Monday, July 15, 2013

Will Facebook Do For Zimermann What It Does For Feminists?

Nah, never happen but the next time feminist start whining about how Facebook or any place else is full of hatred and threats of violence directed at females. Remember the very real hatred and threats of violence this kid Zimermann is getting.

Facebook Won't Remove 'Kill Zimmerman' Page, Delays Blocking 'Riot for Trayvon' Account

The social media giant Facebook initially said it would not remove a page dubbed "RIOT for Trayvon" claiming it "doesn't violate our community standard on credible threat of violence." Later, the site apparently yanked the page but left another called "Kill Zimmerman" as is.

A Breitbart News contributor reached out to Facebook today asking the company to review "RIOT for Trayvon." The page, which had 152 "likes," included this paragraph (warning -- explicit language):

They don't think we will tear this mutha fucka up! LIKE IF YOU READY TO RIDE! LETS FLEX OUR MUSCLE! WHAT,YOU SCARED?

A picture accompanying the page featured a person lying unconscious. The social media company responded that it reviewed the page in question and did not feel the need to block it.

Man if that isn't hate speech I don't know what is.

Actually yes I do. Anything that is less than worshipful or in slight disagreement of anything about feminism is the only hate speech there is.

The hypocrisy and double standards just don't surprise me anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Status Quo for the powers that rule in this day and age.