Monday, December 30, 2013

Favorite MGTOW Week Of The Year

If my time off could be quantified in terms of real estate. The period from Christmas to New Years would be the equivalent of Park Place to Board Walk and with my MGTOW get out of relationship jail free card I never have to pay the female Luxury Tax in between. The best thing about the MGTOW card is all you have to do to get one is realize that you already do. The problem is most men, including myself at one time, are being tricked into thinking that they don't.

The last and final time I was in a LTR it just so happened that it ended right before Christmas 2006. I was seeing some chick in another state and had agreed to go over to her place during that week. Something came up at work and I had to cancel. She threw a temper tantrum and broke it off which was ok by me. Actually it was a shit test and I could have kept things going but by then I was in the process of turning MGTOW before I knew what that was. I had found the newly forming Manosphere in 2005 and had already started my first blog in January 2006, this is my second one and I got two more in hiding just in case this one gets shut down. So at the time with the help of the small but growing Manosphere I was waking up fast and let it go. The next day when I woke up I felt a lot better.

I was a free man.

The whole relationship crap was getting old. The pattern was always the same. Everything starts out ok but over time the noose starts to tighten around my neck. Things start to turn into power struggles. It seemed like it was always a contest with chicks to see if they could win. Basically winning meant getting things their way. I had been down that road before and enough is enough.

As it turned out I didn't have to work that week at all. I had dodged other request to get involved with other friends because I was already committed to go out of state. I didn't feel like going anywhere anyway so I didn't tell anyone what happened. For the first time I can remember I had the whole week to myself.

All the years before that there was either a LTR or some friend who would pester me mostly on orders from their wives that I should spend that time with them. I'd try to get out of those commitments but there was concern I would not be happy alone, I would be sad, I might die or even kill myself. Not wanting to upset the apple cart with my buddies I would agree chalking it up to something I simply had to do to get it over with.

Funny thing though is when I finally did get this time off to myself none of those things happened. In fact it was quite the opposite. I found that I was happier alone. I didn't have other people draining my free time and resources for their benefit. When I look back I wasn't getting anything out of those commitments.

So why was I getting involved?

It was because I was still plugged into society listening to what it was telling me without questioning it. All I had was this feeling that there's something wrong but the concern or alternately the shaming society brought down on me kept me in line. Kept me on the ground. I was like a bird in a cage that didn't know it could fly out. When the door did eventually get left open on the day I was supposed to fly out of state I fell out of the cage and suddenly found myself flying to freedom.

I never looked back.

That first week I had off to myself was a blast and the most memorable. I'm still thinking about it obviously. All I did was watch DVDs, play video games, cook on my grill and work on my blog but it was that new found freedom I remembered best. I was taking care of my personal business instead of running around doing crap for girlfriends, wives or girlfriends of friends or my own female relatives.

Worst of all was getting interrogated non-stop by females looking for any grain, any microbe, any sub atomic particle of information they could use against me. There was always the why aren't you married question but that was just the beginning. If they couldn't dig up some dirt on me they would annoy me constantly to get some reaction out of me. They never tire of these games much like men never get tired of a good video game but which game would you rather play? By the time things were over with my week was gone and I'd feel like the life was sucked out of me.

Like this guy did.

Not anymore though.

I was in a new world much like the way the old world started out when I was kid and realized I was alive and everything around me was magic. Seven years have gone by, seven years I have had this week to myself and my only regret is that I didn't realize all this sooner. Oh well better late than never. I can't imagine going back to the life I was living before. It always makes me laugh when MGTOW get shamed or ridiculed for going their own way. I know what the critics are doing or trying to do but it doesn't work on someone who has already freed their mind.

These are some glorious days we are living in bro's and we have feminist to thank for it. If it wasn't for them the true nature of females, their society and the illusion of it all would not have been exposed to me. I would have stayed trapped in it or even have become further enslaved by it. Little chance of that happening now.

Thanks ladies I couldn't have done it without you overplaying your hand.

Some say these days won't last though. Some say the feminist will get the system to come after free men in some way. Probably a man tax at first then some kind of mandatory service to females and so on from there. Maybe but I got a running start on them so until then....



earl said...

All women have a rebellious side and a submissive side.

Women have been brainwashed into playing the rebellious side way too hard and too often...hence MGTOW.

One of two things will happen...they will go back to the way things should be...or they will double down and we will all be enslaved. Either way I'll be free.

Thoreau said...

I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.

Master Chief said...

I've had the same experiences working for women. Now when I'm looking for a job I always check who the managers are first before passing in a resume. I don't need all that drama for eight or more hours a day.

The Disgruntled Gentleman said...

Nice to see my musings are not going unnoticed...

I won't be doing a blue pill Christmas again...


cybro said...

You know it dude. I got a call from a buddy of mine. He's not blue pill but not entirely red pill either. He was spending the prime real estate week with the family. I could hear it in his voice. I wanted to ask what was wrong but I already knew. I could here the chicks in the background and they never shut up the whole time I was talking to him. I even pointed it out but it may have sailed over his head. Oh well he will tire of it soon enough, lol.

Anonymous said...

Keep going your own way!

djc said...

I know exactly what you mean. I've been enjoying the days off during the holidays for the last five years. By myself. I can take just a few vacation days, and wind up with as much as eleven straight days off. It's wonderful. And I look forward to it every year.

Anonymous said...

If there was any doubt about why Christmas songs keep getting resurrected every year, it's like this MGTOW message.

It's just as true every year.

Merry Xmas to you RP. May you be still, and remain forever, a free man.

patriarchal landmine said...

the best part about their shaming language, is that it just drives free men further away from society, and continuously proves to us why we need to be free in the first place. we want LESS to do with people who make us miserable, so we continue to excise them from our lives.