Tuesday, June 11, 2013

33 Reasons To Dump Entitlement Princess's

I'll tell you what boys, I've been down this road before. Stay away from these chicks. They have a date with the wall and that splat isn't going to be pretty. Right before impact we will be hearing the tell tale "Where have all the good men gone ?" whining.

I won't link directly to where I found this because these chicks have a nasty habit of showing up where their bubbles have been busted. They aren't my problem so I'm not going to deal with them. They can be some other guys problem but I'm here to warn those men to stay away from them.

You all can find a link to the link here.

My List

Here is my list of requirements of what I’m looking for in you. I made this list to remind myself not to settle for anything less than you. I don’t want to lower my standards and end up with someone who isn’t as amazing as you. I’m waiting for you. Hopefully I’ll recognize you when I see you, because you meet the requirements. I wonder if you have requirements for me too. I kind of hope so. I hope you’re waiting for me and looking for me too. Anyway here is my list.

Dream on ladies, you all say the same things, you all have the same hypergamous lists, it only means on thing. There will be plenty of cats in your future.

You must:

1. have a strong relationship with Christ - They can all go marry that Guy.

2. be a good spiritual leader for me and our family - And lead them where they tell you to.

3. put me second in your life after God - And you believe they really mean that?

4. have a desire to protect me and take care of me - Forget about you, you're disposable.

5. cherish me and respect me - The truth about 3 is starting to come out.

6. not pressure me for sex before marriage - And especially after you sign the contract.

7. be very chivalrous and have respect for all women -  It's them first and then all the other women, then the children, then all their relatives and friends and everything else but you. You men will be dead last.

8. be able to be a good father to our children - Good luck finding a sucker to pay that child support.

9. hopefully want to have foster kids and adopt kids, because that’s something I feel called to do. - It's all about their feeeeeelings.

10. love me unconditionally - 3 is taking a beating.

11. be someone I can respect and look up to - That means they will be expecting at least a six figure income.

12. be someone i just respect more and more as I get to know you more - More and more figures as the many luxury vacations pile up.

13. not make me feel insecure (especially about our relationship) - You better not get tired of earning all those figures.

14. not try to tear me down - Ask them to lower their expectations.

15. care when I’m hurt and when I cry - Throw temper tantrums to get what they want.

16. make me feel loved - No matter how much weight they put on after the wedding cake is gone.

17. love me with God’s love - 3 just went down in flames.

18. work things out with me instead of trying to start fights - All the fights are expected to be one sided.

19. love me so much that I can’t even comprehend - We can forget about 3 now that it has gone down in flames.

20. treat me like a princess (and treat our daughters like princesses) - Imagine that?

21. know how a man should treat a woman - Yeah we know and so do the PUA's, they have plenty to say on that subject.

22. pray with me, read the bible with me, have spiritual conversations with me, and care about my soul - See 1.

23. be patient - You are expected to be whatever they tell you at any given moment.

24. not let me forget how much you love me - Wow, their ego's have exploded.

25. have goals in life but not place a big importance on money - Sure, watch how fast you will be hearing about money when it's not there.

26. love spending time with me - And be out there making money at the same time.

27. hug me all the time and cuddle with me - They are highly insecure.

28. love listening to me and care about every aspect of my life - It's all about them.

29. want me to accomplish my goals - Man, this crap never ends.

30. not have any “red flags” - That is some serious projection right there.

31. put my feelings first - Geez, now we know what happened to 3.

32. love me as yourself - Extremely narcissistic.

33. be the leader in the relationship - Take all the responsibilities while they take all the authority a Marriage 2.0 contract gives them over men.

I know that you will be more than I ever could have hoped for. I know that you will be all these things and more. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to be married to you. I want you to know that I’m working on myself too and God is working in me. He’s preparing me to be with you. I want to be perfect for you. I know that I’ll never be perfect, but I will try my hardest with God’s help to be a good wife for you. I hope to see you soon.

Oh man if this is what passes for Christian women these day it's worse than it was 8 or 6 years ago when I gave up on them. This far surpasses the black holes of self-obsessed narcissist that I was running into back then. Unbelievable how bad things have gotten. Notice there was not a single item about what they have to offer in return, nothing, zero.

And what the hell is going on in these churches where females are getting the idea that marriage should be all rainbows and unicorns? That God is going to miracle into existence the perfect man who will take away all the realities of life away for them. I know what's going on. It's always the men who are told they are the ones who need to do more, always. On mother's day the females are portrayed as suffering saints. The martyrs who can not be praised enough. On fathers day it's one big long lecture on what they need to be doing for their wives and kids. Any appreciation is lip service. No wonder these Christian chicks are so full of themselves.

On top of it they can't figure out why men are bailing from the churches. One look around, the few men that do show up see all the bashing. They see the married dudes who would rather be anywhere but there. They see the married chicks smug and self satisfied with their male slave on a tight leash. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what their future is going to look like.     

Then there is the fact that a marriage contract with the state is like giving women, crazy women a loaded gun they can shoot you with at anytime without any consequences to themselves whenever they feel they have gotten all they can get out of you. Don't do it.  

My advice is stay away from these broads. They have serious issues and are anything but wife material. Leave them to their careers and the PUA's. I know I bust on you guys but I do know that you know what to do with chicks like this.

Go get em boys.


Anonymous said...

I dated Christian women in the hopes of finding a woman who wasn't like that. They are honestly the biggest hypocrites I have ever met.

hans said...

This is the typical post quarter-century list.
The ten years prior to that, they spread their legs for every bad boy idiot/asshole they could find.

Be a good Poindexter now and pay your fee for the born again slut´s used up cunt.


Only thing sad about this is, that there actually are Poindexters out there who will jump at this. Poor bastards.

Southern Man said...

That's a great list because it just begs for a response. If I get on an actual computer later I'll gin one up and post it.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, at least this one says she wants to be a good wife at the end. Give her credit for that. She actually realises that there has to be a trade-off of some sort. So at least she has something going for her.

There are much worse ones than this.

cybro said...

To be fair, I am warning men to stay out of Marriage 2.0 and not to believe simply because a female identifies herself as a Christian that it is somehow a better deal.

Trust me it aint.

What you can expect from these women is adultery, rationalized to the nth degree that it was all the husbands fault. No support from the church of any kind in favor of any husband who got cheated on. Followed by a divorce where the ex husband has to pay for everything. Including her lawyer.

If you think that is a fair exchange for allegedly claiming to want to be a good wife, they are all yours buddy.

Until the day comes when these so called Christian women demand the entire Family-Divorce Court Industrial Complex be completely shut down. When Christians go back to signing their names in a family bible as evidence of marriage instead signing a contract with the state. Then and only then will I stop warning men to stay away from marriage whatever religion in comes in.

That's not going to happen so you guys who do marry these chicks despite all the obvious warning signs do so at your own peril.

Kindjal said...

I remember Alanis Morrisette singing "How about not eating when you're all filled up." This seems good for a single item checklist but I have no doubt it too has a secondary meaning.

hans said...

@ 1:31PM anony
What the heck makes you actually believe she´s better?

These lists fly out the window the instant another one of her eggs starts wandering and there happens to be an "alpha" bad-boy dick in the vicinity, ready to plug the gash.

This is nothing but the usual shit-test from a future cat lady.
Stop falling for it guys.

cybro said...

Look guys I know at the end there was some platitudes about wanting to be a good wife and yadda, yadda, yadda. Don't buy that bullshit. It's like hans said. That's all going to get thrown out the window after the fact.

If these chicks were serious they would be making up lists about what they had to offer. Notice they don't do that. Because they have no clue. All they know is what they want and that's it.

Even then, with the laws being what they are I would still stay away from the whole thing.

John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier and founder of Boycott American Women said...

Great article Rex. YOU DA MAN!!!

John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier and founder of Boycott American Women said...

sup my bro cybro

you wrote:

" I am warning men to stay out of Marriage 2.0 and not to believe simply because a female identifies herself as a Christian that it is somehow a better deal. "

No shit man. Any beta stupid enough to believe that she's a good woman just because she calls herself Christian is a fool who deserves to suffer.

We all know how it goes. Slut it up during their 20s, and then when their eggs reach their expiration date around age 30, they suddenly join a church and become a born again virgin. They are just looking for some stupid beta male provider to marry.

The way I see it, any beta male dumb enough to marry such worthless cunts deserves to suffer.

cybro said...

Alright I appreciate the comments but a certain individual here is starting to sound like he has an ax to grind. As if he is nursing a grudge. I'm trying to say this kindly. You need to let it go man.

I point things out here, like this list to warn other men to stay away from this stuff and more importantly to remind myself why I do. That we have better things to do with our lives than endlessly jump through hoops for females that can never be satisfied. Not to go anywhere and start attacking them.

That is where I have to draw the line.

You know feminist can talk about attacking men all day long and they will always get a pass on it. But when you guys do it you know what happens. Suddenly you are a hate movement. You have committed the pseudo crime of hate speech.

Don't give them that. You don't need it anyway. You can win every time by simply walking away from it.

Don't get mad, don't get even, get ahead.

If you feel you have been wronged by females you need to learn from the experience, move on with your life and keep reminding yourself why you did so you don't make the same mistakes again.

Take The Red Pill said...

Any fool who believes that some worn-out trollop can magically become a 'born-again virgin' just because she joins a church and becomes a 'Christian', will also believe that fire can be made to burn backwards!

(If someone DOES, I'll happily sell them a worn-out Yugo with over 100,000 miles on the odometer -- but I'll want them to pay the price as if it was a brand-new Rolls-Royce!)

John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier and Founder of Boycott American Women said...

well cybro, i'm just trolling feminists for the lulz. I'm not angry or anything, I am merely writing in an extremely provocative manner so as to purposely piss women off and troll them. merely doing it for the lulz, bro, and i am indeed laughing my fucking ass off.

trolling is good therapy. laughing is very healthy for you.

you wanna troll some cunts and do it for the lulz? go to omegle.com and go to spy mode and type in a question and watch as two random strangers talk about it.

I usually type in something like "Why don't you women just shut the fuck up and get back in the kitchen where you belong and make daddy a sammich?" and it's hilarious to see the replies.

me and some dudes from /pol/ at 4chan were trolling the shit out of them for 3 days straight. lots of lulz, brah.

Southern Man said...

List followed by my responses.

1. Have a strong relationship with Christ.
R. Have a strong relationship with Christ.

2. Be a good spiritual leader for me and our family.
R. Follow my lead as spiritual head of the family.

3. Put me second in your life after God.
R. Put me second in your life after God.

4. Have a desire to protect me and take care of me.
R. Accept the care and protection I provide.

5. Cherish me and respect me.
R. Respect and desire me. See 10.

6. Not pressure me for sex before marriage.
R. Understand that one of your major responsibilities as my wife is my sexual satisfaction.

7. Be very chivalrous and have respect for all women.
R. Chivalry works both ways; learn and do your part as well.

8. Be able to be a good father to our children.
R. Make damn sure they're mine.

9. Hopefully want to have foster kids and adopt kids, because that’s something I feel called to do.
R. No.

10. Love me unconditionally.
R. Respect me unconditionally.

11. Be someone I can respect and look up to
R. See 10.

12. Be someone i just respect more and more as I get to know you more.
R. See 10.

13. Not make me feel insecure.
R. You are responsible for your feelings, not me.

14. Not try to tear me down.
R. Always work to build me up.

15. Care when I’m hurt and when I cry.
R. Care for me when I'm ill.

16. Make me feel loved.
R. See 10.

17. Love me with God’s love
R. Note Paul's instructions to wives.

18. Work things out with me instead of trying to start fights.
R. See 10.

19. Love me so much that I can’t even comprehend.
R. See 10.

20. Treat me like a princess (and treat our daughters like princesses).
R. Never forget who is king.

21. Know how a man should treat a woman.
R. Know how a woman should treat a man.

22. Pray with me, read the bible with me, have spiritual conversations with me, and care about my soul.
R. See 2.

23. Be patient.
R. See 10.

24. Not let me forget how much you love me.
R. See 10.

25. Have goals in life but not place a big importance on money.
R. Follow my lead. I'm the captain, you're the first mate.

26. Love spending time with me.
R. Love having sex with me; see 6.

27. Hug me all the time and cuddle with me.
R. See 6.

28. Love listening to me and care about every aspect of my life.
R. See 6.

29. Want me to accomplish my goals
R. Support my goals, not yours.

30. Not have any “red flags”
R. See 10.

31. Put my feelings first.
R. See 6.

32. Love me as yourself.
R. See Paul's instructions to wives.

33. Be the leader in the relationship
R. Follow my lead with love and respect. You're first mate, I'm captain.

Anonymous said...

One of your best evaluation style take downs in your blog's history REX! You said it all. Lol at you calling out the bullshit on number 3 by her own words.

As an aside, the last girlfriend I dumped could have written this checklist word for word. She was so Christian, it was hard to believe that she hooked up with 15 dudes on a dating website over a one year span. And ended up getting knocked up by a guy who beat her (and her pet dogs too). But she had the Churchian mindset, said I asked for too much sex, and that I was mean and a bad Christian.

Every time I forget I'm MGTOW, some chick comes along and reminds me that I am, and why I am. And makes me happy to be that way.

Anonymous said...

@John Rambo

Nah, this girl was 29, athletic and thin as phuck, that's why I hit her up for her phone number in the first place. But I get the feeling that there are a ton of these types prowling about in Churches these days. Like the dating undead.

cybro said...

Alright I hear you but my advice is always going to be to leave these chicks alone. Don't go over to their pages leaving comments busting on their egos. Not only will they not listen, they will play the victim card on top of it.

Just like what's her face did with the Tropes vs Women in Video Games. A whole lot of male gamers making some nasty comments and she became an instant martyr overnight. The money started pouring in from then on. All those guys played right into her hands.

Don't give them the satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Girls in gaming is a whole different level of crime. I categorically reject their attempts to steal a place at the table, as they make up perhaps 1% of hardcore gamers. Solatire is not a video game. And the ones who hang out in MMORPGs are using them mostly as internet chatrooms where they get more attention than they otherwise would because they get to hide behind an avatar.

Eric Mueller said...

This girl sounds like my soon to be ex-wife. For the last several years, she's had the attitude of "I'll respect you and treat you like a husband should be treated when I decide you've earned it." And obviously, it was unattainable. She finally opted to divorce me. It's probably a good thing. People tell me I'm much happier since divorce came on the table.

Oh, by the way, when we met, she was supposedly Christian. She was actually encouraged by some of her friends who are also Christian to divorce me. A pastor's wife told her "If divorce is on your heart, then you should probably do it."

So now she's going to be one of those hard working, saintly single mothers that gets praised from the pulpit every Mother's Day.

cybro said...

Yes Eric we have seen the same pattern around here for many years but I didn't mention the "friends" in the post. Always with the friends telling them they can do better egging each other on into filing for a divorce.

The better never comes though and they are almost always worse off but after a great deal of hardship I have seen the men's lives that are the ones that actually do get better.

That makes ex wives crazy with anger so watch out for that in the future.