Tuesday, May 28, 2013

White Knights Fail To Avenge Girl Gamers Honor

So there I was playing my favorite online multi-player video game. Won't tell which one that is but it's one thing I do with all that free MGTOW time I have. In this game like all of them there is a chat box where guys mostly taunt and insult each other as the fighting goes on. Sometimes the talk gets a little raunchy as it did the other night.

It went something like this.

player1: did you get him
player2: I got him
player1: good kill
player2: Yeah I just blew my load all over
player1: that's nasty who's going to clean up the mess?
me: girl-player0

Oh man, after a brief pause only long enough for the White Knights to mentally leap on their horses they immediately came riding to the rescue.

player3: you better watch your mouth
player4: yeah that's not funny
player5: shut up or you get reported
me: report it to your mom she's right here
player6: that's it, he's reported

Report me for what I don't know but I'm still laughing about it. It didn't end there though. Three of them found me in game and came to kill me.  I thought ok I'm out gunned here. Maybe I should boot out of the game and not give them the satisfaction of the kill but let's see what happens anyway.

So unbelievably, one by one the White Knight Posse went down and I lived. The game gods were on my side that night.

Now they were really pissed and that was about all the fun I could handle so I figured it was a good time to quit while I was ahead.

I have had it happen to me in the past, in real life where some men come down with a severe case of Hero Syndrome. They got all Whitey Knighty on me over some perceived insult I had committed against some female. My way of dealing with them was to simply smile, play dumb, walk away and not play into the accusing female game by physically fighting the White Knight.

I don't know of any better way of dealing with that kind of situation. I just can't see getting into a fight with a White Knight so some chick can have the satisfaction of telling all her friends two men fought over her. White Knights get it in their heads that they can attack another man with impunity to teach him a lesson. To straighten him out. As if an assault charge doesn't apply to them because a females honor was assaulted. As if they actually have any to begin with.  

Let me warn you Hero's. You attack me for any reason and force me into a fight I'm not fighting back just to teach you a lesson. It goes to a whole other level and at that point it's my right and my duty to defend myself.        

The sad thing is that is just the level of drama females love to stir up and I'm going to do everything in my power to deny them that even while these White Knights fail to do the same. 


Anonymous said...

player1: oh that's nasty who's going to clean up the mess?

me: girl-player"

lol ... excellent trolling

You should Trolling homo's online, liberal homosexual white knight's are even more hilarious then vagina worshipping white knights ...

hans said...

So you´re not in Goonswarm.
Props to you! ;)

BTW I´d had it up to here with all the internet white knights.
They and not the stupid female feministas are the actual problem and the blight on our societies.

And I´m pretty sure that secretly some of them are actually agreeing, when I pull my famous "I love whores, the only honest females" line.
But the vocal ankle-biters are simply too obnoxious.

John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier said...

hahaha that's awesome. I love trolling people too. Actually, I successfully trolled TENS OF MILLIONS of American women with my Boycott American Women blog. Look at the massive result it had- talked about on national radio shows, on hundreds of news sites, hundreds of blogs, and thousands of links posted.

All in all, I estimate that at least 10 million women were offended by my blog.


Anonymous said...

Since I have rather specialized training, if I get into a fight - I can be charged with attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon so as a result I am very careful about such things. Had someone where it was obvious a fight was coming - told the guy I was with - "get this on video." He did - I stood hands behind my back when I got hit. Called 911 filed charges against him for assault and battery - then sued him in personal injury court several month's later for money for dental work, as well as "pain and suffering". When I was done with him he learned you can have your clock cleaned without anyone even lifting a finger. :)

After he was hauled away in hand-cuffs, I nailed the broad he was defending that night. Women are so easy - they might as well be the prize in the Captn Crunch box... Have about as much "value" as well...

Anonymous said...

Haha, good story! You should try a little Call of Duty once and a while. Few to No white knights to speak of. Very few "girl gamers" as a result.

I'm sick of women trying to invade the gaming space, btw. If I hear one more story about how tough it is for chicks in gaming, or another call for more female main characters in first person shooters, I'll puke.

cybro said...

I like the term Boycott as opposed to Strike. A strike would mean I would have to already be working for a female in order for me to go on strike. Boycott is better but it isn't completely accurate either. It implies that there is an embargo on females that could be lifted at some point if they ever got their shit together. I don't care what they do anymore at this point in my life. I would say there is more of Male Secession from female society than there is a Boycott or a Strike.

John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier said...

cybro, don't worry, the boycott is just the beginning.

RIght now as we speak, new technologies are being developed which are going to free men from women.

Google is about to launch their Google Glasses and already they are saying that it will be used to create 3D porn.

Then there's the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset which is also being used by a few teams to develop sex games.

Eventually, virtual reality sex will become the next level of porn, and men won't even bother with real life women anymore. Why should they, when they can go and fuck a supermodel quality woman in virtual reality? Why waste time with fat, ugly, bitchy real life women?

So please keep a close eye on these new technologies. These will be the technologies which begin to free men from the tyranny of real human women.

Anonymous said...

John Rambo for president ...lol

The unsung hero of the manosphere

His posts regularly smack bitches up ...

Also for having the most awesome name in the manosphere ...

Anonymous said...

Wait until the artificial wombs arrive

Women'll get wiped out of the gene pool ...

Women have no idea how angry men are & sick of their shit testing, 10 year old personalities

John Rambo, Anti-Feminist Soldier said...

Thanks bro but I don't believe in concepts like president, I think it's every human's duty to govern themselves.

Yea artificial wombs will replace the need for real women, and yea you are right, women have absolutely no idea how fucking angry most men are at them now. It's because we men generally keep quiet, building a quiet anger, we men are not emotional creatures like women and just lash out when we feel anger or sad or emotional. No, we quietly make progress towards a goal and a solution to the problem.

One major solution to the problem of feminism and real life human women will be the creation of virtual reality sex. And the technology is almost there:


MarkyMark said...

Ya know, in order to protect honor, one has to HAVE it first-duh! If it's not present, then there's nothing to protect, is there?