Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Can't MGTOW Just Shut Up and Go Their Own Way?

In this video MrLorenzoVerde confuses MGTOW with TFL but at one point does ask a very good question.

"If these guys were so past women and beyond that in going their own way. Why can't they go their own way and leave everybody else alone and don't produce propaganda?"

The answer to that question has a few aspects to it.

Firstly I think most men do shut up and go their own way. They drop off the radar or the even commit suicide. They don't know there is a Manosphere that they can go to where they can talk about their issues. So they do just shut up and go away.

Secondly if MGTOW don't continue to remind themselves why they went their own way over time they may start to forget. It is precisely because MGTOW do not hate women that they may get back into a relationship with one. For a while things may be nice but it's only a matter of time before the whole cycle of why they went their own way to begin with repeats itself.

At least for me when I was blasting out of the NAWALT sphere into MGTOW space it was more difficult. I struggled between the two for a couple of years before departing the gravity society places on men. Blogging about where I would rather be helped me to reach that place.

Third reason is if men remain silent in the face of all this hatred directed at them emanating from feminism there isn't going to be a Manosphere around for very long. Feminists can not stand the slightest bit of criticism. Instead of addressing their own issues and adjusting accordingly. They rant and rave and demand censorship.

We have seen what went on with Facebook. The feminists used some obviously inappropriate humor that should not have been posted to begin with to shut down all descent of feminism. I'm also seeing the same thing now on YouTube. Comments and videos that are less than worshipful of females are being removed. When they are done there they will be coming for the blogs.

Last point I would like to make is that MrLorenzoVerde looks like a young man and I don't recommend MGTOW for young men. When I say young I mean under 30. Those years you just don't have as much to lose. Oh yes you can still go to prison for 20 years on a false rape accusation but financial and asset wise you guys are not there yet. You are too busy running around banging every pile of rocks you think has a snake in it to be concerned about your future.

So for that group I recommend going over to the PUA's and learning Game. It's going to be very important for your survival so you can reach a point where you may want to some day go MGTOW. But you have to make it there first.

To the rest of MGTOW don't shut up about this stuff and go quietly away because there are always men coming into the Manosphere trying to sort out why females are so screwed up. In addition to that if you don't use your freedom of speech I can guarantee you the feminist will do everything in their power to take it away from you.

Don't let them get away with that without saying anything.


Anonymous said...

Good post. All the Game types whine about MGTOW. I think they are hiding they're own insecurity at the unconscious truth they know, that we are right.

Jehu said...

MGTOW are essentially engaging in an ultimatum strategy with the opposite sex. They're saying collectively;
What you're offering us isn't good enough to outweigh the liabilities and risks that you impose on us. We're therefore on strike until matters change.

One of the key components of ultimatum negotiation is that the other side has to recognize that you have in fact made an ultimatum. Thus they have to propagandize. It's not hard at all to understand.

Anonymous said...


no ultimatum. I don't want any dealings with women that are unnecessary. I've just gone fishing. May change in time but it will be my time not a women's because that is my way too.

You seem to think that there is an underlying rationale for MGTOW and fail to understand that it is simply a personal choice on the part of the individual. The form of MGTOW is up to the individual too.

Hamilton said...

I simply can't keep up with all the acronyms.

cybro said...

Ha, I should probably do a post just on the acronyms but here are the ones that apply to this one.

MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way (Limit relationships with women and universally reject marriage in it's current form as nothing but a fraud perpetrated against men).

TFL = True Forced Loneliness (These guys don't actually have a choice to go their own way, they are sort of forced into it):(

PUA = Pick Up Artists (These guys play on female hypergamy, mind tricking females into believing they are someone they are not to get the sex out of them)

Game, not an acronym but it is the process by which PUA goes about picking up and banging chicks. It's a religion to them much like the Force is to the Jedi or the Sith. PUA is more like the Sith using the dark side of the Force to trick women into banging them.

Anonymous said...

MGTOW do a great service to many men, they allow men to see how rigged the game is and provide a cognitive framework to lead fulfilling lives.

Without MGTOW disenfranchised men would simply be subject to the whims of feminists and their narrative, it provides a counter balance to the loser and man up screed.

I am certain MGTOW bloggers have saved lives.

Anonymous said...

I'm friends with Bill Greathouse, the guy who created TFL, and he's a good guy. You'll be hard pressed to find men like him who have such integrity and honor. This is why Peter Nolan is friends with him, because Bill is a good man. Hell, Bill got fired from his job because his hotel job manager saw one of his youtube videos on TFL and got him fired. Peter Nolan is now running a case against the female manager who fired him with the new MBA law services.

Full details here:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didnt leave my name with the last comment about MBA law services. This is John Rambo, founder of Boycott American Women.

Anonymous said...

Whoa why was the comment deleted?

Anonymous said...

WTF man? You talk about freedom of speech, and then you censor men's comments in your own article? Some men's "rights" activist you are. This is why I rarely waste time with you guys anymore, you are all worthless idiots who do nothing useful. If you were actually serious about doing anything useful, you'd join the MBA and create businesses outside of the jurisdiction of the feminist governments.

cybro said...

Relax guys, sometimes the blogger thinks some comments are spam and they don't automatically get posted.

The only comments I delete are the ones I think over the top and feminist can use as ammo against me. They will blame me for the comment. There is a difference between freedom of speech and harassment.

As you can see from one of the comments another trick feminist like to play is attacking men where they work and try to get them fired.

So you need to think about the things that you say. Ask yourself how does it sound? Does it sound like anger, like you are looking for revenge against a specific individual? Or is it criticism in general used to encourage men to watch out for what is out there?

Keep it along the lines of encouragement and no reasonable person will disagree with you. In addition the feminist will even help carry your message by whining about it.

hans said...

Relaxing is always a good advice.

Take it away AL!

djc said...

I'm long past being MGTOW because I'm on strike until things change. I just find most women boring. And, in most cases, a pain in the ass.

Brendon Bookman said...

We are free to do as we please. I don't harp on women what would be the point? If I were to harp on them, or express anger/hate toward them, it would indicate I care in some fashion....which I don't.

Brendon Bookman said...

MGTOWs know we are not important or even recognized by society, male and female, at large. We are also not so arrogant as to think by our removing ourselves from said society and interactions with women it will have any impact on their attitudes/behaviors. We aren't that stupid. I do wish some of the guys would drop the topic of women all together. By belly-aching about them, it indicates they still matter, which they shouldn't. Indifference is the best way to show you are out.