Sunday, September 29, 2013

A MGTOW Asking For Money Is An MRA

The whole concept of MGTOW is a very simple one. Remove male utility and disposability from an increasingly ungrateful society to whatever degree any individual man is comfortable with. No need to join any groups or movements. No protesting or activism required. No need to send money to anyone. Simply devote whatever resources you have towards improving your own life.

This is the reason why it's numbers are growing or at least the number of men who claim to be MGTOW seem to be increasing. However there will be those who will eventually come along and try to twist MGTOW into something it's not. A movement you can give money to. That's not MGTOW that's MRA.

There is no war to be fought once a man goes his own way. Going your own way means leaving the battlefield. You climb out of the trenches and walk away from the no man's land feminist have created between themselves, men and reality.

Simple as that.

Note to the professional victims (AKA Feminists), you have never and never will do any chit even remotely close to what is pictured above. Those men could have been shot by their own officers if they refused to go. So stop with the endless complaining over nonexistent oppression. You have no idea what real oppression is.

Trads, White Knights, Mangina's, all of those male control freaks who pedestalize females and think other men or disposable have big problems understanding the concept of MGTOW. It drives them bezerk when they point their ideological gun at your head, blow the whistle, order you over the top and nothing happens. Men aren't there to order over the top. Instead of trying to understand why that is they throw every form of cursing and shaming at MGTOW to get them back in the trenches fighting a war they don't have to.


I don't get, I don't understand this obsession to control others and bark orders at them.

I see it even in online gaming. When I go my own way in any particular arena I get hounded by certain individual for not fighting against the opponents along with whatever side I happen to be on. The game is designed like the real world where every gamer can do whatever he wants. It isn't structured to where I have to fight for any particular unit. I don't have to take orders from other gamers. It is the very reason why that game is successful. If it were scripted to where players had to fight only a certain way or only the way some of the control freaks demanded and they whine when they don't get their way let me tell you, the game would not exist.

Most gamers simply wouldn't play.

Sort of like Marriage 2.0 which is scripted to the point where one side has all the advantages while the other has none and in addition has everything to lose by simply playing. One side astonishingly refuses to understand why the other side doesn't want to play anymore. Instead they would rather hound, harass, shame and whine to the other for not playing.

It isn't working and they still can't understand why.

These male and females control freaks have one thing in common. A desire to use and abuse others for their own self serving purposes. Almost the very definition of evil. Maybe that's why I don't get it. I'm not evil. I have no desire to control others, tell them what to do or abuse them to make myself feel powerful..

Live and let live is what I say.

Take this guy for example. Not only did he find out just how abusive females can become but they can do so with impunity. When he tried to talk to the police about what happened all they cared about was if he had hit the female that attacked him.

He couldn't believe it when the police told him if he had hit back they would have arrested him. You can imagine from that point on he was fully awake and going his own way.

Even where I live I noticed the police will charge men with third degree felony assault for allegedly yelling at their wives or girlfriends. At the same time when one guy punches out another well that's only misdemeanor assault. In light of these kind of double standard it's not difficult to understand why men decide to go their own way.

Another example of men going their own way came to me about a week ago. I took a cab one day while my vehicle was having some work done on it. Another driver came over the radio and said he would never go to a certain address again. He sounded pissed so I said something to the guy who was giving me a ride. He says oh yeah that's the women's shelter. Most of us (drivers) don't go there. The females will skip out on paying the fare by ducking into the shelter where men are not allowed to go in. I said nice scam but of course they are the ones who are the victims. He laughed understanding the sarcasm and added how the women can't figure out why drivers rarely go there to pick them up.

Yeah I see the trend too.



En-sigma said...

Great post.

I have been married almost 22 years and I am still in the "marriage 2.0" zone no matter what. Learning a bit of Game has saved my bacon so far, but it could fall at any moment.

Even if you find a woman who does not want to be the "bread winner," she does think that she should be equal in everything. To which I tell her my truck needs an oil change and tire rotation, AND I'LL EVEN GIVE YOU THE CHOICE OF WHICH ONE WILL BE YOUR JOB!

Southern Man said...

Doing so, slowly but surely. I teach, but in a STEM field and my students are mostly guys. My ex only gets a few more years of child support (and God knows how she'll pay her bills without it, but I don't care). I will spend my future income on ME. Selfish, but I've got twenty years of selfless beta good guy provider to make up for.

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