Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some Hate Speech Not So Equal As Others

Who would have ever guessed that the Man Haters would want to declare themselves the authority on what hate speech is? Well, they ought to know. They are the experts at it.

I don't think I even need to begin to link all the examples of females talking about castrating and killing men. They are obsessed with it.  Or better yet whenever a man does get killed by a woman, you know how they all cheer and say he deserved it.

So I'm just going to skip over that and get right to it.

Take Action To End Gender-Based Hate Speech on Facebook

Facebook has long allowed content endorsing violence against women. They claim that these pages fall under the “humor” part of their guidelines, or are expressions of “free speech.”

Gee I wonder how much more they allow when it's the other way around?

That's why we're calling on Facebook to make the only responsible decision and band gender-based hate speech.

Hey ladies, seriously... you may want to clean up your own house first.

Anyway, that aint going to happen.

So what is going to happen?

AVfM seems to think that this event could be a threat or the beginning of a real threat to what they say is "our community". I take that to mean the Manosphere and I agree that's what they are after. That's the prize but like The Counter-Feminist said.

We knew this was coming.

We knew this was coming because it's the last card in the deck Feminist have left to play. Any written or verbal opposition to their supremacist ideology will be declared hate speech. A pseudo thought crime by the way and a euphemism for the truth.

Feminist run strong on emotion but low on strategy. At some point it was all going to reach the point of diminishing returns. There was only so much looting that could be had through the Family / Divorce court industry before men wised up to the scam. Men are opting out and women are freaking out that their shaming isn't stopping men from unplugging like it used to.

Things are not the same as they were 8 or 9 years ago when only a few cave men were scribbling about men's issues on blogosphere walls. Now days it's too many to keep track of. Then there always those coming and going. These new guys can write and say things better today than anybody could back then and there are more of them now. There is also all the comments that bleed over into the larger media. I remember when I never saw those kinds of discussions about female bad behavior and feminism.

Which brings us to the reason why the FemBots are in panic mode. Their bubbles are getting busted left and right online and their arrogant egos can't handle it. Compare that to men who most of them by now have been getting shaming thrown at them their entire lives. Nobody has been telling men from day one that they are little princess who could do no wrong and have anything they want. Men are so used to being told that they are the source of all evil in the world that it no longer phases them when women don't like it when men have a thing or two to say about them as well.   

That's why this thing is going to fall on it's face or not even get off the ground in the first place. Men can handle the constant criticism, they are used to it. The shaming no longer works and the feminists can't take the hint when it's time to power down. They have lost their grip on men and they aint getting back in the kitchen now even if they wanted to. Which they don't.

Instead of knocking off their bullshit that women are perpetual victims who never play any part of intentionally setting themselves up as victims by antagonizing men. As if men themselves have not suffered in far greater numbers from the violence of other men than women ever have. They are going to double down which is going to result in even more of a blow off. Which will result in more men unplugging, more loss of grip and more feminists alienating themselves from reality.

Facebook can do whatever it wants. If they do delete pages that are admittedly over the top it's their prerogative to do so. I don't blame them. I have said not to give the feminist any ammo they can use against men. So what if the feminists talk about castrating and killing men, you have better things to do than do what they do anyway. 

These jokes or humor about beating and killing women have an air of revenge to them. Don't waste your time and energy looking for revenge. Let go of anyone who has burned you in the past male or female. Burn and learn, then focus your time and energy on success. However you define success not how someone else defines it for you.

Even if the Feminists are able to get past shutting down a few pages that probably should be anyway it will just turn into a big game of Whack-O-Mole. They have well over played their hand and the cat is out of the bag.

You are welcome to close the barn door now ladies because the horses have already run off.


Anonymous said...

Tolstoy said that Napoleon's failure to take and hold Moscow wasn't so much a military defeat, but a natural one. We see the same effect every day when the sea attempts to take and hold the high-tide mark. Every day it tries, every day it succeeds for a moment, and every day it gets beaten back.

Human tides work on different time frames, but the pattern is the same. The feminists are now about where the sea-tide is at full swell. "Haven't we done so well girls! Look at all the ground we've taken!"

Look behind you ladies. The sea is fast disappearing behind you.

hans said...

I hope they succeed.

Male censorship on Facebook would finally reveal it for the control tool it is. Or at least give the bumbling blue-pillers something to chew on.

´Bout time this thing starts deteriorating from a wannabe "social networking site" to the "pussy-pedestal-me-to-fuck-me" swingers site it was destined to be all along.

Anonymous said...

Paul Elam is a disinfo agent. He's allowing all kinds of misandric bitches to write articles for his Voice for Men site now. He's turning the MRA movement into a politically correct ineffective hogwash.

More info here:

Take The Red Pill said...

It's so much fun to be a MGHOW and to watch the train wreck happening.

It'll be even better when the feminists want off the train wreck in the future, and to walk away from their cries for assistance...

Schadenfreude at it's finest.

Roy Scott Movrich said...

I have always said Facebook was an arena for the wannabes and almost famous to grasp their 5 minutes of fame; which is why I never got onto it and never will.
As for Paul Elam ... I knew he lost the plot long ago.
I am glad to see that I am not alone in seeing this.