Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Misandry Bubble Is About To Blow

We knew this was coming.

Not only are they not going to back down, try to understand why men are leaving the building and change their ways. They are going to double down and spew more of their venom at us but it's only going to backfire on them.

All they are going to do is wake more men up to the unsafe environment any relationship with females has become for men.

Women Battle Online Anti-Women Hate From the 'Manosphere'

Wow, that chick looked mean as a rattle snake and completely oblivious to what men go through in the Family-Divorce Court Industrial Complex or dumb like a fox about it I can't tell which.

Anyway it's obviously going to be a hit piece on the Manosphere. AVfM claims to not be a part of the Manosphere which is fine with me. The Manosphere is whatever any individual man or groups of men wants their sphere to be or not be. No one person says what it is are what it isn't. 

Now what is going to be the result of this hit piece?

They are attempting to stir up hysteria falsely accusing the Manosphere of being the source of all evil on the planet to get it shut down. Their egos simply can't stand the criticism is what it amounts to. I may be going to comment moderation once the feminist trolls show up and start making threats against feminists acting like they are coming from men.  

Only problem with their plan is even if they do managed to shut down every blog in the Manosphere by the time they did it the message would have already gotten out to a wider audience. Any blogs that got shut down would only pop up some place else and probably some new ones to boot.

If they continue to attack the Manosphere the whole cycle will repeat itself until the bubble blows. It's like Elam says. Men have mostly stayed in their roles where as women have not. This has allowed feminism to go on far longer than it should have.

But the worm has turned.

Men are ditching their roles too and women are not liking it all to none.  The feminist attacks are only going to accelerate the process. It will turn into a catfight between females who don't want to work until they drop dead like a man does. Want men to stop ignoring them at work. Stop avoiding them like the plague outside of it and the professional victims like Sarkeesian who profit off of antagonizing men.

So let them fight it out and stay out of it.

Men don't have to do anything except to enjoy the freedoms that feminism has ironically given to us, to MGTOW. As opposed to the increasingly decreasing number of men mentally chained to the oars of the Matriarchy still bailing water for that sinking behemoth. The ship jumping in of itself drives them nuts but it's not our problem. If they don't like the mess they have made then they have to straighten it out for themselves.

Until then...



Karl Dust said...

I see more guys avoiding serious relationships with women everyday. Its sad for humanity as a whole, but when you watch your father and/or grandfather get destroyed in the divorce courts, or watch them live a loveless marriage preforming your duty as pack-mule and ATM machine...well the smart ones pay attention. And lets not forget the "You are just like a brother to me!" spin most modern women say, as they run off to the degenerate thug.

Höllenhund said...

The key sentence can be found almost at the very beginning:

” Protected by the anonymity of the Internet, men feel free to post hateful and violent comments.”

This article is unmistakably part of a larger and concentrated effort of powerful lobbyist groups, not just feminist ones, to outlaw online anonymity. It’s happening, and it has been happening for years. And ultimately they will win. Make no mistake about that. Feminism is set to doom the entire human race.

cybro said...

Well, looks like someone higher up the food chain at ABC decided giving the Manosphere any attention wasn't going to help their efforts to demonize it. The whole thing was a non-event. They never aired the interview.

Anonymous said...

This is the latest "thing" - women not liking what men observe and conclude about observations of them. So they want to shut it down - this is why I tell people use "mailinator" for E-mail, and Tor to connect, or post to any site - you are a target for speaking the truth. Women cannot face the truth, so they will try to shut it down - all that it does is reinforce it for the same reason that all banning fails - people want to know why something is banned and read it themselves.

MarkyMark said...

Man, I cannot STAND Elizabeth Vargas-ugghh, what a bitch! Unfortunately, she's from Jersey; she's a total disgrace to the state...

djc said...

Anyone know where the entire 20/20 video can be found? I've looked, but no luck.

cybro said...

They never showed it and The Social Pathologist thinks he knows why. I tend to agree, so keep your heads down and get ready for this thing to blow.

djc said...

Thanks. I wasn't aware of The Social Pathologist. Good site. He has a good point. I never thought about that. Those evil bastards don't want men to know. And I agree that we should keep it on the low down. And remain leaderless. They can't attack you that way. It's becoming obvious that more and more men are waking up. The sites are getting many new members. The next few years are going to be very interesting.

djc said...

I really enjoyed Elizabeth's pissed off face. That face could be the poster girl for your typical American woman today. They are ALL pissed off. And I say too bad! You made your own bed. Men increasingly don't need you. You're not worth the trouble. I look forward to the coming melt down. Got to stock up on beer and popcorn.

Coweatsman said...

Video not there.