Monday, January 27, 2014

How Many Times Do Men Have To Be Told Not To Get Married In This Current Environment?

Infinitely I guess.

I really have no sympathy for you jackasses any more. The warning signs have been posted for the last 10 years. For the last 5 years they have been posted in your faces but you still ignore them.

Screw it.

You want to lose your freedom?

You want to go to jail?

Then go get married and see what happens like this guy did.

You know what the problem is?

Most of you guys think you are something special. Like you are something different from every other guy. Just like your special little snowflake is something different from every other special little snowflake out there.

They aint and you aint.

From hence forward not only am I not going to have any sympathy for you anymore, I'm going to rub salt in your wounds. Man I am so sick of this trash. I am one hair away from going over to the dark side because you guys are so stupid. You won't listen to the truth, you only listen to lies, to your egos.

That's all you believe in.

You want to destroy your lives over pussy?

You want to get treated like a little boy by some White Knight judge?

Ok fine, have at it, from now on I'm going to help you.

Piss ants.



Nick said...

Guys are dumb, never have kids because the courts will take your right away.

John Doe said...

I agree with you. You've finally seen the light, cybro. Me and Peter Nolan have been saying this for at least 2 years now. That, any man STUPID ENOUGH to get married or have kids with an American woman DESERVES to suffer.

Welcome to the real red pill, cybro.

Anonymous said...

I came to that conclusion long ago. And not just when it comes to marriage. Religion too.

Some people only learn from their mistakes. They don't have the wisdom to learn from others mistakes.

I troll the hell out of them, because stupid should hurt.

naz said...

No fucking way. I would go to jail. Maybe he has a beard because he can't bear to look himself in the mirror.

Take The Red Pill said...

When it comes to women, the majority of men in this country are "stuck on 'stupid'"; the only way for them to learn is to get burned...and sometimes even getting burned once doesn't teach them.
"What we got here is a failure to communicate...
Some men, you cannot reach...
But this is the way he wants it.
Well, he GETS it..."

Smart men learn from their mistakes.
Wise men learn from the mistakes of others.
Everyone else NEVER learns (or refuse to learn) from their mistakes, and wonders why the results never change.

"There are three kinds of men: the ones that learn by reading, the few who learn by observation, and the rest of them who have to pee on the electric fence for themselves." − Will Rogers

Ras Al Ghul said...

"Five minutes of pussy, is worth a lifetime of child support for a beta."

Pussy beggers make it worse for everyone, by keeping the system the way it is.

I only have sympathy for anyone that's been married for a long time. Anyone getting married, has it coming.

El Bastardo said...

It is truly sickening that a man who has been married a long time is treated the same way as a man who shoved his short stick into a woman who got preggos on purpose.

I'm the latter, and I was dumb enough to believe that a woman who was obviously struggling would not want a kid. That was because back then, I had no idea the extant to which family courts operated. This was back in 2004-5. The MRM had not received that much prominence, and only PUA types were available. Like David DeAngelo.

The problem is, it does not matter what you do, unless of course you cease almost all interactions with women but the inevitable, like at work.

For the most part, men are going to want to be fathers, and sadly, there is nothing out there to protect them. It is kill you urges, or get killed by them. Truly, a bitch eats dog black widow/praying mantice affair if ever I have seen it.

Looking back, there were signs I should have seen coming. The problem is, my ex was not really American, just lived here long enough for the feminist BS to establish complete control. That, and that she is of the black feminist variety. I had no idea until she sprang the trap. We were a couple, and decided to use birth control. She had her dreams, and was adamant that she not get pregnant. Once she told me she was on birth control, we waited the following two weeks, and it was balls deep for a while. Honestly, she never told em she stopped taking it.

All of you reading, be forewarned. And if you do marry, marry a woman from a third world country who like still be feminine, and comes from a great family stock. Even then, you are taking a risk with our court system. That is why I'm using my GI Bill, and getting the fuck out.

dannyfrom504 said...

i watched my brother in law get his ass handed to him by his ex.

i love women. but fuck marrriage.

Anonymous said...

Wife from a third world country? Who the fuck would want some ugly kid that doesn't even look like them?

Anonymous said...

Don't marry ANY WOMAN from ANYWHERE in the world. Do you not realize that marriage is SLAVERY for men?

Yes, women from 3rd world countries are far superior to white western women. But there is no need to MARRY them. You can just keep them as a girlfriend. NO NEED to sign a legal marriage contract with them.

Men need to STOP signing marriage contracts. They are signing their own death warrant by doing so.

El Bastardo said...

Actually, my wife is literally a beauty queen. Speaks four languages, and is in my home making six figures while I go to school so I too can go up from upper five figures to lower six figures.

We also have a son, who looks very much like me, who is very, very advanced intellectually and physically.

I have done very well for myself, and since I wanted to be a father, this is statistically the best way. Marry a woman of means from another country that still values traditional marriage (in her country, they still arrange marriages), and keep trucking.

If you don't have that, basically, read what everyone else here is saying, and don't listen to me. Marriage is already brain dead, and the cathedral has no desire to let us know, or take it off life support.

Too many people from all walks of life have a reason to keep a corpse living.

Men Are Stupid said...

Getting married to a female in the west is like giving a child a loaded gun and expecting them not to shoot you.

djc said...

Had a guy ask me at work how long I'd been single. I told him 7 years. Another guy next to us joked.."You must have calluses on you hand." Most men have been programmed to believe they have to have a woman in their lives. Me, I've been happier these last 7 years than the 15 before it. I just don't talk about the subject anymore. People, especially women, get upset and take it personally. I just keep my mouth shut now.

cybro said...

I hear you. White Knights, Beta Orbiters and Pussy Beggars are as bad or worse as Chix when it comes to shaming. I just tell them nobody wants me or I'm not worthy and that shuts them up. One thing all these guys have in common is that they are highly insecure. They have to tear others down to build themselves up. Blowing smoke up their asses by telling them what they want to hear tickles their egos and blows up their heads. Think of it as Gaming the Game Boys and the Hamsters they ride heard on. Unfortunately in the business world it is essential to your survival. Otherwise if you cut them down it won't do you or them any good. You will only be rewarded with passive aggressive hostility that gets in the way of your agenda. Getting as much out of them as you can so you can go home to peace and quiet while they go on to spend all their time and energy chasing / begging pussy. MGTOW

MarkyMark said...


You don't have to be married to have family court affect you; just being INVOLVED with a woman, even tangentially or casually, can be enough. If a chick is psycho and has it in for you, all she has to do is go to the local police station, have 'em drag a judge in there, and get a temporary restraining order against you on the spot. You don't have to do anything, other than appear within her sight for her to accuse you of stalking. The white knight judge will grant the order on the spot.

When you go to court (within 10 days of granting a TRO in NJ) to determine whether or not the TRO will be made final or permanent, you'll face something that makes a kangaroo court look honest; I'm serious! The judge will most likely rule in favor of the woman. He may cut off your attorney, like the judge did with my attorney as he began to argue a pertinent, legal point. IOW, you have no chance.

In my case, I wasn't married to this chick. We'd gone out a few times, but that was it. I'm not sure even that would have been necessary to be railroaded. Anyway, you don't have to be married to get caught in the clutches of the system; merely being acquainted with a female is enough.