Sunday, July 28, 2013

Is Heartiste Actually A Chick?

Riddle me this, Batman.

What kind of man attaches his entire self worth to how much pussy he can beg out of females?

Unless this dude is actually a chick whose entire self worth is attached to how much men beg for her pussy.

Chateu Pussy Beggar Says

Excuse me, good haters, but I don’t see your blogs resulting in any nuptial engagements.

Nobody that I know of hates you mister pussy beggar but maybe someone is projecting their own hate and insecurities on the rest of us.

This guy may actually be a chick fearing MGTOW who don't chase pussy anymore.

I could be wrong but I'm not the first one to make this observation.

Cybro, you are 100% correct. Unfortunately you are arguing with a chick. A chick is writing this claptrap. Naturally chicks want as many men to approach as possible. A true alpha male could care less. In fact he would prefer that they don’t approach! More tail for him!

By the way, my response to that comment was removed. I said I thought it was odd that I was attacked with shaming when I had a legitimate question about Game. I knew what the answer was but wanted to see what this guy had to say. So I was expecting a logical reasonable answer to that question but what I got in return was an emotional reaction.

It was just the sort of thing a chick would do.



California Nationalist said...


cybro said...

Perhaps but like I said I could be wrong. I have my suspicions. Any feed back on this is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Given that government tendered for software to create multiple ip addresses for single computers with the intent of directing social media conversations (particularly blogs), nothing surprises me.

Too many manosphere authors seem very spurious, they don't show the classic human foibles, write too sharply, update too often and shame too much to be genuine guys.

The way authors treat MGTOW is the standard bearer for me.

cybro said...

That would also explain the same level of hostility towards MGTOW that comes from the FemBorg Collective. An empire can not be sustained when the imperial storm troopers are unplugging and going their own way.

MarkyMark said...

Though there's something to your theory, I have one question to ask: why is Roissy/Heartiste WORSHIPED by the Manosphere? He gets more comments than I get in hits! Many stalwarts of the 'sphere think he's the guru on women and relationships; if I mentioned names, you'd know them instantly. If Heartiste were a chick, wouldn't he have been found out by now?

Then again, how he handled the whole Lady Raine debacle made me scratch my head. He intimated that she'd been in a porno flick or something. Well, if anyone knows anything about LR, then you know that she's was a stripper; she'd be the LAST person shamed by such means! Roissy was an idiot in that instance.

cybro said...

With all the alleged attention this guy gets if he were a chick then yes I would think someone would have already figured this out. Or maybe it's like anonymous said. The whole thing could be staged.

I get a red flag from the hostility directed towards MGTOW. If this dude is banging half the chicks he insinuates he does then he should be all for MGTOW getting out of his way. So either this guy is really a chick or he is trying to sell PUA through donations, dvd's and books. There would be revenue on the line and MGTOW for free would be a financial threat to him.

In that case I can see how he would be totally against young men going their own way instead of buying what he is offering.

Anonymous said...

Because MGTOW is ultimately defeatist. It is at best, a short term solution. By definition not Alpha.

I sympathize with MGTOW but feel it is a resignation rather than a solution.

Pump and Dump, while no long-term solution is arguably better.

Ultimately, don't get tied down. I suppose that's the similarities between the two.

- Apollyon

Anonymous said...

It could just be that he's a zealot who thinks fucking as much pussy as possible is the right answer for every man. People act like that when they think they have the right answer to a problem, even if their answer isn't the right one.

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