Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why Men White Knight

This video is possibly the best explanation I have ever heard in all my years surfing the Manosphere regarding White Knighting. He also gets into the topic of the dreaded Friend Zone and what men need to do to stay out of it. His intro is a bit lengthy but it gets better once he gets going.

Most of his advice is related to PUA but the White Knight is also a significant problem to MGTOW.

I have had it happen to me on several occasions where some chick tried to get another guy to attack me for no other reason than to blow up her own ego seeing two men supposedly fight over her. So if a PUA can save some men from this kind of behavior I can support it.

As a MGTOW I don't approach chicks anymore not because I wouldn't like to bang them but it's the getting rid of them part afterwards that can be tricky. If any of you have ever been stalked by chicks you know what I mean. Plus all the other things that can go wrong for you and right for her like "Oops, I'm pregnant".

That is when MGTOW and GHOST becomes relevant to PUA gone Fatal Attraction.

At any rate the only thing I can add to what he says is to only approach chicks who signal their interest in you first. The ones who are will let you know. They will be the ones asking you what time it is or this that or the other thing trying to get your attention. The only thing you need to do after you get the hint is what the guy says.

Close the deal by letting them know what your intentions are and accept nothing less.

Whatever this guy had to drink the night before I need to get some of that stuff.   

Defiantly a must watch.



G.S. said...

Hey it Rex??

Any conditions about posting here? Do you moderate??

cybro said...

The only comments I have had to delete were the ones who single out a particular person usually a female with all her personal information encouraging others to go harass that person. It happens now and then but I think for the most part the Manosphere has come to an understanding on that issue and it doesn't happen as often as it did in the past.

Other than that I really don't get all that much in comments so very little moderation is necessary here.

Just don't post anything that the feminists can use against you. No since giving them any ammo and I'm not going to give them a reason to take down my blog if I can avoid it.

cybro said...

Nice try but we have heard it all before. There is no point in even addressing this anymore. The catalogue of anti-male shaming already covers most of the types and forms of shaming.

Here was the angle you were trolling from.

Charge of Invirility (Code Lavender)

Discussion: The target’s sexual orientation or masculinity is called into question.


•“Are you gay?”
•“I need a real man, not a sissy.”
•“You’re such a wimp.”

Response: Unless one is working for religious conservatives, it is usually of little consequence if a straight man leaves his accusers guessing about his sexual orientation.