Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Feminism Will Set Men Free

One point I would like to address in The Daily Beast article The Masculine Mystique is the following premise that was floated or rather projected onto the Manosphere.

The single common thread that binds them all together is their deep-seated hatred of feminism.

Speaking for myself not only do I not hate feminism but I am very much grateful to feminism for exposing the true nature of females to me. As a result of feminism and all the privileges that comes with it women have proven themselves to be the farthest thing from the suffering saints they fancy themselves to be.

If the women in my life had not drank the feminist Kool-Aid so thoroughly. Had they not let the mask drop one too many times. Had I not traveled outside the US and had something to compare American women too. I could have gotten trapped like so many other men around me who were chewed up and spit out by a legal system that is completely stacked against men.

I dodged the bullet thanks to feminism so what's to hate?

You see feminism had been at war with me for the first 40 years of my life and I didn't even know it. But from the age of 36 I was waking up rapidly and by 40 I was completely unplugged from the matriarx. I had won this war declared against me by realizing it was there and simply walking off the battlefield.  

Up until then I was sucking on the mother of all Blue Pills called NAWALT. I was still open to the possibility that not all women were like that. I had seen it for myself but what I had seen was not that women were not all like that but that not all the places in the world were like that.

I had been outside the US from the time I was 23. I had seen a side of females that was very feminine and very nice that I had never seen before. The only problem is it was all a deception. Given the opportunity those same females would turn into raging monsters fueled with the empowerment of feminism if I were to ever bring them back to the US.

I didn't know what it was at the time but I had seen what happened to other guys who made the mistake of bringing them back to the big PX. It never went well and I knew I would never make the same mistake.

The mistake I did make which was more of a learning experience than any catastrophic financial mistake was to think that maybe religion would somehow sort out the good from the bad. I thought by going back to church there would be some nice girls there who had kept themselves from the world and was just waiting for a nice guy like me to come around.

After all isn't that what they say they want?

A nice guy?

Not necessarily.

Sure they are looking for a nice guy but it's more like the way a shark is looking for a nice big tuna fish to sink its teeth into.  

What I was running into was reformed sluts, burned out career chicks who had ridden the cock carousel and were now looking for a Poindexter to finance their retirement. Like a dumb ass I gave them the benefit of the doubt and made a go of it. I made the effort, all the effort while they enjoyed the ride. After a while I began to notice there was little to no reciprocation for my efforts. Still I would try a little harder thinking they would come around.

Never happened.

Not only would they not reciprocate in kind, the sense of entitlement was staggering. Feminism had promised them everything and they felt they had it coming to them because they were the true victims of men and the patriarchy. They have it coming to them alright but the impacting splat against the wall of reality isn't what they are expecting.

Eventually they would shift gears and start to criticize things that I did for them. I was being turned into a doormat, a bag boy, an errand boy and a chauffeur while in their arrogance scouted out for a bigger fish to fry. Adding to the insult was when they would accuse me of somehow wronging them by what I was trying to do for them.

This is where the feminism would kick in, the ideology of the professional victim. The desire to play the martyr at the expense of men is so great that everything men say and do for them will be turned against them. Women would not have embraced this ideology in such mass numbers if this is not what they truly are.

The Manosphere doesn't think women are evil for no reason, we have only made the observation that given the opportunity most women have chosen evil.

If they were something else the whole feminist movement would never have gotten past the gates of hell and relationships with females would have been what I thought they should be. To me a relationship should be a competition but only to see who can do more for the other. It's not an opportunistic situation where one side takes all and not only takes but falsely accuses the other of harming them, playing the victim so they can continue to take.

Well those days of delusional thinking are over my friends because I see how it is now.

In my second to last relationship I had finally told her that since I was doing her such wrong maybe she would be happier if I wasn't around. "Oh I didn't mean it like that" bla, bla, bla... too late, I was already out of there.

The one relationship after that and my last one didn't last very long because I was already seeing the pattern in less than a year. After that I was done, in 2006 when I launched this blog I was a free man and Going My Own Way. 

Going my own way happily and thankfully because if it had not been for feminism pushing its agenda so far over the top it would not have exposed these women to me for what the really were. They were so empowered with feminism that they weren't really making much of an effort to hide what they where. If feminism had not gotten as far as it had by the time I started to become a target to these predatory females I may have not seen the deception and would have gotten myself legally entangled with them through a Marriage 2.0 contract. From there I would have been torn to pieces by whole schools of sharks that prey on men through the Family-Divorce court industrial complex.   

It didn't happen thanks to the excesses of feminism.

Now I'm living free in my small MGTOW cabin in the wilderness where the fridge is full of beer and the toilet seat is always up.


Thanks again feminism if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be living the dream I am now.  



Outcast Superstar said...

Great Post!

This post inspired me to do my first blog entry in four months called This is How Women Choose Men

cybro said...

Man I thought you went Ghost. When I said I was rapidly waking it was because of blogs like yours that helped me to unplug. I'm going to move you up from my Gone Ghost section. Welcome back.

Outcast Superstar said...


I won't be posting as often and have disabled comments on my blog at this point I just speak what's on my mind and don't care about what others have to say. I find that dealing with comments greatly contributes to the burn out process.

I guess you can say I'm a part time ghost and a part time blogger it just comes in spurts

orion said...

Well, since this statement was floated by me in the comment section of that specific post, though I am very likely only one of many, I think my point still stands.

We can argue till the cows come home whether "hatred" or "disgust" or outright ridicule is the right word to use and it may vary from person to person.

I do believe human behavior to be at least somewhat malleable, so its not so much AWALT, but AWALT in a situation where women are are indoctrinated to behave in a certain way and also rewarded for it.

Your reaction, which seems to be of the MGTOW variety, is part of the backlash to feminism and that is what ties the manosphere together.

patriarchal landmine said...

I don't hate feminism for the same reason I don't hate fire. if I put my hand on a hot stove, there's no sense in getting mad at the stove, because it doesn't have a mind of it's own. just like women.

cybro said...

Maybe I should explain this another way.

Feminism is like Militarism.

When a man is in the military he is always being told he really doesn't deserve to be there. That he needs to do more with less, to work more, to deploy more, to fly more or whatever more. The bottom line is it's never enough even if you worked yourself to death or were killed in the process of operations or combat the attitude is oh well you just did your duty, next.

This is called male disposability.

Do I hate the military for this?

No, I am grateful to have realized the true nature of the military and other men's attitude towards me as being disposable in time to have survived it and gotten out.

What happened when I realized I needed to act in self preservations and get out?

They, the powers that be hated my guts. I went from being merely unworthy to evil incarnate for wanting to leave an environment stacked against me.

You have to love the hypocrisy.

This is exactly how feminism is. Men don't deserve women because all men do is abuse women but when men say ok you are better off without me look at what the reaction is.

Need I say more?

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