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Unknown said...

Was on the forum a while before nacho torched it, he had everyone walking on egg shells with the ban hammer. Then the piece of shit was insulting good mgtows on YouTube starting arguments
biggest favor he ever did for mgtow was deselect himself. Good riddance

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