Wednesday, January 1, 2014

False Allegations Of Sexual Harassement Never Happen

I just want to back up what the feminists have been saying for years. I can't believe it but they have been right all along. This stuff never happens.

But if they are going to smear the Manosphere as a hate group for pointing these things out they may not want to provide us with video evidence that false accusation actually do happen. Even the White Knights weren't dumb enough to ride to that rescue. She had to attack him herself.

Is it me or are these chicks getting increasingly bat chit crazy by the week?

Here are some more feminists in action I'm guessing from the same event. The kid with the bull horn who started swinging at the end was screaming "Down With Misogyny" at the beginning so I'm pretty sure which side of the fence that ninja was on.

Ha, I like that Mangina yelling "Shame On You"... you MRA's presumably.

Notice who the ones are getting violent? I see their game plan. Provoke a fight with the MRA's. Get them swinging back. Then guess who will get arrested?

Watch out for that boys. Someone left me a comment once that you can't fight feminists with both hands tied behind your back. Well if you are going to protest their protests that is exactly what you better do. Tie your hands behind your back so the cops can plainly see you aren't the ones attacking them. Even then they may still arrest you but at least you got it on video.

I don't know where this is at but someone is pressing some serious feminist buttons and it looks like a lot of fun to me, lol. Geez if just quietly holding up a sign drives them this nuts makes me wonder what's going to happen when more signs start popping up. I'll tell you what though when this misandry bubble blows it's going to be a big one.


dannyfrom504 said...

working on a post where i was a key witness in the non-judicial punishment of a guy (20 years old) accused of sexual assualt.

i watched them go into a room at a party, come out 15-20 minutes later hand in hand, lovey-doevey eyed.

a month or so later, she admitted to having a crush on a guy i worked with and he didn't want anything to do with her since everyone knew how she'd "hooked up" a guy when she first got here.

well, a female E8 overheard her mention that she didn't really want it to happen, but she couldn't stop it.

BOOM. investigation launced. if it weren't for being a witness, they'd have thrown this kid under the bus.

djc said...

It's better to just stay away from them. The feminist rallies I mean. They're completely insane.

cybro said...

Of course I would stay away because they are insane but it would be fun for me to help them propel themselves further into their insanity.

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Neither I believe them nor I would come any close to them even if it is very important. No matter what, I will keep myself away from them.

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