Friday, June 7, 2013

MGTOW Can Not Be Hijacked

By anyone, including me.

When I started blogging in January 2006 it was because I got tired of the MRM type boards deleting my comments and blocking me for not parroting their party line that "Men had to do something" about feminism, the family court system, about everything. To me the solution was very, very simple.

Do nothing, walk away, screw it, let it fall on its face.

Stop participating in your own destruction by getting married in the first place and you won't have these problems was my advice.  

Oh no, they couldn't have that. That's not what they wanted to hear. So I said ok screw this. I'll start my own blog and delete my own posts or comments as I see fit. First step in going my own way before I even knew I would become one of those guys.

Later on I came across the MGTOW philosophy and that was it for me. What they were talking about was what I was already doing I just didn't have a name for it. I'm not sure if this is the exact site that I found but I remember it's the same content.

Introduction - What is MGTOW?

I won't list the whole thing here. You can go to the link if you want to read it. I just want to point out a few things.

MGTOW began as a result of XYZ, a very popular Men's Rights, or MRA, forum being erased 3 separate times from 2000 to 2003. Some of the members were weary of having a resource created, populated with information and links that other people could use, and then having that resource destroyed, over and over and over. This site has now abandoned all MRA content and the links to the MRA content, internal and external, on the current version of the site are all dead.

Yeah, same here, been there done that.

We didn't need to bother about copyright if we do not try to copyright it ourselves.

The same goes for the MGTOW manifesto. If you do not like it, then make your own.

The MGTOW logo and manifesto is open-source so to speak. Anyone can use it if they want. I did use the logo for a while but I think Going His Own Way at the top is enough for me. As to the manifesto I can use all of it, some of it or add to it. As long as it is taken in context.

Which means others can do the same. No one can tell you that you can't and at the same time no one can claim they are MGTOW when they are taking the idea out of context.

Obviously if someone says they are MGTOW and fully support the right of women to use the system to screw men over until kingdom come, that person is not MGTOW.

MGTOW is not a philosophy, or an "-ism", but rather an evolving consciousness and way of looking at the world. Unlike the lockstep and dogma of so many contemporary movements, MGTOW is entirely individualistic, even though many men may arrive at the same conclusions from having observed the same phenomena.

MGTOW is not a movement. It's individual. How long have I been saying that? Oh how the control freaks have such a big problem with individualism.

It is not about reinstalling patriarchy or revoking female voting rights or making socialism illegal. It might have this as a side effect - but not directly and not as a political ideology.

MGTOW isn't political.

Let me say that again.

MGTOW is not a political movement.

There, did you get that?

You will basically be alone doing this. There is no organization supporting you. You just go your own way and do what you believe is right. You are never obligated beyond your own conscience. True masculinity is also about accepting the rights of other men and not letting them down for any short term personal benefits.

Amen brother.

This post is for you guys that may come across comments in the Manosphere accusing others of hijacking MGTOW. Those very people accused of hijacking MGTOW are probably the ones you need to be listening to.

Hint, hint.


Anonymous said...

MRA is the hegelian antithesis to feminisms thesis and is created and controlled by the elites with the sole purpose of enslaving us through more laws in the name of equality.

Anonymous said...

"and is created and controlled by the elites with the sole purpose of enslaving us"

Uh, guys like Peter Nolan have been saying for years that the MRA movement has been subverted by the Illuminati, and that guys like Paul Elam and Glenn Sacks are disinfo agents, and yet he is mocked and ridiculed for daring to suggest such a thing.

Paul Elam, disinfo agent, full info here:

Paul Elam has been accused of subverting the MRA movement into a politically correct hogwash, because he allowed so many misandric women like Kristen Hansen to write for his AVfM site. Well, at least Paul finally did something right by firing that stupid bitch from the AVfM staff. So I do give him credit for that, at least.

Anonymous said...

Reminds of the lyrics to "Iron Maiden."

"Iron Maiden can't be bought,Iron Maiden can't be sold."

Play it loud.

Anonymous said...

MGTOW for life!