Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ten Commandments of MGTOW

I know how the atheist dislike religion and others think any reference to it has no place in the Manosphere so I made this up special just for those guys.
Everyone one else can use it or lose it as they see fit.

The Ten Commandments of MGTOW
1.  Thou shall be thine own man in thine own individual movement and not a follower of others.  

2.  Thou shall not place females on pedestals, bow down to them or worship them.
3.  Counsel no man to do anything thou would not do first thyself and accept no shaming for what thou doeth that is in thy own best interests.

4.  Waste not thy time, energy and resources seeking female approval through pussy begging, political activism or white knighting.  

5.  Indeed, if thou art  attacked by pussy beggars, political activists and white knights for going thine own way then thou art Doing It Right.
6.  Thou shall not bring foreign women to feminist lands thereby creating more monsters but shall freely go to unfeminized paradises to experience the pleasure of true femininity.

7. Thou shall not commit to Marriage 2.0 nor shacketh up with females or even give them the key to thine castle lest it will soon be taken away from thee.
8.  Never assume Not All Women Are Like That (NAWALT) and suffer no fools who do.

9.  Thou shall not believe rape accusations until proven without a reasonable doubt that they are not false rape accusations.
10.  Thou shall not covet a society that hates, robs, murders and considers you and your kind disposable - shun this evil generations of vipers, ignore the shaming of spiteful demons and Go Thine Own Way with joy in thy heart.  



Keoni Galt said...


Anonymous said...

Not bad, but the doths and doeths make it sound like a joke.

cybro said...

Yeah, well the nice thing about MGTOW is anyone can take these ideas and fix them up the way they like.

Anonymous said...

the doths and doeths make it sound like a joke.

If it's a joke, it's a joke with a serious purpose.

Many a true word is said in jest.

I like these Ten Commandments and I will be copying them down.

MyFatherIsAbrahamAS said...

Truer words never spoken brother,(bows like a monk).Let these people with a hole in the middle realize the power of the testosterone.They love it.Make them worship it should also be in there somewhere.