Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why Prostitution Is Illegal

Because women hate each other.
At the same time most men love women. Even though the feminist try to say guys like me hate women, which is really projection on their part. I am personally indifferent to them and I suspect a growing number of men feel the same way. This may be worse to them than actually hating them.

How does that saying go?

If you are protesting something or fighting against it you think it's still worth fixing.

Sure a lot of men have had their lives wrecked because of feminism working through the family and divorce court industry but I'm not one of them. Hence I have nothing to be angry about or to hate. In fact because so many men have been screwed over by the system there isn't the same pressure on men now days that there was 30 or 40 years ago. No men ever ask me why I'm not married because they know plenty well why.  So if anything I'm grateful to feminism for freeing me of the fate that has befallen so many other men. Eventually women are going to figure out guys like me have too good of a deal going for them in life and that will be how things change but I'm digressing here.   
Back to the subject, most other men besides myself would still love to bang almost every last women in the world if they could. The whole reason men give women free stuff to blow on useless junk is for an exchange of sex with them. Men also built strip clubs so women can easily put themselves through schools to obtain worthless degrees and an overpriced piece of paper that tells them they are smart. The average stripper makes about two thousand dollars a night for doing next to nothing but letting men fantasize about having sex with them. I wouldn't do it but plenty of guys, my guess married ones, sure don't have any problem with it.

For men stripping isn't enough though. This is where prostitution comes in. Men support prostitution because they love to bang women without putting up with all the hassle a relationship with women brings. Women engage in prostitution as an easy way to get money from men. I wouldn't say dating and marriage is the same as prostitution because it's more like stripping. A stripper is a prostitute who doesn't put out but at least she strips. Most wives and girlfriends don't even do that much from what I hear.
Now the reason prostitution is illegal is not because of men but because of other women who hate seeing another woman getting more free stuff from men than they are. It's a jealousy issue with females. So they are the ones keeping it illegal.

If you don't believe me start a campaign to legalize prostitution and watch who objects the loudest.
As an example there was Operation Flush The Johns. Remember who was the one pushing that crusade?

Nassau County, New York, District Attorney has announced 104 arrests after a sting operation in April and May
Suspects were arrested when they handed over cash for sex at hotel room after linking up with an undercover cop posing as a prostitute on backpage.com

Divorce lawyer said he has already seen four women whose husbands were arrested for patronizing prostitutes
Men range in age from 17 to 79 and average age 40

“Sex workers are often vulnerable victims of traffickers and pimps, yet they too often remain the prime targets in prostitution investigations while the johns who fuel the exploitation are treated as mere witnesses,” NYDA said in her statement. “My office and the police department are turning the tables on the illogical and immoral nature of that equation.”
Uh hu, sure you are babe.

Notice how it's never considered immoral for women to withhold sex from their husbands which is probably why those guys got busted. Also notice she says prostitution is illogical.
Illogical to who?

To her of course. If men are allowed access to prostitutes then it's that sex embargo females engage in with men that gets lifted. That is when the sex equation truly gets evened out.
Oh no, can't allow that to happen can we my dear?

By the way the same thing can be said about porn, which may be something women hate even more than prostitution. Nothing like a hot porn star to remind most women of what they aren't.

Some women's groups are even calling it an epidemic.

But an epidemic to who?

Well there is an epidemic alright and the cure would be a return of femininity instead of shaming men into accepting what they naturally don't want. Some day they may figure this out and as the entertainment platforms for men keep getting better the epidemic for women is only going to get worse.

Have fun competing with that ladies.



New Zealand said...

Spot on mate. It's the women who don't put out that hates prostitutes. Not illegal here but if the women in parliament had their way it would.

djc said...

Good point. I agree also. Oh and BTW, it's good to see you posting again. You were missed.

Anonymous said...

"Mainly married men". Spot on. I never knew what a sexual desert was until I was married for a couple of years. I finally, reluctantly had to go outside the marriage.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with your viewpoint, but I think your analysis misses the picture. Just to note: I'm American.

The prohibition of prostitution is a way to control male sexuality as to increase the sexual value of the average woman. Prostitution is beautifully natural and simple, but here in the U.S its forbidden not because women hate to see other women get money but because women collectively see each other as a guild for who preventing average men from getting cheap sex is a priority.

Every woman knows that her sexuality (if she hasn't reached menopause) is an asset she brings to relationships. It's a commodity that she leverages for commitment, support and status. She wants to be desired, and that desire, in part, depends upon the average man not finding it ridiculously easy to get access to sex.

Hence, in the United States, prostitution is overwhelmingly prohibited in all but a few counties in Nevada due to women's distaste for the competition that the prostitutes presents.

The single woman who wants a relationship knows that sex is how she'll attract a man.

The girlfriend knows that the promise of more sex is how she'll get her boyfriend to marry her.

Occasionally sleeping with her husband is how the wife stays married.

The prostitute presents a threat to all three scenarios.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to add this: Have you noticed an uptick in the past several years in moral panics regarding "sex trafficking"? This comes from both feminists and the religious right. Have you really wondered what was going on?

The answer is that as society has become more liberalized, it's become increasingly absurd that prostitution is prohibited. After all, if two people of the same gender are allowed to legally wed in some states, then how could those same states deny individuals the freedom to exchange sex for money and vice-verse? It's inconsistent on the one hand to increase sexual freedom by allowing gays to wed while at the same time continuing to prohibit sexual freedom by forbidding prostitution.

This is how anti-prostitution folks are now justifying their stance. They've moved away from moral rhetoric about women selling themselves being wrong and adopted a framework under which women who engage in prostitution are always VICTIMS, and are always COERCED. In short, "sexually trafficked." There is a push in various states to only punish the johns and get government services for the prostitutes.

No one is really calling out the moral panic about "sexual trafficking" for what it is: The attempt to continue the prohibition of prostitution in an increasingly sexually liberalized society.

cdw said...

I was at work, with a few women. One said, "Dont you go out with the guys to see the peelers?" I said,"Why would I pay a woman to NOT have sex with me? I was married for 14 years and already went through that." They were all some pissed at my assertion that married women were equivalent to peelers. I told them that their behaviour made them equal in their own estimation.

cybro said...

You guys just backed up my assertion with your comments about panic over "sex trafficking" and contempt for "peelers" which I take to mean strippers.

What is really occurring here?

Prostitution drives down the sexual market value of all women and they despise / hate the competition.

So there it is once again.

Mark said...

I think the economy is in worse shape than what the mainstream media is saying. I live by a strip club and stop a couple times a month and do some drinking there. The girls there tell me there has been a big recent decline in business. Guys have less money and have stopped coming to the club or come and drink and don't spend money on lapdances (like me). There are more girls applying at the club because there are no good paying jobs around and they mistakenly think stripping is still a good paying job. Then when they find out it isn't they quit and go back to working at the waitress or store clerk jobs they had before or move into escorting. At the same time liberal feminists are supporting cracking down on prostitution there are more women being driven into it because of the bad economy created by the idiot politicians the liberal feminists voted in.

Anonymous said...

"I am personally indifferent to them and I suspect a growing number of men feel the same way. This may be worse to them than actually hating them."

In the famous words of Eli Weisel: "The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference".

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