Monday, June 10, 2013

MGTOW Code of Self-Interest

Ok maybe the Ten Commandments of MGTOW wasn't such a big hit but I liked them and that's all that matters to me. Remember I have time to tinker with these things now that I have booted all the people who want me to spend my time and energy on them out of my life.
Best thing I ever did.

Funny how it's all fine and dandy when one half of the population is completely selfish and self obsessed. But when a tiny few in the other half says screw it. I'm not going to deal with them anymore. They don't like it none do they?
The hypocrisy is spectacular to say the least.
In light of all that I came up with a set of principles that I think I can live by. Considering the level of hostility in society directed at men in general and MGTOW in particular this can be more of a survival guide than a code.

Maybe I will do something like that next.
MGTOW Self-Interest Code

I will not get mad, I will not get even, I will get ahead. Getting ahead as I define it not by how it's defined by someone else.  

I will only attempt to make myself happy in life.
Efforts to make others happy will no longer be considered.
I will be totally committed to what is best for me.
I will not be involved in any relationships that do not benefit me and especially those that have become more of a hazard than a benefit.

I will help those who help themselves and ask me kindly to do so. Those who expect my utility out of some sense of entitlement or gender superiority will not be receiving it. Those who consider me to be disposable, to be used up then destroyed, will be avoided to the greatest extent possible.
I will not blame anyone else for my mistakes or expect others to solve my problems. I will only blame myself for not learning from my mistakes or failing to solve my own problems.

I will take no part in changing the world, because sometimes doing nothing is doing something. The world can do whatever it wants and the only world I can change is my own.

I will always make it clear where I stand and what I believe, there is no hidden agenda. I make no efforts fooling others into believing I'm someone that I am not.

There is one place you will not find me, in the middle of the gender wars. A war any man can win anytime he wants by simply leaving the battle field.

Again, feel free to pick up on any ideas you like or dislike and run with them.


Anonymous said...

These are words of wisdom. I also liked the Ten Commandments of MGTOW.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LaVey already did something like this

cybro said...

There may be parallels but rational self-interest does not make me a Satanist or even an atheist. I simply refuse to worship, white knight or become disposable for women and their society.

Simon South said...

This is great. I agree, removing poisonous relationships from your life is key.

Although you wrote this from the MGTOW perspective I suspect every successful person believes some variation of these things.