Thursday, December 26, 2013

All MGTOW Have To Do Is Nothing

Before I found the MGTOW philosophy I was already living the lifestyle in the form of separating myself from relationships with females in my personal life. No more dates, no more girlfriends, no shack ups, no chances of knock ups and needles to say I certainly was not going to sign the marriage 2.0 contract.

Back in the days before I went full blown MGTOW I would argue with MRAs on their blogs and boards who demanded of men like me that we should "do something" to end the war on men feminists where waging. They would have their to do lists of all the things men should be doing and I would counter that if they simply removed their support from a system out to destroy them the whole thing would go dead in the water. Stop participating in your own destruction by avoiding relationships and marriage altogether and major problems will simply go away. They weren't having any of that kind of talk and I after I got banned by enough of them I went my own way and started my own blog.

Since that time I have seen a steady increase in men identifying with MGTOW. Declaring that it is the best possible way to go for them personally in an environment of female superiority and male disposability. They realize that if they remove their utility from a society that is hostile to them and direct their resources towards themselves life becomes far less stressful and a lot more peaceful.

I also agree with some of them that the larger problem for MGTOW is not women but other men. Other men who see their fellow man as disposable and at the same time allow themselves to be manipulated by women into attacking any man at their bidding. MGTOW understand if they allow a female to live with them they would be a 911 phone call away from getting murdered by police. No amount of Game or Pick Up Artistry is going to stop a bullet from White Knights bent on rescuing your LTR or Pump and Dump gone bat chit crazy on you.

That is just one example of what happens at the lower levels but what goes on at the top? What about the so called leadership? Do you think they care about the guy next to them or their minions who work for them? Just by virtue of the fact they want that power should tell you all you need to know about them. Do the MRAs really believe they can ask the leadership to change the laws back to something fair for both side? Like if she commits adultery she gets nothing.

No way in hell because the laws were written to be unfair for a reason. To increase the power at the top while destroying any potential future rivals at the lower levels. Men with something to lose are more likely to challenge a corrupt system than those who don't. The way it was done was to get the women to do the fighting for them. Write laws that rewarded wives to divorce their husbands, take his kids away from him and the most important thing that men had worth fighting for is gone.

Not a bad plan and the vast majority of women played right into it but there is only one small problem with this. These power hungry psychopaths at the top don't care about each other either and if there were only two of them left in the whole world they would still try to kill each other. That's how these guys are and just like women it's never enough. Never enough money, wealth, power and control. They see another man with something more than they have and they want it. They go to war over it. They send millions of men to fight and die over it. They leave nothing but a path of destruction in the world and almost always end up getting killed by someone who wants to take over in their place.

So what's the solution to these tyrants fighting each other to control the world?

Do nothing, stay away from them and let them destroy each other. It will happen all by itself anyway. As long as there is a world to control their are going to be men who want to rule it. If you started a revolution to throw out every tyrant in power I guarantee you there a thousands more waiting to take their place. I can understand it with women but I can not understand what motivates men to enslave and control other men.

Lets say even with the best intentions you did do something. You did something big. You built an empire with the only purpose to bring justice to the world. You know what would happen? You would be building an instrument of destruction that would some day get taken over by psychopaths who would use it for that purpose.

It just so happens we are living in such an empire. One that started out as a good idea but you can see what it has become. One tyranny eventually got replaced with another. There may be a revolution but it will not be between the have's and the have not's. It will be between those who have and want more of what others have.

MGTOW are the have not's. They don't have anything that can't be easily replaced and don't want anything that belongs to someone else either. That puts MGTOW out of the fight and whatever group takes over isn't going to be any better than the one you have now. That's another reason to stay out of it. Then over time the whole process will repeat itself.

Like it always does.



earl said...

"I can understand it with women but I can not understand what motivates men to enslave and control other men."

They have the same warped x chromosome a woman has.

Anonymous said...

"I can understand it with women but I can not understand what motivates men to enslave and control other men."
English isn't my native languange, but I'll try.
I would recommend you the book (now almost classic) entitled as "Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins. There you can learn to think not in terms and categories of your personal life expirience with (non)human behaviours, but in terms and categories of genetic tresspasses to the next generations.
Do not try to understand psychopat's inner wishes and craves, just tihnk of evolutionary strategies that are most suitable to the social positions they aspire for.
Only by understanding those strategies you can figure out not only psychopahic patterns of behaviours, but also the behaviour patterns of the rest of us, including you(of courese, if you not one of them.
Knowing that you can survive more easily in this seemingly safe world.

Kristophr said...

This is older than you think.

Look up "white feather". It got so bad that the British Empire had to outlaw the practice by women, as it was causing suicides by men who were refused recruitment during WW I.

mina smith said...

You would really like Stefan Molyneaux' video "the story of your enslavement" on Youtube.

His theory is that we are all chattel in farms - farms designed to generate taxes.

cybro said...

I think you guys are not too far from the mark. The few male control freaks that I have been around where not that bright, very insecure and highly narcissistic. You would think that someone who didn't have a lot of confidence in themselves wouldn't have a high opinion of themselves either but the two go together. They have this need to tear others down in order to build themselves up. These characteristics would also describe most women except in the area of intelligence. It didn't seem to matter how smart or dumb a woman was they were still given to be control freaks.

Take The Red Pill said...

Get a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand and give it a read. You'll see apt parallels between "going Galt" and "going MGTOW" -- when a society demonizes you because you are a member of a particular group (in "Atlas Shrugged", it was those who were talented and wealthy industrialists; in our society, it is men who are not handsome, wealthy, or celebrities), the appropriate response is to give the tyrants what they want: remove yourself from their society as much as possible -- "go Galt" (from John Galt, the 'rebel' genius who resolved to "stop the motor of the world").
Deny the tyrants the benefits of your talents, your work ethic, and your personal labor; work low-status/menial jobs that provide enough to support yourself and NO MORE. Let society collapse.

cybro said...

Exactly TTRP. I have worked for females and males who did nothing but blame me for everything that went wrong and took credit for anything that went right. They were completely worthless in terms of productivity. I don't know how they survive as anything other than parasites but they do. Screw both of those kinds. I'll starve them off of me by giving them as little as possible to feed on.

BeijaFlor said...

Hope you don't mind ... I had to "steal" this; it was just too perfect for GoingYourOwnWay. I've linked back to your site, and I hope it brings you more readers.

I don't know if MGTOW will "stop the motor of the world," as John Galt did in Atlas Shrugged, but it can help you avoid being chewed up in the machinery.

Rex said...

Rip away, if anyone can use any of this stuff they can have it but I don't think MGTOW is going to change the world. The world will continue on the way it always has, in cycles. We just happen to be in that fall of an empire phase. Like Sparta, Greece, Rome and so many others, America will fall same as they did. It always ends when the women folk get too much control over things. The important thing is MGTOW can change your own world. Make your world a better place and you will enjoy the decline much more.

Anonymous said...

You would answer a lot of questions for people if you'd re-post this on the YouTube MGTOW channels and sites open to MGTOW perspectives.

If you'd be ok with it, I'd be happy to post this elsewhere with "All MGTOW Have To Do Is Nothing, by Rex Patriarch".

Very well written and thought out work! BRAVO! This piece needs to be spread far and wide.


Rex said...

Actually what I need to do is not just repost but update this and coincidently I was currently working on this very idea. Since I wrote this I have found out I was more right back then than I thought I was.

Western Civilization peeked out around the time of Henry VIII and his break from the Catholic Church with his proclaiming of the divine right of kings. Placing himself and future English kings above the church and unaccountable to God.

From then on it has been one revolution after another right down to today where you have the current President / King acting totally unaccountable to anyone.

Liberty is not the magic bullet that insures freedom for all men if men in their liberty do not see themselves as accountable to God for their actions.

Like I said the psychopaths who lust for power and control over everyone just keep coming.

But like I also said anyone can take this information and build on it. MGTOW is open source and men need to study and seek the truth for themselves. That is the whole purpose of my blog. I try to find the truth and put it out for scrutiny of other men.

When women scream abuse at me I know I'm dead on because female anger is the weather vain of truth.

Anyway I have been working on this already. How MGTOW fit into the big picture and how there have been and currently are movements of people going their own way from the control freaks and until mankind places God back in charge it's just going to keep getting worse.

But thanks for reminding me about this post I may use it after my next one on July 4th.