Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Part About Losing Is Winning Do They Not Understand?

Oh my goodness. Another chick has discovered the Manosphere and she is none too happy about it. Particularly those rascally MGTOW.

Why can't those guys just shut up and go their own way anyway?

I could only listen to a couple of minutes before I had enough. It was all the same old same old shaming Olympics. You MGTOW are pathetic losers. You are little boys who need to grow up and so on.

You know the drill.

I only wanted to address one aspect of this. The part about why you MGTOW guys can't just shut up and go your own way? Why do you guys have to keep talking about it. Well for one reason is because it's so much fun flaunting my freedom but I've dealt with this one before and this is what's happening.

All this nonsense about strong and independent goes flying out the window when men stop supporting it. Of course their hamsters will never allow them to admit as much but they can plainly see that men are running off Planation Poontang and over to the Manosphere or off the grid completely.

To them this exodus has got to stop.

Problem is their only solution is more of what caused it in the first place, shaming. Not that shaming in of itself was enough. Shaming is only the beginning. What follows is disrespect and the rationalization that whatever works against men and for women within a relationship, men somehow deserve it for being men. The fact that involuntary servitude was abolished in America completely escapes them. Some men simply do not want to be their slaves. The last part is what drives men off, permanently. So when the shaming starts we already know where it ends. Scolding men to shut up, man up and allow themselves to be treated as three-fifths a person by women is hardly going to bring any men back to them.

Worse than that some of them are starting to physically attack men in public as if they have every right to do so because they are men and they deserve it.

As a group I'm really starting to think women are collectively losing their sanity. I expect things will get a lot worse before they get better. It may not be enough to go your own way. Men will have to start ghosting entirely from women for their own safety.  



Anonymous said...

Holy shit at those videos.

Goddamn, we need to hurry up and create Female Sex Robots and Artificial Wombs before it's too late and the human race goes extinct.

We men can survive without women as long as we create the above two things. These women are fucking destroying civilization and bringing us back to the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

She is correct in one regard - a lot of guys do spend a lot of time complaining rather than enjoying. Women should be enjoyed - not taken too seriously - but enjoyed for all they can offer. I see it like any other skill - if you know what you are doing it's easy, fun, and profitable - if you don't you can get bitten.

The key is to live life the way that benefits you. Now women are an integral part of my life, I enjoy everything about them - I'm just not going to marry one, or let her get her hooks into me. But I'll bang them six ways to Sunday, and on Sunday do all of the things I didn't have time for in the rest of the week.

Use women to improve your life - just put her aside after you're done and get a new one. They literally are everywhere.

Joschua Boehm said...

Yep..the wimminz are really losing it now! LOL!

Mandatory DNA Tests said...

Women only have one skill. The ability to have children. And it’s not so much a skill as much as it is a defense mechanism against doing work. When mgtow it takes the only leverage they can use against men. That loss of control is what they fear.

earl said...

Other than if you address yourself as a MGTOW...how would women even know you are one?

You are just doing the things you normally do...and what you like. While choosing to have a woman in your life or not. It isn't like some organized club where women can point their fingers at it. In fact these guys can choose to be invisible to women.

cybro said...

Think of the Manosphere as the aether or ether that exists between the real world and the Matriarchx. The Matriarchx is the pseudo reality sustained collectively by females to subdue male utility as their energy source. The greater the male utility (Alpha) the more sought after by females while the males with little to no utility (Beta) are ignored but all males still plugged into the system are utilized as energy by the Matriarchx as a whole. Most men prefer not to leave the comfortable illusion of the Matriarchx but some who learn the truth unplug their utility from the system and go their own way (MGTOW). Other men (PUA) run amok within the Matriarchx bending its gender physiological properties impersonating high energy source males (Alpha) through the use of Game. This gives them the ability to tap female energy reserves generated by the Matriarchx harvested from males still plugged into the system. Females aren't always sure who's who because of alternately the invisibility of MGTOW cloaked as extreme Beta and the deceptiveness of PUA uncloaked as extreme Alpha. The Matriarchx is becoming aware of the power drain men leaving the system is having on it but for the time being all they have for a solution is to point their fingers at the Manosphere and blame it.

Anonymous said...

Can't fight feminism with both hands tied behind your back.

Spec Warrior said...

Win first then fight if you want to.

Remo said...

Ahhh... makes me savor what is coming more and more. What is the reason these cunts are doing this and getting away with it? Federal power. Men know the police will always back the vag. Gosh those cops are sure expensive aren't they? Wonder how they are going to keep getting those expensive pensions and fat paychecks when no one is working. Once the dollar goes down and is no longer accepted as the defacto currency of the world? Interesting times ahead.

The beautiful part will be these cunts won't know the tide has turned until it smacks them literally. I could only stomach the first video but could imagine myself laughing as both those cunts got pounded by that man to within an inch of their lives. All he had to do is UN-restrain himself and let it go... Neither of those two would ever have want to look in a mirror again that is assuming they could see and weren't dead. These are the first to get beaten, raped, and forced to suck balls for food on command. Sweet days ahead indeed!

cybro said...

The police state can have them. Both groups are predatory in their nature so naturally they go together. Eventually they will destroy one another but until then. Enjoy the decline.

Anonymous said...

It is a cry for help. A cry for real masculinity. They don't realize this about themselves, though.

They are like spoiled children who have been given daddy's credit card and are binging on their power.

They crave the safety of boundaries, even as they rail against said boundaries.

Eventually, the fem-centric culture will collapse, as must any reign of lunacy.

God only knows what will replace it, but it will look nothing like what we have now.

It Just Doesn't Matter said...

MGTOW is the only win, none of this crazy female behavior matters. Its like looking at a herd of swine throwing themselves off a cliff. White Knights will try to rescue them for female approval but a MGTOW just smirks and walks away.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Sunshine Mary, women go off the rails crazy without a masculine man in their lives.

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