Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MGTOW Don't Have These Problems

Another great example of what happens to the so called "winners".

Google+ Invite Lands Man In Jail

Last month, according to a report, prosecutors said Gagnon's former girlfriend received an invitation to join one of his Google+ Circles. She'd recently broken up with Gagnon and had obtained a restraining order against him soon afterward. Upon discovering the unwelcome Google+ invite from her ex-beau online, she went down to the local police station with a print-out of the invitation. Roughly 90 minutes later, police arrested Gagnon for his Google+ activity and was later charged with violating the restraining order barring contact with her.

Gagnon's attorney claims his client never sent the request, arguing that he "has no idea how the woman he once planned to marry — popping the question with a $4,000 ring earlier this month — got such an invitation" and "suggesting that it might have been sent by a robot," The Salem News reports.

WTG Dude! You grew up, manned up and did the right thing. Isn't this what the ladies are always telling us men to do?

A Salem District Court judge yesterday admitted he wasn’t sure exactly how such invitations work on Google’s social media site, but he set bail for Gagnon, 32, at $500 and ordered him to stay away from the woman’s home and obey the restraining order she took out on Monday.

Well so much for manning up. What he got instead was the Red Pill shoved up his ass. The Red Pill Enema. That $4,000 could have went to one awesome gaming computer or a giant HD screen to watch DVDs on. Something tells me he and a few more men like him won't be making that mistake in the future.

Or, of course, perhaps he actually did violate the terms of his restraining order. (Multiple requests to Gagnon for comment were not immediately returned; his attorney was also unreachable. A representative for Google declined to comment on the record.)

Either way, Gagnon's experience, while an extreme example, demonstrates the potential consequences of the lack of transparency surrounding Google+. Neil Hourihan, Gagnon’s lawyer, told a Massachusetts judge that the charges were “absolutely unfounded.”

"[He] suggested that unlike Facebook, which requires users to select potential friends, he believes Google+ generates invitations for 'anyone you’ve ever contacted,'" The Salem News reported. "A Salem District Court judge admitted he wasn’t sure exactly how such invitations work on Google’s social media site."

Still, the judge set bail at $500. The case is set to begin in early February.

Or maybe he just didn't have enough Game. Yeah that's it. If he had just bought a few more books and DVDs from the PUA gurus I'm sure none of this would have happened. Oh well too late now.

"Next time try Game in a bottle"
I have a better idea though. It works every time it is applied and is absolutely free. Not selling any Snake Oil here. It's called living the life of a "loser". Going your own way avoiding relationships to begin with and you don't have these problems.

May not be for everyone but it works and it works for me.



earl said...

Well if he had any sense of game he wouldn't have spent 4 grand on a ring.

Maybe he would have gave her a pack of skittles instead.

Basically I see game as social awareness...some dudes use it to pick up chicks which sounds like a waste of time to me...I use it to see the landmines in front of me and know what to avoid.

ray said...

yep right on time, here's Earl, representing the GameBoys and their Group, to assure us that if only Gagnon had the correct "sense of game" well then, golly, everything would have been OK


talk about a cult! the GameBoys are as just as obsessed with their goofy and grand theories as the feminists

but i thought it up! it must be Wonderful then, eh? neg! neg neg neg neg neg


two cults in a peapod!

Anonymous said...

Don't bother Earl, these are the chumps who bought the $4k ring and can't handle how dumb they were (and are). Celibacy is death in life. Enjoy it, chumps.

And enjoy the restraining order the next time you break your vows and spend $4k on a ring because some silly hag gave you the time of day, and you got all needy and crazy because you've been celibate so long. You're too hard up to stay away, but you're too dumb to admit you need to learn to handle women. Like a baptist getting drunk. Dirty and stupid.

Probably scared of bikes, too -- or you're a HD loser, $15k for a bike that has to slow down for curves on the interstate. Don't blink when I pass you on my $1200 Yamaha, chump.

And keep saving up for that ring.

cybro said...

Ah music to my ears, I'm a chump now in addition to being a loser. I'll add it to my list. I love it and I don't need Pussy Begging to validate my self worth. That's not to say that Game doesn't have its merits. Of course it works to a degree but it isn't the magic bullet that will get you through a system out to financially rape and imprison men either. That's the problem I have with Pussy Beggars. They never address the down side to of all this. They just explain it all away by saying well that chump didn't have enough Game, yadda, yadda, yadda... total bullshit and no I don't need to learn how to handle women. All I need to do is go my own way, problem solved. So there.

earl said...

I don't have a problem with going your own way...but that doesn't mean that women are going to be completely taken out of your life. They will always be around.

I have to work with them and interact with them through the course of a day. So a degree of game should be known or at least how the female mind works so that you know how to keep your nose clean. If you can make it to where women perceive as anything other than a weak'll be fine. Notice most of these women let out the fangs and the law on men who put the pussy on the pedestal.

And I can still choose if I want them in my life or not. Most of them I don't.

Take The Red Pill said...

Somewhere it was written, "Modern Womyn are like mall parking spaces: all of the good ones are taken. All of the rest are either handicapped or are ones nobody wants.”

MGTOW -- it's foolproof, completely reliable, and works ALL the time, EVERY time.

dannyfrom504m said...

Brother i'm torn.

i DO like women and will have one in my life IF, i find one that's worthy. but marry….

fuck no.

not much of a gamer or watcher of dvd's anymore, but once i retire, i'll hunt, fish, shoot the bow and guns, and hell….maybe even work after i finish welding school.

i have NOTHING bad to say about men choosing to avoid having a woman in their lives, actually i respect the hell out of that decision and understand why men would make that choice.

but i DO know game and can use it to bring women into my world, not tip toe through hers.

stay up Brother.

Kristophr said...

( shakes head )

Women make up 50% of all humans.

You have to deal with them at some point, and some the game crowd is at least working on the issue.

That being said, most game revolves around faking alpha male status. And as for paying to learn game ... jebus, there is plenty of info out there for free.

Here is a better idea. Act like a man. Be alpha, and stop faking it. If you want sex, then fine, get some, but don't buy the cow if you just want a glass of milk.

Game, as practiced by most folks, is a fraud, beta males pretending to be alphas. The only worthwhile folks involved encourage you to BE an alpha, and not pretend to be one.

If you think Cybro is a beta male, and needs instruction, you might just be mistaken here.

I'm pretty sure he can detect rationalization behavior, and deal with it, all without spending hundreds on game gurus.

cybro said...

Bravo, well said and I couldn't agree more.

I have always said, based on my own experience, that if men focus on their goals and improving themselves, their situation in life, that the pussy will follow. At some point in a man's life he may even, like myself, realize that because of a system in place he has more to lose than gain from getting involved in a relationship with a female.

This is where the PUAs go flying off the rails. I suspect because they need a cult following to sell their books and DVDs. They want to sell Game like Snake Oil in a bottle that will magically get men through any and all situations if only men buy enough of the Game potion.

That simply isn't true and I call them out on it.

At the same time I acknowledge that yes it is impossible to avoid females 100% of the time. Especially if you have to work with them or worse. Say some TSA chick starts flirting with you under the guise of it being security. You can't always go Ghost so in those situations so you know what you have to do.

You have to turn on the charm. Which is the same thing as Game. Which is busting on chicks. Bringing them down to size in a nice way. Which once used to be considered charm.

This is nothing new.

Watch movies from the 30's and 40's and you will see guys like Clark Gable and Cary Grant constantly busting on chicks or negging them as the Game Boys would put it.

Chicks loved it but all that has changed now.

Men can't do the things those guys did in the movies or even like Sean Connery once said he had to do from time to time to his wife. At best they would get a restraining order and at worst they would be SWATed and killed.

I'm too long here. Thanks for the input. I need to do a post on this.

End of rant for now.

MarkyMark said...


How much of that conduct from the 30s and 40s would be considered abusive today? They used to slap women in those days too; oftentimes, they deserved it, but that would land a man in jail now. Ergo, you cannot practice game/masculine conduct to its full extent...