Monday, February 24, 2014

CPS Does Not Help Children? Really???

Of course we've known that around here for a long time but there is one part about this the ladies need to understand. Even though the vast majority of them will never listen to me I will say it anyway.

In the past I have said repeatedly that women all hate each other. They will stick together but it's more like in a keep your enemies close kind of way. They are also professional victims. They have used the court systems to play out their drama against former husbands or baby daddies for all it was worth. The courts were all too happy to oblige them in their drama because the court systems were making money off those men.

Did chix really think that system was never going to turn on them too?

Well it already has. I have seen it myself happen to a buddy of mine when his very own mother in law ratted out his wife (her mother) to CPS over some petty slight. That was back in my Blue Pill days but it was one of the first times a began to realize just how much women hated each other.

Now... here it is from a former CPS worker explaining how all this works in the real world.

Did you get that?

Take kids away for being outside too long?

Man, when I was a kid, in the summer time, we left the house after the Three Stooges and Happy Days were over with on TV. Then we were out until the street lights came on. That's about 11 or 12 hours outside. Loads of fun and we got up and did it all over again the next day and the next and the next. Best time of my life until now.


CPS makes money taking kids away. They can make up whatever story they want and snatch kids at any time. Family Court judges also get paid by the same people that pay CPS. Finally CPS is used as a weapon by others looking to hurt those they hold a grudge against. Do chix hold grudges?

You know the answer.

Look, I got no dog in this fight, this isn't about CPS. It's about women throwing away the best deal they ever had (The Patriarchy) and the resulting consequences thereof. You ladies used Feminism as a saw or a hammer to break the ball and chain (my false sense of obligation to society) off my ankle. Your smashing away inadvertently freed me you morons.

Now I laugh at you from a safe distance.

Women truly do hate each other and CPS is a manifestation of that hatred. Just because one guy that used to work for CPS comes out against it doesn't mean that the majority of CPS workers aren't women.

They are and they all hate each other.

If I truly did hate women like I'm accused of I would be working for CPS or worse. I would be calling CPS up on them but like Carlos here I don't want anything to do with it. I believe all the bad you do in life comes back on you.

Works the same way with good.

Unlike Carlos though I won't be fighting them either. That's not my problem. Nice guys like myself were completely off the radar back in the day when I was young, poor and chix my age were still hot. I'm still poor but that is by choice and those chix aren't so hot anymore. Now days it's the women and their kids who are off my radar.

Someday Carlos is going to wake up too and he is half way there already.

Another thing I should warn the professional victim class about. Remember how much the ladies liked speed dialing 911 anytime their hubby or shack up boyfriend asked them kindly to stop acting so crazy? That was a lot of power wasn't it? Well they can kiss those days goodbye too.

That system is turning on them as well.

Austin Police Chief Says Residents Should Just be Happy They’re Not Sexually Assaulted by Cops

Wow... which means she probably was and me thinks the very reason those cops snatched her off the street.

Unless this is some new form of PUArtistry those two look like a couple of frustrated Incels. Oh boy and the ladies thought The Patriarchy was a bad thing.

Have fun with that.
MGTOW... Where losing is winning. 


Anonymous said...

CPS = Child Pornopgraphy Services.

Long Duc Dong said...

I am so glad I don't have kids.

Anonymous said...

Do not allow CPS in to your home. Do not talk to CPS. Anything you allow them to hear or see will be twisted against you. If they want to come in, they need a warrant.

Rex said...

I hear you bro. This is exactly what MGTOW think about women. We don't hate them but we understand that they are completely, utterly, totally untrustworthy. You can't let them in your life under any circumstances. It will only be chaos from then on there. Any rational male should note the parallels between the two.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't that young lady just keep running. Sure tub1 and tub2 couldn't have kept up. Didn't think Amurrikan citizens were required to carry ID.

Anonymous said...

Neighbors once denounced me to CPS. Their tip said I moved in in the middle of the night, they peeked in the door and saw a webcam, and my wife was often outside with the boys while my daughter was inside with me. I was polite and friendly with the CPS agents, and they dismissed the case as "unfounded".

CPS often incurs public outrage for leaving children in abusive situations, so what should they do in borderline cases?

Now the neighbors let their daughter play with mine (we stay outdoors in plain sight). Maybe this is modern etiquette -- instead of talking with your new neighbors, get CPS to sniff them out for you.

Jim said...

"I am so glad I don't have kids."

You and me both.

SLX6 said...

I've dealt with CPS. They take a very "guilty until proven innocent" approach to accusations. We spent six months with random home inspections, questioning, and "this should be the last visit, but I need to clear it with my supervisor." There's nothing quite like living on eggshells, just waiting for the next hoop CPS wants you to jump through to prove you're innocent. My husband spent time in a group home as a child, and the abuses he suffered there he wouldn't wish on anyone.

Rex said...

Again, this all sounds like what it is like to live with a chick. Walking on eggshells, goal post constantly moving around, guilty until proven innocent, yadda, yadda, yadda... screw it, MGTOW.