Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hey I Haven't Been Happier Since I Went My Own Way

What is this crap about MGTOW hating on women... again?

I got news for Miss Woolybumblebee.

We don't hate women we just don't give a rationalization hamsters ass about them anymore.

Now who the hell in the Manosphere said they wanted to kill all women?

I have never seen any comments like that and if they do exist it was probably a false flag posted by one of the Manboobz type crowd. Otherwise it never happens as far as I can tell.

And what is this crap about the majority of  men going around "not healed"?

Yo bubblehead, some of us tried to be nice guys and it doesn't work. No big deal, we get it, we understand and yes we worked it out. Nothing left to be done there. Then we moved on to whatever does works for us. That can be either MGTOW walking off the battle field or men amping up their Game to adjust to the hostile environment.

Either way who's complaining? It is what it is. The Manosphere has the upper hand and you are pissing in the wind. Maybe that's wrong for you, for your gender but it's not for us.

So this notion that the problem isn't with women but with feminism is like saying it isn't the fall that kills men but the sudden stop that does is preposterous.


Is this chick a FemaleMRA?

Good luck with that one AvFM.


Anonymous said...

Never been happier either.

With just the world and my male brain, everything makes sense. There is no female thought-destroying influence left to run havoc - and sorry bumblebee lady, you're not getting in.

Just Saying said...

Women cannot understand anything that isn't about them. So if you don't really care one way or the other, their little hamster brains become unhinged.

Personally, I love women for what they were designed for - my pleasure. But that is as far as it goes. It I want intellectual discourse, I do not interact with women - they are best used between the sheets. Now some women take exception to that - usually the ones that I wouldn't want between the sheets, or anywhere else. Which is why they freak out - they fail at the most important thing in the world - be attractive to the opposite sex. Their little hamster brains cannot handle that honesty and they lose it.

You can't blame them - they are well outside of their design criteria - just like you can't blame any machine which has failed at its primary design. Fortunately, they can be used to take care of the children of other women, who DO meet the needs of men and reproduce. But that's about the extent of their usage.

But you cannot blame them for their failure, all you can do is pity them. That doesn't mean you have to punish yourself by listening to them...

cybro said...

You're right they can't help themselves and who didn't see this coming? Females invading the MRM, taking it over and turning the issue of Men's Rights about themselves. It never fails and AvFM is letting it all happen.

What a joke.

This is exactly why I'm not in their One-Blow-Job-Away-From-Throwing-Other-Men-Under-The-Bus-Men's-Movement.

Now these chicks are attacking MGTOW. Something MRA's have always done so it's no surprise the FemaleMRA's are jumping on the bandwagon because there is an agenda behind it.

It's about money.

Now when MGTOW they don't get anything out of us. Then there is the added bonus or a firewall that keeps the female parasites from getting in. There is no MGTOW movement they can infiltrate and take over. That's the real problem here. It isn't about hating on women. It's about control freaks not being able to gain control of something that isn't theirs to begin with.

This is what's going to drive their hamsters nuts and it's going to be so much fun watching them throw everything in the book at us.

hans said...

Women aren´t able to take over shit, nor can they contributing to "the greater good" in any way, shape or form.

What´s happening at AvfM is simply the unmasking of what he´s always been.

These guys are called "gatekeepers".
They show you only part of the problem, to keep you away from the actual solution.

cybro said...

They most definitely are attempting to set themselves up as gatekeepers. They always do but I ran off that plantation along time ago.

So the solution for me is to simply continue to bypass the gates they set up and encourage other men to jump the fence.

Run boys, you're free, you don't need Woolybublehead and those growing number of other mouthy broads telling you what you should or should not be doing with your own movement, with you life.

Screw that bullshit.

Men are created and built for maximum self sufficiency anyway. We don't need to run in groups. Men are individuals women are collectivists. They can only survive as a part of a herd.

I'll tell AvfM just what I told PUA's and Manboobz. You can have them, all of them and all the headaches that they come with.

I'm going my own way.

Anonymous said...

So, you not only deny women your essence, you shun them as well.

djc said...

Yup! I shun them. And always will. You ladies made a grave mistake when you believed the Marxists when they told you that you were slaves to men. They knew you were stupid enough to fall for that lie. And the cost for that mistake is going to be the death of America. will still be here. But it won't be America anymore.