Sunday, August 18, 2013

Divorce Math and Why Men Should Not "$tep Up"

We here at the Order of MGTOW will explain to men what White Knight Churchianity refuses to.

Schools out, grab a beer and go your own way.

And in other news I had to go off the radar for a while. It got me delinked from some other blogs which had the effect of reducing traffic here. Perfect, just what I wanted. I don't blog to be popular or make money and I sure as hell don't care about any men's movement. I do this for myself and if anyone gets something out of it fine but I'm not joining any movements are groups in the process.

At the same time any Pussy / Rights Beggars (PRB's) that don't like what I have to say can start their own blogs. Men have all the power they need to beat the system of male disposability through the power of the veto. Stop participating in your own destruction. Don't get married, don't let them live with you and don't knock them up. It's that simple. That's why so many PRB's don't like what MGTOW have to say because they are still plugged into the system that is dependent on male disposability.

PRB's are either collecting money through donation to fight for Men's Rights or to sell Pussy Begging DVDs, Books and Seminars. They need men out there pussy begging and signing marriage contracts to stay in business. They are as dependent on male disposability as much as the system is. I'm not telling them what to do but if they don't like MGTOW because it does not serve their agenda then they can go pound sand. I don't owe them anything.
In addition the concept of MGTOW is gaining wider ground outside the Manosphere. The system has overplayed it's hand. It has stacked the deck so far in women's favor at the expense of men that it is forcing their Blue Pill slaves to wake up in greater numbers.

The logical thing to do would be to back off and let their slaves go back to sleep but that is not what will happen. Men are not dealing with a logical entity but an emotional one. Once it gets exposed by the MSM feminist will become enraged at the existence of the Manosphere.

How dare anyone question female superiority especially men?  

I don't think I have to explain in detail as to what they will do because you guys already know they will throw the book at the Manosphere. Look at what happened in Toronto. There is no talking to them. Feminists are in trench warfare mode. There is an ideological no man's land between them and reality.

To keep it that way it's going to be the mother of all shaming championships that may go own for months. It may even lead to the Misandry Bubble or the Feminist Apocalypse that others have predicted.

Either way things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. As for me I may be going off the radar intermittently but I have no plans for going completely ghost at this time.

Enjoy the decline.



Anonymous said...

Good to see you back up!

Anonymous said...

Now they tell me. Young man take heed from your elder: worst decision I ever made was to get married.