Monday, August 19, 2013

Whatever Happened To Smashing The Patriarchy?

Maybe some patriarchies are more equal than others.

Princeton grad advises Princeton women to marry men who are "worthy of you".  

And if a Princeton man came out and said never marry a Princeton woman because it's not appropriate for them you know they would be going ballistic.

Let's do the math.

If it cost $55,465 for one semester at Princeton and I would say that is a low estimate, it will cost you $443,720 over four years if you make it out in four years. Then there will be the expectation that you pay off her student loan. So any Princeton man who marries a Princeton grad is looking at a debt of  $887,440. Almost a million dollars which would probably be closer to the real cost.

Screw that.

Too funny, maybe it should read "I'll smash the patriarchy after I'm done cashing out". Anyway I should be thanking feminist for all the smashing they have already done which saved me from a life of Blue Pill wage slavery.
Thanks ladies.


djc said...

The sense of entitlement of the average American woman never ceases to amaze me.

hans said...

Smart women at Princeton?
Let me adjust my cummerbund for a hearty belly laugh.

Obviously this old bag knows how to cash in the chips and gives this no-brainer advice to the young sluts of Princeton.

And what are the sluts thinking?
Not for meee! I´m too youuung. I wanna get fucked now!

I´m not even bothering to argue about the intelligence an expensive education supposedly proves, or rather its non-existence.

Anonymous said...

More expensive than a hooker every night of your life.

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